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CleanMyMac X Coupon Code

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CleanMyMac X (One-Year Subscription)

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CleanMyMac X (Lifetime License)

Get up to $289.79 Off on a 5-Mac license, $71.94 Off on 2-Mac, and save $17.99 on a 1-Mac license.

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Currently, we are offering promotions for yearly and lifetime licenses.

All pricing and discounts depend on the plan and license you are choosing. The price will drop more if you go with a higher license amount.

cleanmymac x pricing

There are three options for choosing a license. You can go with a single Mac license and multiple licenses.

At maximum, you can save $309.79 on multiple licenses and $26.99 on a single license. The prices are for a lifetime license.

If a promo code is available, check the below screenshot to apply the discount.

CleanMymac x coupon code

Paste the coupon code there, and the discounted page appears. Here you can save up to 72% instantly. Proceed for payments through different options.


This is one of the finest software to clean your Mac with precision. It has many more features to offer, such as

  • Smart cleaning
  • Smart Junk Remover
  • Optimize Mac performance
  • Health Alerts
  • Clear cache, duplicate files intelligently
  • Uninstall the software from Mac completely & much more.

A diverse approach that provides several essential features is often a good choice for Macintosh applications. You can question the program’s overall usefulness if some features aren’t as excellent as others since the creator tried to please too many people.

Although MacPaw, the program’s creator, regularly releases updates and takes good care of the program, CleanMyMac X falls into the latter group.

The all-purpose tool has several features, but its primary function is to locate and remove the many gigabytes of stale data accumulated on the computer. Smart Scan, System Junk, and Shredder are the available modules.

CleanMyMac X features

Accelerate Mac

If your Mac’s performance has been lagging as of late, you can get it back up to speed using CleanMyMac X’s suite of cleaning and upkeep tools.

It’s only standard for Macs to accumulate a lot of useless data, both in the OS and on the hard disc. Because of this, you’ll need many scripts and adjustments to restore your Mac’s former speed.

Scrubbing the hard drive

It could be more entertaining to go through your storage directories in search of useless files. It’s ten times less hassle with CleanMyMac X since the program performs the tiresome portion for you, including finding and organizing obsolete files and excavating caches full of useless app detritus. At last, you may press the “Run” button.

Modify or remove software

Uninstalling programs from a Macintosh may be challenging. You won’t truly get rid of the remnants and related files by transferring them to the Bin.

CleanMyMac X’s Uninstaller removes unused programs entirely, while Updater ensures that your essential software is always up to date.

Protecting Your Data and Eliminating Malware

Although macOS is less vulnerable to malware than other operating systems, it is still weak. Scanning for viruses regularly is the best method to ensure your Mac remains free of harmful software.

The CleanMyMac X Protection module may remove malicious software and delete history and cookies whenever possible.

Get rid of unnecessary and big files

The Macintosh may be concealing some of your biggest space eaters, so it’s a good idea to search for both large and old files.

To clear up space on your Mac’s hard drive and permanently delete unneeded files, use CleanMyMac’s shredding tool, Shredder. All locked items caused by technical difficulties are also unlocked using the program.

Space Lens 

Even severely congested storage may be inspected thoroughly with CleanMyMac X. With Space Lens, you can see your files, secret and otherwise, laid out like a map.

Examine the storage space inside and outside, and make any necessary adjustments based on the findings.

Do more on your quicker Mac

Your efficiency directly correlates to the efficiency of your equipment. If your Macintosh slows down, you may speed things up by clearing RAM, executing maintenance routines, and taking care of your Login Folders, Launch Agents, and Suspended Programs. These will lighten the burden on your Mac’s hardware and improve its overall efficiency.

Give up cleaning and focus on enjoying life

By using CleanMyMac X, you’ll be able to reclaim hundreds of hours of your time that would have been spent on manual maintenance.

Smart Scan, for example, not only cleans but also defends and optimizes your Mac. Try CleanMyMac X out, and you’ll soon wonder how you got along without it.

Wasted systems

CleanMyMac scans your disc to reveal any hidden junk or temporary internet files. You’ll choose this menu item if you want to eliminate the system and app-generated temporary files. You’ll have the option of uninstalling any programs and services you don’t use.

Don’t panic; you’ll have time to save your work and exit any open programs before the scan begins. After the purge is complete, CleanMyMac displays a comprehensive progress report for your upgraded system, giving details such as the amount of cleared space and the number of infected files eliminated.

You should also examine your image surroundings for file storage for complete system cleanup. When you run CleanMyMac, it will show you a summary of all the temporary images and files taking up unnecessary space, so you can choose which ones to delete.

iTunes files and emailed attachments

If you let them accumulate, the attachments in your inbox might quickly consume all available storage space on your Macintosh.

While most individuals give little thought to clearing up their inboxes, doing so may help keep your device running smoothly. With CleanMyMac, your email folders can be analyzed, and any extra items deleted automatically.

You may use the same tool to check whether any unnecessary stuff is stored in your iTunes library. Keep in mind that iTunes does more than play music and videos; it also keeps many files that might use up a lot of space on your computer.

Technical Requirements

The latest version works well with macOS 10.10 or later.

You must have a minimum of 50MB of free space to use this software smoothly.

FAQs for CleanMyMac X

⭐️ How much maximum can I save today?

The maximum saving plan is available for a lifetime license. You can choose the options from the MacPaw store.

⭐️ For how long do these MacPaw promo codes remain valid?

There is no guarantee for the validity of the coupon code. It may end soon.

⭐️ How do I activate the CleanMyMac X discount code?

Choose the plan annually or a lifetime and click the Show Code button. Use the code at the checkout page.

⭐️ Is the new version better than its previous versions?

Yes. There are remarkable changes in the latest version, and many advanced features are added for a complete clean-up and protection.

⭐️ Is there any free trial available to test the product?

There is no free trial available, but you can download it free. And also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

⭐️ What is the mode of payment?

We offer flexible payment options to our users. You can use the payment options using Credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, Visa) and PayPal.

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