Top 10 Free PDF Editor for macOS 10.14

In this digital age where one hardly goes by without opening a PDF file on a normal day, the lack of on-demand access to a reliable PDF reader for Mac OS 10.14 can wreak all sorts of havoc on productivity and collaborative work.

Free PDF Editor for macOS

There’s no shortfall of options for PDF reader for Mac OS 10.14. However, this slew of choices can easily swamp a mac user, who might find it dicey to identify the best-suited PDF reader for Mac OS 10.14. For your perusal, here is the best PDF editor for Mac OS 10.14.

Best 10 Powerful PDF Editors for macOS 10.14

1. PDFelement 6 Pro for Mac:

pdfelement 6 pro

PDFelement is an all-inclusive PDF tool that allows users to execute swathes of functions on a PDF all in one place. It’s integrated with powerful editing tools, a reliable converter, OCR robotic process automation, as well as a number of powerful security features. With its highly versatile makeup, it has wooed uncounted long-standing customers in Europe and America. Since its introduction, PDFelement has continued to rule the rooster of PDF software solutions for Mac.

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Price: $99.95 (Discounted Price:$79.96) Use Coupon Code: MADESTUFFEASY40%

System support: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android


  • Intuitive interface and easily accessible functions.
  • Automatic form recognition that allows you to convert a scanned document into an editable PDF file.
  • A slew of powerful PDF editing tools.
  • A highly versatile file converter for converting files to and from PDF to nearly any type of text file format.


  • An all-inclusive digital file management tool that provides you with everything you may need to manage a PDF file and that might induce total dependence on the tool for all things PDF.

2. Preview

preview pdf

Preview is Apple’s well-rounded free PDF reader for Mac 10.14 that comes preinstalled on your Mac device. It comes with an excellent collection of PDF editing functions, including annotations, insertion of signature, image editing, and lots more. It comes with powerful security tools for protecting your files from unauthorized access, and on the other hand, it provides you with excellent functions for sharing and exporting files via various file formats.

Visit Preview Website

Price: Free


  • Functions for merging and splitting PDF files and for adding or removing pages from files.
  • Supports a wide array of file formats
  • Functions for signing and filling PDF forms.
  • Airtight security functions for protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access.


  • Lacks important PDF editing tools.

3. Acrobat for Mac:

acrobat for mac

Acrobat is long-standing PDF tool has continued to provide Mac users with functions creating crisp, professionally looking PDF files. It comes with a rich pool of PDF editing resources that allows users to do a whole lot with PDF files anywhere, anytime. Users can also export PDFs to almost any other type of file format. Users can also combine PDF files, add or remove pages from PDF files, and even convert arrange spreadsheet files in PDF documents. It’s file converter tool converts rapidly, allowing for users to quickly convert large amounts of files in a flash. This rich collection of tools is available on free trials.

Visit Acrobat Website

Price: $179.88 / Year

System support: Windows, Mac, iOS


  • PDF editing tools for analyzing and annotating PDF files
  • Automatic recognition for form field
  • Quick conversion of PDF files to and from Office formats
  • Tools for editing PDF files with a professional cut
  • The user interface supports touch functionalities


  • A lot of functions are not easily accessible
  • The cost is on the high end

4. PDF Expert:

pdfexpert for mac

A flagship Readdle app, this product has dominated the PDF tool market in the last few years. PDF Expert is one of the few apps that has been officially endorsed by Apple editors. It’s highly intuitive user interface allows for easy navigation and quick searches. Users get to choose the preferred layout the would want to complete tasks in, as well as the desired formats for texts and paragraphs. What’s more, there are also tools for filling and signing PDF forms such as tax reports, invoices, as well as contract paperwork. It also packs a punch of sharing and collaboration tools that allow you and your colleagues to compare notes and comments written on a PDF file, which can be transferred across numerous devices which the software supports. With the app, you get to worry less about the safety and integrity of your personal files. With such an impressive selection of functions, PDF Expert is undoubtedly one of the best PDF tools for Mac users who’re not quite familiar with how to edit a PDF on Mac OS 10.14.

Visit PDF Expert Website

Price: $59.99

System Support: Mac, iOS


  • High-speed page organization functions.
  • Functions that make for an excellent UX
  • Quick, efficient PDF editing and annotation tools
  • Crisp, clear page layout of PDF file in read-only mode.
  • Easily accessible functions


  • The editing tools lack a professional touch.

5. PDFpenPro for Mac

pdfpenpro for mac

PDFpenPro is another one-stop software solution for all things PDF. From a text editor to an image editor and signature capabilities, PDFpenPro gives you all the tools you need to manage your PDF files in a neat, professional manner. This tool is very similar to the pre-installed Preview. Hence, users who’re still grappling with how to edit PDF files on Mac OS 10.14 will find it a highly convenient tool to use. Users get to easily edit texts and images and to add or remove pages in PDF files.

They also get to create and fill digital forms. The form creator tool comes with options that allow users to incorporate interactive fields such as checkboxes, drop-down boxes, etc, into a PDF file. Users can also convert scanned documents into editable PDF files through a highly reliable OCR tool. Besides this conversion, users can also convert PDF to a wide array of file formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The tool also allows users to convert web pages into editable PDF files, without disabling clickable links and fields. In addition to all these, users get to share files via cloud storage facilities such as Dropbox and iCloud.

Visit Penpdf Pro

Price: $74.99

Supported Systems: Mac, iOS


  • Easily accessible form field filling and creating functionalities
  • An intuitive user interface that allows for easy access to a wide range of PDF editing tools
  • Being similar to Preview in many respects, it makes for seamless user experience.


  • The text editing functions aren’t as efficient as those of the other tools in this best PDF reader

6. Foxit PhantomPDF

phantompdf docusign

Foxit PhantomPDF is another top-notch PDF tool with an impressive array of functions for creating, editing. Reading and sharing PDF files. Its browser version allows you to edit, fill and sign PDF forms over the web. The product serves as a highly versatile PDF converter. It not only converts text files of various formats to and from PDF but also converts scanned documents into editable PDF files using the OCR robot automation tool. The software also comes with a proprietary ConnectedPDF function that allows you to create multiple versions of a PDF document and then manage all activities related to all the versions of that document.

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One of the reasons why this is one of the best free PDF editor for Mac 10.14 out there is because it is available in over 41 languages, lending itself to users across various parts of the world. And being integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, one OneDrive, and a number of another cloud-based file-sharing platform, it fosters collaboration across various parts of the globe.

Visit Foxit Website


Free trial; $8.99/month Foxit PhantomPDF Business; $7.99/month Foxit PhantomPDF Standard; $9.95/year Foxit PhantomPDF Education

System Support: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac


  • Sophisticated PDF editing tools
  • Sophisticated image editor
  • Tacking and managing multiple PDF files seamlessly
  • A host of third-party integrations


  • The PDF reader tools are subpar when compared to those of the others in this review.

7. FineReader Pro:

finereader pro

Since 1989, ABBYY has been an industry leader when it comes to OCR, and the FineReader Pro offers Mac the best of ABBYY’s OCR technology. The software makes it very easy to convert a scanned document to editable PDF. You can use the OCR function through an interface that has three views, where you can simultaneously view the original scanned document and edit the extracted document. You also get to choose the format in which you’d like to save your output document in.

Users can also expect to enjoy excellent PDF tools for manipulating and managing PDF files. And when it comes to language support, that of FineReader Pro is industry best, supporting over 160 languages.

Visit FineReader Pro Website

Price: $119

System Support: Windows, Mac


  • A rich collection of PDF editing tools
  • Powerful image editor
  • Industry best OCR tool


  • It’s advanced tools some technical expertise to use properly.

8. Skim for Mac

skim for mac

With its capacity to process multiple documents at the same time, this is a highly expedient PDF tool. Skim for Mac allows users to read and edit PDF documents without a hassle, even if they’re dealing with multiple files simultaneously. You’ll find all the basic PDF editing tools such as highlighting, adding and removing text, underlining, etc. However, its editing tool isn’t as sophisticated as those of most of the other products in this review, but this also makes it an ideal choice for Mac users who’re just getting to learn how to edit PDF files on Mac OS 10.14. It also allows you to easily take snapshots of work in progress. The tool comes with AppleScript support, as well as other integrations such as SyncTex, LaTeX, and PDFSync. The best part of it all is that users can gain access to this impressive selection of functionalities for free.

Visit Skim for Mac Website

Price: Free

System Support: Mac


  • Performs functions across multiple files simultaneously
  • Allows for automated editing sessions
  • A rich variety of editing and highlighting functions


  • The user interface looks a bit dated, and that might make the interface to look unintuitive.

9. Scribus for Mac

scribus for mac

An open-source software, Scribus is a first-rate product of a vibrant open-source community. It’s page layout, which comes with a number of “press-ready” output functionalities, as well as other innovative features, has won numerous accolades, making the software one of the best PDF editors for Mac OS 10.14. With its sleek, modern user interface, the software serves up a slew of professional publishing functions including ICC color management, CMYK color, separations, etc. This makes it very suitable for creating various types of documents, including business cards, magazines, brochures, etc.

It provides users with a slew of templates for creating these documents. And with its Scribus/Aqua port, users can easily use a native Aqua build together with the tool through Qt Free. What’s more, users can gain access to this impressive lineup of functionalities all for free.

Visit Scribus Website

Price: Free

System Support: Mac, Windows, Linux


  • A wide array of first-rate PDF tools that give your finished PDF file a crisp, professional look
  • A sleek, state-of-the-art interface that makes it easy to navigate.
  • A PDF compressor that reduces the size of a PDF without compromising the file’s layout or quality.
  • Smooth, speedy operations


  • It lacks a spellings checker, which is an essential file editing tool.
  • The operation slows down once you start loading and manipulating multiple documents simultaneously.

10. Master PDF Editor for Mac

master pdf editor

Another powerful and versatile PDF tool is Master PDF. The tool allows you to manipulate text and images in both new and pre-existing PDF files. You can easily use it to split, merge, add, and remove pages in a PDF file. Some of its notable editing tools include Strikethrough and highlight functions. It also comes with a rich collection of annotation tools, including Sticky Note, Stamps, and Shapes. Another outstanding feature of the software is the PDF bookmarking function that allows you to add and remove bookmarks from any particular portion of a PDF file, be it a page or paragraph, so you can easily catch up with the progress you’ve made on the file when resuming reading or editing sessions.

The tool also provides form creation and filling functionalities. These form functionalities allow you to incorporate an impressive array of interactive features in your PDF file, including buttons, checkboxes, drop-down boxes, etc. The software also flies high in terms of OCR capabilities, with a fast and efficient OCR functionality.

Visit Master PDF Website

Price: $59.95

System Support: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS


  • A powerful tool for editing both images and texts on PDF files
  • Functions for adding interactive features to PDFs such as buttons, checkboxes, etc
  • File management functions for splitting and merging PDF files.


  • The interface is not intuitive, making the tool a little challenging for users who’re only just starting to learn how to edit PDF files on Mac OS 10.14.

These are the list of Top 10 Free PDF Editor for macOS 10.14 and hope you find this information useful. For more latest reviews and tutorials follow us FacebookTwitter or Google+ and subscribe