How to Delete Facebook Search History at Single Click & Clear all Search Suggestions

Data is very important and when it is related to your privacy then keeping all your data safe is important or otherwise deleting is a better option if you need not longer required. Similar is in the case of your Facebook browser or search history. Facebook offers you this to delete all your Facebook search history at once.

Delete Facebook Search History

What’s Included in while you clear Facebook Search History?

There are many things that automatically clears once you delete your search history such as recent names of persons you have checked, your activity log. Or if extra you want to delete your messages then you have to do it manually.


Best Way to delete Facebook search history & remove the name from a Search bar

Deleting FB history from PC

Follow some simple steps to delete all your account history and clear recent searched name from Search bar.

  • Click on Search Bar, the drop-down list appears of recent searches. On the top of above click on Edit button. Here you can see the list of all recent names you have searched recently.
edit recent searches
  • Now if you wish to remove particular names then go to delete icon next to the name. Alternatively, if you wish to delete all in one go then tap on Clear Searches option at the top.
fb log history
  • Confirm your deletion and note all deleted history never recover back.
clear searches

Alternatively you can also clear browsing data from the Activity Log. This also removes everything including recent name searches at one time.

  • Open the Settings (drop-down) icon on the top right and tap on Activity Log.
  • Once the Activity log page appears you can see all your past history, look for Clear Searches and confirm delete option.

Clear FB history from Smartphone

Smartphones are the easiest way to use FB nowadays. And you can easily delete the history from your smartphone too.

  • Open Facebook app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the more options icon (3-horizontal lines) and scroll down and check for Settings> Activity Log. Click on it and open it.
  • Now tap on Filter option and scroll down to bottom and go to Search history.
clear searches fb
  • Now tap on Clear Searches option and confirm it to delete.

By following these steps you can easily delete your all browsing history all at once. If still, you find any problem in following these steps then comment below. Our team is always happy to help you.

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