How to Send a Facebook Message without Facebook Messenger

Since Facebook is a widely used social media platform that shares pictures, videos, stories, clips, and much more. You can chat with your friends, relatives, and others with Facebook messages. It is a convenient way to get connected with all no matters how far they are.

facebook message without messenger

If you are using Facebook on the browser of your Smartphone then for sending messages to your friends, relatives or to check all previous messages, you need to download the separate app called Facebook Messenger. Whenever the message icon highlighted to white colour, on click you are redirected to either App Store or Play Store.

Is it possible to send messages without Facebook messenger?

Yes! you can send, check all previous messages, contact list without separately downloading messenger.

NOTE: There is no best way to send messages messages other than using a Facebook messenger but still, if you are looking for alternatives then check out the different ways below.

How to Send a Facebook Message without Facebook Messenger?

Method 1. Using the Browser

phone browser

This is one of the best alternatives to sending messages without using the Messenger App. Click on the conversation icon on the top of your Facebook. You are redirected to App Store or Play Store in case of Android. Pause the downloading option, go back to your browser and open, you can send the message to your friends, relatives.

Method 2. Using Web Browser

facebook web message

Using a Web Browser on your laptop, PC is the best way to run messages on Facebook. You never redirected to download app window if you are using Facebook on your PC. Just clicking on the messages icon, the seprate message list appears of all your previous conversion.

Even if you receive the messages in between checking stories, a separate pop-up box appears on down right of your screen. You can chat there regularly.

Method 3. Use Messenger Lite

messenger lite

Messenger app is the best app if you are looking for really very light application to send or receive Facebook messages. It does not have extra features because of its small size. This is one of the best tools if you are looking for the best alternative, It won’t consume extra space, cellular data. Messenger Lite is only 6 MB in weight and efficient for use.

I hope this information about How to Send a Facebook Message without Facebook Messenger helps you in sending messages without the actual use of Facebook Messenger.

Along with this Facebook also allows you to download all previous chat history, you may need it for future reference.

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