How to Hide Torrenting From Your ISP and Download Anonymous

If you are looking to hide your ISP, while using BitTorrent, the best way is to change your IP address. By making change your IP address no one track what you are surfing and what stuff you are downloading. You can manually change IP address and also by using VPN services. If you are looking for a free method then you must see how to change IP address for free. And with the use of VPN service, this becomes simple and quick access.

How to Hide Torrenting

What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is something that you are using copyright material. If you are using Torrent for download copyright books, videos, movies, and other files. This may be illegal. This is something different than just downloading any file. Consider a file on your browser where Download option is given, and you can easily save this file on your PC, but consider if you are looking for a file where download option is not given as downloading that file required copyright permission. And if you download that file against going copyright permission, this we exactly called Torrenting.

Why we Hide Torrenting From ISP?

You must be familiar with this question I hope! but still, we will quickly see why we need ISP while torrenting. As discussed above downloading any copyright file, video, movies which are not allowed by the website may be illegal and action may be taken against you. So it is better to stay safe on better side by hiding your IP address. You can easily change IP address by proxy services and with the use of VPN services.

What is VPN & Recommended VPN services to Hide Torrenting From Your ISP

Virtual Private Network is the mode of a network which is completely anonymous to work. VPN allows a secure tunnel to your network by which you can send or transfer data with maintaining secrecy. VPN allows you to work secure while using public and private networks. These days VPN is one of the recommended tools when we look for online security. This is the reason why we recommend to use VPN service while torrenting. VPN allows you to access block websites, block videos on YouTube, Netflix, Telegram App and other such websites.

Some of the best VPN services available in the market are ExpressVPN, IPVanish. These VPN services are bit expensive but have great features to make your work anonymous. If you are looking for less expensive with all major features then I must recommend you to go for NordVPN or Private Internet Access.

Final Comments

To stay on safe side VPN is recommended so that no one trace your location and the stuff you are transferring. Get an amazing deal on all major VPN service provider with our VPN deal page and work anonymously anywhere and anytime.

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  1. What u need when looking for VPN is P2P for torrenting. I’m using Nordvpn and no complaints, speed is exactly what I was expecting and, the price is small for the package that u get.

  2. Subscribe to one of the VPN providers like Protonvpn or Nordvpn and download as much as you want 🙂 I live in Germany and use Nordvpn for torrenting otherwise it’s 500eur fine if I get caught. So far works great 🙂

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