Nitro Pro vs PDFelement: Comparison & Review

With almost every features available in both top-rated PDF editors, it becomes tough to choose the best between Nitro Pro and PDFelement.

Still, if you haven’t used them before, you can’t claim which one is the best and which is perfect for your business.

So we have tested, reviewed thoroughly for the Nitro Pro and PDFelement from Wondershare and brings you a complete guide so that you can better understand what suits you the best.

nitro pro vs pdfelement

Factors involved in comparing both Nitro Pro and PDFelement?

Usage Compatibility

This is one of the biggest factors in deciding your top priority.

The first thing is to know for what purpose you are looking to buy a PDF editor?

Is it for personal, business, or corporate level?

For personal to small business usage, PDFelement is a perfect option. But for small business to big corporates, Nitro Productivity is far better.

How Nitro Pro is better for business and Corporates?

Luckily, Nitro Pro comes with many in-built features which are necessary to run business and corporate level management. And this you miss in PDFelement.

Some features from Nitro Pro we are discussing below

Nitro Cloud: This is one of the best things to get from PDF editor so far. Only a few of the PDF editors provide this option and you don’t have to spend extra.

Nitro Admin: To keep your employees tracking, Nitro Admin is a perfect way to get in. You can see every insight into how they are working. And moreover, this is a perfect solution to better productivity.

Nitro Analytics: Nitro provides its dedicated team to analyze every aspect of the PDF work when you are running a business. You can better track the activities and eliminate the redundant work.

Nitro Customer Success Team: Let everything do by Nitro Customer Success team. This includes Ongoing support, User training, Evaluation, Onboarding and rollout.

So these are some key elements that you must not ignore while choosing PDF editor.

Otherwise for home users license, all basic utilities are available in PDFelement.

For Personal Use – PDF Element and Nitro Pro

For Business and Corporate – Nitro Pro


Any productivity software in the market is expensive including PDF editors but the thing is it really balances the functions it provides?

As Nitro Pro and PDFelement are benchmarks in term of productivity.

And yes, we can say, the pricing meets the compatibility of what both PDF editors offer.

Nitro Pro – $159/ license (here is 25% discounted link), Use Coupon – MadeStuffEasy25

PDFelement – $129/ year (here is 50% discounted link), Use Coupon – SAFNEW5P

So both are a better option but the main thing goes back to the first point. Although there is a Business license offered by PDFelement Pro but not sufficient tools available as we required in a Business license.

Remarks: For personal usage and cheaper option, PDFelement is best and for business, Nitro Pro is a better option.

You can get an extra discount for the volume licenses.

User Interface

In fact, we must include this as on the top priority list.

Everyone needs a nice place to work, nice table, nice laptop, good books, scented flowers in your office. Isn’t it?

That’s what matters with the workspace on your laptop. It becomes quite boring if the working platform is not perfect.

At least for me, my productivity becomes far better it the working platform is up to my expectations.

Both Nitro Pro and PDFelement User Interface (UI) gives to modern feel to work with.

In short, Nitro Pro platform is something similar to Microsoft Word (such as tabs and tools) and PDFelement is unique.

nitro pro edit pdf
Nitro Pro User Interface

The best thing is you can customize the tabs, tools, which are widely used for your work according to your comfort.

pdfelement UI
PDFelement Pro User Interface

Now we should figure out the ease of usage between while comparing Nitro Pro vs PDFelement.

Ease of Usage

Hopefully, we can say PDFelement is comparatively is better when it comes to ease of usage.

This is probably due to the availability of many advanced features in Nitro Pro, thus making it a bit heavier.

So if your PC or macOS is of the old version, definitely you must go for PDFelement and this really works well. Otherwise, if you have a better processor, higher GHz, and HDD, you won’t face any trouble using Nitro Pro.

Compatibility with Devices (Important!)

The biggest drawback of Nitro Pro is not having compatibility with macOS.

Yes! If you don’t know yet, you heard this right. Nitro Pro only works with Windows PC.

On the other hand, PDFelement works with both macOS and Windows PC. We have tested it on both Operating Systems and it works without any flaws.


Both are PDF editors so definitely there are many similarities in both PDFelement and Nitro Pro.

Editing/ Add Texts and Pictures

Most of the people almost 85% of the people uses PDF editor for this purpose only. You can edit text, add text, remove pictures, resize pictures on both PDF editors.

Every tool is easily navigated on the toolbar and you won’t find any difficulty in this.

The best thing we love in both the PDF editors is its recognition of the fonts used in PDF so you are not required any manual changes. Simply click on the text and edit it.

Create PDF files

It is easy to create a new PDF file using both PDFelement and Nitro Pro. Also, the feature like creating and filling PDF forms are also available.

create pdf

We have personally checked the experience of creating a PDF and PDF form just to make sure it works well.

We have seen many low rated PDF editors provide this kind of features but there are disturbing formats when we open them on other PC or in emails.

But not any trouble with either of these PDF editors.

Protect PDF

We know the importance of PDF security, as one mistake vanishes all your hard work.

protect pdf

But the best thing is the PDF protection with secure passcode which is almost impossible for any other PDF password broker software.

Both software uses AES 256 bit encryptions which is top-level security encryption and all your data remain on the safe hand.

Have you ever received an email from banks regarding your monthly statement? It requires a password to open even if you download it.

This feature exactly work the same!

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Earlier OCR was only limited to the PDF. But what if you have a scanned copy?


Do your text still be recognized or you have to manually lookup for each word?

All modern PDF editors working on this and Yes, this feature is available on both. In PDFelement, this is a free add-on plugin if you want to use OCR for scanned documents.


No more prints with PDF editor. The main focus of PDF editors is to provide you paperless works and Signature is the main reason that brings paperwork in between.

Earlier the process was download > Print> add signature> scan> upload the document.

It is all eliminated with using a PDF editor.

Signature is an identity to your document to legalize it and add authority to the document. You can use it for contracts, legal work, invoices and many other such things.

Split and Merge PDFs

This is among another basic feature provided for both PDF editors and both PDF editors are amazing works for this. You have a full preview mode to align PDF pages is a particular manner.

Similarly, with the full page view mode, you can pick out the PDF page you don’t require in your PDF file.

All other basic features such as Annotate, adding header & footer, format conversion, compression & optimization is available on both PDFelement and Nitro Pro.


It is obvious that Nitro Pro is designed keeping in mind for business owners and big corporates.

This means what PDFelement have, everything is available in Nitro Pro.

So what is extra in Nitro Pro?

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is considered to be a safe place to keep all your important and sensitive information.

If your work is not related to storage so much of data in the cloud, PDFelement is worth in its price range, otherwise, you have to opt for Nitro Pro.

Nitro Pro provides a feature Nitro Cloud which gives you the freedom to open your documents online from anywhere without holding the same PC everywhere.

With Cloud access, it becomes easy to share and edit the PDF on the same platform without downloading and then sending it via email.

Administrative Control

If you are running a business, who knows better than you about administrative control.

This is what PDFelement does not provide but thanks to Nitro Pro for providing NItro Admin to give identity-based tasks, priority-based access and much more.

You can also monitor all license deployments right on your Admin dashboard.


Again this is available for Nitro Pro users. This allows you to track every single process of the licensed user and get data-based insights. This really becomes helpful when you are working with a team of 10+ people.

You can eliminate inefficiencies using Nitro Customer Success team that gives you a complete overview where your workflow is lacking behind.

So these are some major factors, similarities, and differences between these two amazing productivity solutions.


So the time comes to conclude the topic “Nitro Pro vs PDFelement”.

Which is better between these two?

Nitro Pro or PDFelement?

What I think is both Nitro Pro and PDFelement are best in a certain range they offer.

If you are just looking an advanced PDF editor with all major features for both Mac and Windows, PDFelement is the best choice.

Otherwise, if your work demand is high and looking the best PDF editor for business purpose, definitely there is no competitor for Nitro Pro. But the only drawback is compatibility with Windows only. Alternatively, you can also go with PDFelement for Mac as it is one of the best PDF editors for Mac.

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