How to Lock Apps on iPhone & Android Devices

how to lock apps on iphone

There are many Apps you have downloaded on your iPhone or Android devices. Some of them are for personal use and you won’t let others access those apps. Locking your Apps is the best way to maintain your privacy and data security. By this feature, you can also have control of your children to stop unnecessary use of the applications, this feature we call it Parental Control.

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How to Link Your Phone to Windows 10 PC (Android & iOS Devices)

connect phone to windows 10

Connecting your phone(Android or iPhone) with Windows 10 PC becomes easier than ever. Earlier users have to download the application to access their phone from PC, but now with the new feature of Windows Continue on PC makes quite handy to use the phone right from your Windows 10 PC. It may be noted that Continue on PC feature currently available on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users.

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Must Android Apps for Your Android Device

must android apps

Today it is hard to find the app which is best as so many apps are available in Play Store.

Check out must android apps which are popular and may right for you. In this article, I am going to tell you individual category wise apps such as travel apps, finance apps, gaming apps, news & updates, photo editing apps.

With unnecessary apps, you may slow down your device speed but you can also check How to speed up your slow Android Device?

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How to Fix Slow Android Phone

fix slow android

Over time, usually Android devices start slowing down and you have to do some regular fixes from time to time. Sometimes, these devices mostly Android phones become so slow that they become almost unusable.

Here in this article, you can easily fix slow Android devices such as tablets and phones.

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6 Best Ways to Clear Data on Android Devices

clear data android

Unfortunately, Android devices such as smartphones and tablets don’t come with unlimited storage.

As your Smartphone or tablet becomes full, it will start showing the error messages.

Many times you open the camera on your device and see a message showing memory full, that is very much frustrating.

In this article, you will know 6 easy ways to clear data Android devices.

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5 Cheaper iPhone 6 Alternative Available in the Market

iPhone 6 alternative

Apple dominates the smartphone market from the past one decade but its painful thing is its high price.

If switching to Android doesn’t bother you quite much then there are the cheaper alternative to Apple iPhone with the good technical specification.

In this article, you are going to see five excellent choices which are iPhone 6 Alternative & available in the market.

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