How to Sign a Document on Your Phone

sign documents on phone

Do you find yourself becoming weary of signing paper papers, then having to scan or fax them back?

A person’s capacity to electronically sign and send papers shouldn’t depend on whether they are at their home office, the supermarket, or the golf course. Acrobat Sign is a safe and quick alternative if you’re tired of waiting for contracts to be signed and returned in the mail. Mark up and sign PDFs or scanned documents using your fingertips and an iPhone.

The process of making an electronic signature and including it in documents in Word, PDF, or any other format is simple. Plus, many applications already have digital signature tools, which are both practical and secure.

If you want to sign a document directly from your phone, this guide will help you add a digital signature from your phone. Attaching a sign wherever you need to verify the document becomes straightforward.

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How to Send a Facebook Message without Facebook Messenger

Send a Facebook Message without Facebook Messenger

Users were outraged when Facebook revealed in July 2014 that it will be eliminating the messaging feature from its official mobile app. The messaging service required users to download the Facebook Messenger app. Many people saw this as Facebook’s desperate effort to get them to download the standalone app that nobody wanted. When a feature is already available inside the primary app, users do not see any need to go to a secondary app solely to utilise it. Fb surprisingly didn’t cave and start serving again when they were put under a lot of pressure.

Since Facebook is a widely used social media platform that shares pictures, videos, stories, clips, and much more, you can chat with your friends, relatives, and others using Facebook messages. It is a convenient way to get connected with all, no matter how far away they are.

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How to Change Downloaded Music Quality in Spotify

Change Downloaded Music Quality in Spotify

Recently, the popularity of the Spotify music app has exploded. It is packed with features and is one of the most popular audio streaming services. Since Spotify is a streaming service, its free and paid tiers provide limitless playback. Some features, including downloading music for offline listening, are exclusive to the paid edition. The audio quality of internet streaming may now be adjusted simply between the default setting of average (96 kbit/sec) and either high (160 kbit/s) or extremely high (320 kbit/s).

If you want to change the quality of Spotify music you downloaded earlier, this guide will help you adjust the music’s quality level. You can easily adjust the quality of apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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How to Lock Apps on iPhone & Android Devices

how to lock apps on iphone

There are many Apps you have downloaded on your iPhone or Android devices. Some are for personal use, and you won’t let others access those apps. Locking your Apps is the best way to maintain your privacy and data security. With this feature, you can also have control of your children to stop unnecessary use of the applications, this feature we call Parental Control.

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How to Link Your Phone to Windows 10 PC (Android & iOS Devices)

connect phone to windows 10

Connecting your phone(Android or iPhone) with Windows 10 PC becomes easier than ever. Earlier users have to download the application to access their phone from PC, but now with the new feature of Windows Continue on PC makes quite handy to use the phone right from your Windows 10 PC. It may be noted that Continue on PC feature currently available on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users.

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How To Save Google Map Directions Offline

how to save google map directions offline

Many times there are possibilities that you are not having an internet connection or have a wrong network in some of the locations where you are traveling and need Google maps to guide you to your destination.

You can also change the location on Android phones.

Offline seems to be very useful for getting lost in unknown terrain or trek.

Here you will see a complete guide google maps offline navigation on Android or iPhone.

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