PDF (Portable Document File) has become a universal standard for exchanging information electronically without wasting paper and time.

It also makes it easy to store files on computers and find them. Oppose to a printable document which is very difficult to find manually among large storage of other files.

Today most of the information we find on the internet or share is available in this file format. It is easy to view and share on any device because of its small size.

After the PDF was created by Adobe, it also became important to be able to edit files and convert them. There are many software available which allow editing PDF and sharing.

Adobe Acrobat is the leading tool for editing pdf files, converting them into other formats and resharing them. But if we look at its alternative, we would definitely recommend Nitro Productivity Suite.

Why do you need Nitro Productivity Suite?

Most of the documentation is done through the medium of PDF but when we talk about editing and sharing files, not everyone is familiar with it.

Nitro Productivity Suite offers great tools which makes it very easy for everyone to work with PDF, and edit files without any hassle. Take a look at the points below:

nitro productivity suite review
  • Great Services at affordable price. Nitro Productivity suite offers useful PDF editing tools at an affordable price. It is listed as one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat.
  • Latest technology and great efficiency. Nitro Productivity Suite constantly keeps on updating its features to give the best experience to the users.
  • Easy to use. It is very easy to use and adapt. The user interface is very clean and there are no issues even for first-time users to use it.
  • Saves time and resources. With the use of PDF instead of a regular paper for documentation, a huge amount of paper and time is saved by switching to electronic documents and approvals online.

Nitro Productivity Suite Review

The Nitro Productivity Suite is the leading software available for easily creating PDF files, editing them, sharing the file format, adding electronic signatures to it and at the same time keeping them handy and secure.

It includes the latest version of Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud. Nitro Pro 12 is a part of the Nitro Productivity Suite which included all the useful tools for PDF editing.

Whereas, Nitro Cloud offers to create electronic signatures easy and fast. It also boosts the productivity of users by making it easy to work from anywhere and through any device.

Nitro Productivity Suite Pricing

Nitro Productivity Suite has 3 plans i.e, Individual, Business and Enterprise. It also offers a free trial.

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Individual Plan: Billed for USD 159/user. This includes access to complete features of Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud. It is the best plan for individuals who make use of PDF editor for personal use.

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Business Plan: This plan is basically for business owners, who want to increase team productivity by streamlining workflow to get the best benefits. Access to Nitro Admin and Nitro VIP Access are extra features included in this plan with a 4-hour first response time.

Enterprise Plan: This third plan is for big enterprises. This is a complete package including Nitro Pro, Nitro Cloud, Nitro Admin, Nitro Analytics, Customer Success Program, and Nitro VIP Access with 2 hours first response time.

nitro productivity suite pricing

Below we have listed useful features of Nitro Productivity Suite.

Create PDF.


Using Nitro Productivity Suite helps users to create a PDF file. This ensures that the content is not edited while transferring to another device.

This keeps the content error-free with no issues.

  • Compatibility. This is most important that when u transfer a file to another user, the user must be able to view/access the file without encountering any issues with compatibility of the device. Nitro Productivity Suite ensures compatibility with over 300 file formats including the top-most Adobe Acrobat. This means that when u send a PDF file created with Nitro Productivity suite then it can be opened by any PDF solution.
  • Convert Hard Copy into PDF easily. It is very simple to convert a hard copy of the document by scanning the page and converting it into PDF format using Nitro Productivity Suite.
  • Create ISO Complaint PDF/A files. Nitro Productivity Suite allows users to easily make USO Complaint PDF/A files. These files are specifically made for file storage for the long term. These can be important reports and audit files which can be viewed after years.
  • Create professional industry standard documents. Nitro Productivity Suite helps users to create PDF files with industry-standard, which can be viewed on any device or operating system without the setup of the file being changed.

Edit PDF files.


Nitro Productivity Suits offers a wide number of options to edit the PDF files according to users need.

  • Edit almost anything in PDF with it.  Nitro Pro allows users to easily add, delete text, add images and audio notes to a PDF file. It is also possible to copy files from Word, Excel, etc and insert them into PDF or merge any file into it efficiently.
  • Add Logo, watermark, bookmarks, page numbers to PDF files. To create a more professional looking PDF file, Nitro Pro allows users to add logos, dynamic watermarks to the PDF files.
  • Optical Character Recognition. If the user has a document in a different language other then English Nitro Pro 12 offers optical character recognition feature which recognizes text in multiple languages in a scanned document and converts it into an editable PDF file. This makes it easy to instantly convert a document into PDF and even edit it.
  • Add links into a PDF file. A PDF is not limited to just a simple document. The user can now easily add links to other files such as word, images, PowerPoint presentation etc.
  • Edit bates Numbers. With Nitro Pro 12 it is easy to edit bates numbers of files. It makes it easy to find files by assigning special numbers and labels or grouping them accordingly.

Convert a PDF file into another file format.


With Nitro Productivity Suite, users can convert PDF files into any other file format such as word, excel etc and edit them accordingly. It is easy to work on any file format u prefer.

  • Convert files easily either from a PDF or to a PDF. With great converting techniques users can easily convert a file into another file format such as PDF and even convert a PDF file into word or excel.
  • No issue with the layout of the file. With the automatic settings, there is no need to worry about the page layout or how it will appear on the operating systems and devices.
  • Keep a record of important emails. with every day receiving lots of emails, it is difficult to find out the important ones when we need them. To make it easier, Microsoft Outlook Plugin makes it easy to convert those important emails and folders into PDF and keep a record of it.
  • One-click multiple conversions. At times we need a number of PDF documents to be converted into Word or another file format for editing. It is very tiring to convert each document one by one into the required format. But with Nitro Pro 12 users can easily select multiple files and convert them at once into the required format. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Combine PDF files easily.

Nitro Pro 12 makes it easy to combine a number of files and create a single file for either sharing for project presentations.

  • Easily merge files. At times we have a lot of documents with are related but are in separate PDF files. To make it easy to find them in one place, users can merge all documents into one single file that is easy to manage.
  • Streamline work. With the ease of merging file and creating one single presentable file, Nitro Pro 12 also allows users to undo their action by choosing parts and again creating one single file out of it.

Mark, Compare and easily Stamp Documents.


Nitro Productivity Suite gives access to PDF annotators, which takes your work to another level. It allows you to highlight your document, track the comments and feedback and review the complete document to ensure that the file is ready to be shared without errors.

  • Review CAD files. This feature is really an add-on for Nitro Productivity Suite. It does not limit files to word and other common formats but also allows users to check for measurements, od CAD files before sending forward to print.
  • Add comments and highlight. At times we need to highlight a certain portion of the text so that we make sure it is termed important. Nitro Productivity Suite allows users to not only highlight the text but also add comments to it. And all the comments are visible with any PDF reader used by another user.
  • Easy to follow up. It is very easy of other users to add there replies to comments that can be reviewed by the sender either on the page but separately by adding all comments and feedbacks to separate pdf file.
  • Stamp your documents. It is similar to what we manually do, the only difference is that this stamp is on the electronic file such as PDF. Stamp a document or mark a document make sit easy to channelize all the files, such as the important ones or ones which need further review.

Secure PDF files.

Select users of your choice with who you want to share the information. Assign a password to files easily and also add electronic signatures to make the work fast and streamlined.

  • PDF redaction tool. If there is sensitive data in PDF and you want to remove a certain part of it then the redaction tools make things very easy. You can easily find the text and remove it from the file. A black space or coloured lines can be visible instead of the text, by your choice.
  • Protect PDF. Setting passwords for giving access to users of PDF file is the first step to secure files. With this only user with the password will be able to access the file. The next step to security is assigning certificate security. You can assign users who are certified to view or edit PDF files.
  • High standard encryption. Nitro Productivity Suite encrypts users PDF files with the industry-standard encryption and Microsoft (RMS) 2.0

Approve files with electronic and digital signatures.

Quick Sign is a great tool to quickly add or approve a signature to a PDF file. Users can also verify the electronic signatures they receive in return with PDF files with the Chain of Trust feature.

Create PDF forms easily.

Users can easily create custom forms by adding boxes of their choice. A drag and drop option allows users to create any type of form.

If you already have a scanned form or one in other file formats, then it can be easily converted into smart electronic form and be edited.

One another add-on feature is that users can also add an electronic signature to form or request one from the sender.



Nitro Productivity Suite is compatible with all the major cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, Onedrive, Box and Google Drive.

It is also easy to work on your PDF files from anywhere and using any browser. It supports all browsers which makes it easier to work from anywhere. This has also simplified the process to collaborate with clients.

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Our Verdict

Nitro Productivity Suite is an excellent tool for PDF editing. It has an affordable price with great features for boosting productivity in work.

It is a trusted and approved top choice and is the best alternative available so far for Adobe Acrobat. If you do not want to spend almost double on the services, then surely opt for Nitro Productivity Suite.

The only drawback we found in it is that sometimes it takes time to load a file or hang while converting. But it is very rare. So, we would rate it a great choice for users for work.

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