Now you can easily download Facebook chat history from a Facebook account without going for a third-party tool. There are many reasons for downloading your Facebook Messenger chat and backup it. You might have an important conversation regarding your work, your business, or just want to keep the conversation between your best friend.

Download Facebook Chat History

Reasons could be many but the steps are the same. Follow some simple steps to easily download all your Facebook messages.

Facebook is a top-ranked social media that connects millions of people around the globe. Latest updates offer you video calls, voice calls, sharing pictures, posts, and much more. Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with your relatives and friends no matters how far they are from you. Here in this tutorial we are going to show you two ways by which you can either download full conversation history including date range or chat with particular friend or relative.

How to Download Facebook Chat History?

Download Facebook chat with a specified date range

STEP 1: Open your Facebook account.

STEP 2: Go to the drop-down icon (triangle-shaped) and select Settings.

fb settings

STEP 3: On the left side options, click on Your Facebook information. (see screenshot of below step)

STEP 4: You see different options about Facebook Info. Click on View next to Download your information.

facebook information

STEP 5: Choose the options from the list to download. You can download the data of Messages, Posts, Comments, Pages, Payment history and much more.

your information

STEP 6: Click on CREATE FILE button to download selected data.

create file

How to download Messages with specified dates?

Suppose you are not required a complete conversation from beginning, you have an option to set specified dates to download chat history.

Follow the same steps till STEP: 5, but after that before hitting CREATE FILE option, select Date range option. You can also choose the format to download and quality of content to download.

date range

Now if you are looking to download a particular friend’s chat then follow some steps below.

Download particular Facebook chat

STEP 1: Open, login with Facebook username and password.

fb messenger

STEP 2: Here you see all the messages, choose the name and the chat conversation get open.

STEP 3: Scroll to the top of your conversation from where the conversation begins. It may take time.

STEP 4: Copy all the conversation using Ctrl + A (for Windows) and command + A (for Mac Users).


STEP 5: Open Word or Notes and to paste all the data press Ctrl + V (for Windows) and Command + V (for Mac users)

copy fb messages

You see the conversation here and save it for future. Although the conversation saved is not in proper manner but atleast their is something than nothing!

I hope you like this quick tutorial about How to Download Facebook Chat History and found no difficulty in following the above steps.

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