Luminar Neo Coupon Code, Discount & Promo (May 2023)

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How to apply Skylum Luminar Neo Promo Code?

Click on the discount button, copy the code and use it on the checkout page for any plan.

Once you click the button, you are automatically redirected to the official website, and the pop-up shows you a code.

How much discount do you get on Luminar Neo Edition?

Saving money is a priority, and we understand the value of money. For this, we are offering superb offers on all plans. There are different plans offered.

The latest bundle packs are Master, Expert & Guru plans.

On all plans, you get an additional price drop on all plans using our exclusive coupon code.

luminar neo discount

You can also upgrade to the latest version at a very reasonable price.

What are the payment options available?

There are multiple ways to pay when you are looking to buy. But before that, make sure you hit the Discount button to open the promotional page.

You can pay using your Credit/ Debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay.

luminar neo pricing

These are some of the highly secure ways for online transactions.

NOTE: The special saving offer is available for existing Luminar and new customers.


The all-new LuminarAI is the world’s first image editor fully powered by Artificial Intelligence.

It automates the most common manual tasks and simplifies complexity.

Skylum Software’s newest creative picture editor, Luminar Neo, is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Complicated editing is simplified with the help of various cutting-edge tools that use AI and accurate 3d modeling.

It may be used independently on macOS and Windows. As a plugin and extension, Luminar Neo is also compatible with Lightroom Classic and Microsoft Photos, allowing it to fit a broad range of workflows.

To make creative picture editing simple and enjoyable for shooters of all skill levels, Luminar Neo was developed.


Artificial intelligence-driven editing software

In order to assist you in bringing your creative idea into reality, Luminar Neo provides a superb set of editing tools.

Many of Luminar Neo’s features use algorithms and artificial technology to streamline the editing process and provide professional-quality results quickly. These programs can swiftly and efficiently apply intricate adjustments while delivering top-notch outcomes.

Most of Luminar Neo’s capabilities may be used globally or selectively. The AI dramatically reduces the need for manual masking, although disguising tools are still accessible.


With RelightAI, you can adjust the illumination of the depth of field separately. Rather than manually masking, it generates a 3D depth map of your picture, so you may choose to tweak the exposure and color temperature of foreground and background elements.

It also has a Dehalo slider, which can soften the visual transition between bright and dark regions, and settings that enable you to select the precise position of the foreground-background change.

Get Rid of the Dust Streaks

The Erase tool has a feature called Remove Dust Spots, which does precisely what its name implies: it eliminates dust spots from photographs.

If you use Remove Dust Spots on every snap, it’s time to wipe your lens and sensor. It is pretty efficient, saving both time and effort, and it does a good job.


FaceAI is a suite of portrait editing applications powered by artificial intelligence. Manual masking is unnecessary for slimming down faces, adjusting lighting, emphasizing eyes, and whitening teeth, among other effects.

Portrait photographers’ hopes would be realized with FaceAI. Incredibly sophisticated retouching processes are simplified, and the results are breathtaking.


SkinAI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered skin-refining and retouching application. Realistic flesh texture is maintained, but lines and imperfections are softened, even at the highest slider settings. The end product is very spectacular.

Luminar’s brand-new performance-optimized engine

Luminar Neo has been revamped from the bottom up to be lightning-fast. Skylum claims that when it comes to intensive editing, Luminar Neo is far more efficient than LuminarAI.

Luminar Share

To move images from Luminar Neo to your portable devices, download the free Luminar Share application.  The app establishes a local peer-to-peer link between your smartphone and workstation to transmit photographs from your cellular device’s photostream to Luminar Neo and back to your smartphone after editing.

Check some of the Benefits

  • AI Sky Replacement
  • Automatic tool for replacing skies
  • Portrait Enhancer
  • AI Structure
  • Sunrays
  • AI Enhance
  • Erase unwanted objects
  • Noise Removal and much more

There are many advanced features available in the new version, and you can also try it with a free trial period.

Don’t miss the deal, including free bonuses and gifts.

Luminar Neo is the latest edition with some additional features and add-ons.

Ratings & Reviews

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Technical Specifications

Operating System: For Mac & Windows

RAM: 16 GB+ preferable

Display (Screen resolution): 1280*768 or better

Processor: Intel i5 or better

Disk space: Minimum 10 GB free space (more is recommended)

Please check the official website for more details about technical requirements.

FAQs for Luminar Neo

⭐️ Are there any special promotions available today?

There are multiple plans and offers available. For every plan, we offer you verified promotions at the checkout page for extra discounts. Also, save on the Neo plan. Luminar Neo Mother’s Day sale.

⭐️ How to activate the deals & promotions for new purchases?

Click on the plan you want to purchase, copy the code provided, and use it at the checkout page. See above for screenshots.

⭐️ What is the refund policy?

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans. Also, you can start with the trial version.

⭐️ Is this product worth it?

Yes, this is one of the most advanced, powerful, yet easy-to-use photo editing software for all levels of photographers. You can also start with the free trial version.

⭐️ Is this license valid for a lifetime?

Yes, you can use it for a lifetime with the same version. For the latest version updates, you can pay anytime. Some minor updates are free.

For the latest tech tutorials and software deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also save on the Neo edition using the Luminar Neo coupon code.