You could see error slmgr is not recognized as an internal or external command when performing system modifications. Sometimes you might see an error as the maximum allowed number of rearms has been executed. You can easily fix this error.

slmgr is not recognized as an internal or external command

Why do you see this error?

There are so many reasons to see these errors; below in this tutorial, you will see all the possible solutions to your problem. Check that the space between SLMGR and -REARM and the extension is in your copied command from step 2. Follow some steps below to fix this problem.

slmgr is not recognized as an internal or external command -Fix

Follow some simple steps to fix this error.

STEP 1: Open a command prompt (type cmd in the taskbar) and run it as an administrator. Make sure you have selected it as run as an administrator (right-click on cmd and select).

STEP 2: Now, enter the below command and hit enter.


NOTE: Here, you might see that this command might not work. This is because your extension to slmgr might be different. You can easily change it. Follow the below steps to change this extension.

  • Go to My Computer (or This PC)
  • Open Local Disk (C:) and double click on System 32.
  • In the System 32 folder, search for slmgr.vbs Here, remove any other extensions if you see them next to slmgr.vbs by renaming that file from the right-click. You might see slmgr.REMOVEWAT or see something like that, then change it to slmgr.vbs 

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Now restart your computer; you will not see any errors this time. If you see any other errors related to an internal or external command, use this trick to fix this problem.


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