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Sticky Password Coupon Code (1-Year License) – 50% Off

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This 1-User/ 1-Year license offers you a 50% discount. This license is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Lifetime Subscription Discount ($100 Off)

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This is the best value deal that gives you a Lifetime license, and you can save $100 instantly with our unique discounted Sticky Password Discount Code.

How to Activate the Sticky Password Discount?

You can save $100 for the Lifetime license and $15 for a 1-Year license. Choose the option from above, and click the Grab Discount button to choose the particular promotional page.

The discount is automatically applied at the checkout page; no manual coupon code is required.

sticky password lifetime discount

The best deal is available for the Lifetime license; check out the special price now!

What are the payment options?

You can pay with your Credit Card (VISA, Master, American Express, JCB). There are also options to pay with Apple Pay and PayPal.

sticky password discount


Sticky Password is one of the best and top Password Manager software that offers you a lifetime license. All you need is to remember just one Master Password.

It intelligently fills out complete forms and signs in to different accounts. With its secure vault, all your confidential details are kept secret.

The best thing is all your passwords and details are synced across all your devices. It allows two-factor authentication and biometric authentication and comes with AES 256-bit encryption.

Password generator

Strong passwords are the most excellent method to safeguard your online identity. Thus, every password management needs a generator. If you remember a complicated password, it’s easier to remember them all.

Sticky Password’s password generator does just that: create secure passwords and remember them so you never have to. The security dashboard will also reveal any passwords that are too old, too weak, or have been repeated.

The password vault you create using this tool may be of any length and include any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. By using this method, you’ll have passwords that are both safe and difficult to crack.

Control panel for protecting passwords

Passwords may become less secure over time. Because of this, you should regularly assess the security of your current passwords. Sticky Password makes it easy to keep your passwords safe by providing a security dashboard.

This dashboard will inform you if your passwords are vulnerable or insecure. Then, you may take the necessary steps to reinforce and safeguard them by replacing them with more robust options.

A red warning and explanation will appear in the “Security status” column if your Password is insufficient. As new problems arise with user accounts across websites and apps, their information will be collected and shown on a single Security Dashboard.

Password strength checks are an effective way to safeguard your account against hacking and other forms of data loss. This is simple to do using Sticky Password’s security dashboard.

Safely exchange passwords

Sticky Password’s sharing features make it easy to allow access or exchange passwords with colleagues, employees, or loved ones without compromising security.

When this is turned on, you can assign granular rights to individual users and modify or revoke their privileges as needed.

Passwords may be accessed from any computer or mobile device at any time. When many people need entry to the same profile, secure password sharing allows them to do so safely and reliably while still adhering to best practices for creating and using passwords.

Using a Sticky Password for work can simplify your life by letting you rest confident that only authorized employees can access sensitive corporate data.

Dark Web Monitoring

Sticky Password also has a function called Dark Web Monitoring, which constantly looks for password leaks on the dark web.

Passwords and other credentials will be protected from harm, and you’ll be notified immediately if there’s ever a danger to them.

Given the prevalence of data breaches, the ability to immediately reset stolen passwords is a crucial security measure.


Safely stores and recalls all of your online credentials.

You’ll need to use a single password to save trouble.

Fill out forms

It saves the information you enter into forms so you may easily access it later.

Allows you to create secure passwords on demand

Powerful password generator that generates and maintains secure passwords and provides real-time feedback on their robustness and reusability through a dashboard.

Maintains your credit card security

Secure storage for your credit card information accessible from any of your devices for fast, simple one-tap purchases.

Dark Web Monitoring.

Feel safe knowing you’ll be notified immediately if your credentials are ever discovered on the dark web.

Keeps all of your encrypted files in sync

Most sync choices include:

  • Cloud-based sync and backup.
  • On-premises WiFi.
  • User-managed offline storage.
  • No sync at all.

Facilitates the safe transfer of login information.

Permissions allow you to control who may use your online accounts and when.

Provides support for Quick Access

You may rest easy knowing that a reliable friend or family member has access to your passwords in the event of an emergency.

Compatible with all devices and the majority of web browsers.

PC/Mac, Android, iOS, and iOS devices. Browsers like Chrome and others.

Keeps your sensitive text documents safe

Use the safe deposit box to store sensitive documents like passport and driver’s license information.

Safeguards your information with military-grade security.

AES-256 encryption and biometric identification for additional security.


  • Automatically fill password
  • Encrypted Vault for credit card details
  • Generate a super-strong password
  • Protect confidential information
  • Compatible with all major browsers

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