If you are really looking to change Facebook Business page URL and username then you landed at a good place. Here you see the best ways to make a request for this. We make a Facebook page to grab the audience from Facebook into our business and to provide the services offered.

Change Facebook Business Page URL & Username

Why it is important to change Facebook page URL & Username?

Suppose you had made a Facebook page representing your Business, and now you are changing your business name and it is important to change a name on all social media site in order to provide your followers better service or if you might found any spelling mistake on Business page/ URL afterwards.

On the other side, if you are planning to create a new business page that reflecting your current business name then this is not a good option as you can lose all your previous page followers. So better to change your current page username and URL.

Tips for Choosing URL & Usernames

As you can customize your Facebook page URL according to your own but you must keep some tips in your mind.

  • make URL relative to a business page name
  • Eliminate the year on URL (as might next year you run the same page)
  • keep URL as short as possible (easy to remember)

How to Change Facebook Business Page URL & Username

1: Change Facebook Business Page URL

  • Open your Facebook account and log in.
  • Tap the drop-down icon on the top right of the Facebook account.
choose fb page
  • Here you see different pages you have created, choose the page you want to edit.
  • Once the FB page opened, tap on About from the left side options available.
edit facebook username url
  • On the General tab, click Edit next to Username.
  • The box appears where you can type your custom URL if it is not available to try to add some digits or mixture of number and digits.
  • Now tap on Create Usernameoption.
create new username

2: Change the Facebook Business Page name

  • Similar to the above open Facebook page from the drop-down icon and open About section.
  • On the General section, tap on edit next to Name.
fb page name edit
  • The Request new Page name appears, type the new Facebook page name there. 
fb name edit

You may note some of the certain things that officially announced by Facebook.

  • Mislead people with others company/ business names.
  • Do not use “Facebook” & “Official” with the username.
  • No name use that violates someone’s right

After successfully entering a new username, it remains pending for review by the Facebook team. Wait for a day or two once username successfully changed, you receive the message as “Your request to change your page’s name has been approved”

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