After having a Sticky Password review, we got many queries related to other Password Managers. And today we are going to compare Dashlane Vs LastPass. If you are looking between these two then you must read this in-depth comparison.

Dashlane vs lastpass

Here we are going to cover every major aspect that you must take care of before choosing anyone. We are going to review pricing, features, security, and ease of usage.

There are lots of password manager software available but you can not rely on any random pick. Few are only considered as safe to use providing a great security feature. Password Manager restores all your password and provide you freedom from maintaining the list of the password. Along with this, some top-notch Password Manager offers features such as automatic form fill, auto-generate highly secure password and lot more.

About Dashlane


Dashlane is no doubt one of the best password managers that offers great features. The only thing is its cost. Premium plans are expensive when compared to other Password Managers but features are definitely worth. Dashlane provides regular updates for better advancement in security. It is extremely hard to crack the Dashlane password because of its best security standards.

About LastPass


Another top rated password manager when comes out for features and security review. The best part is pricing, the premium plan is cheaper as compare to Dashlane. No matter what platform you are using LastPass synchronized everywhere to make stuff easy for you. Similar to Dashlane, LastPass also provides high grade security to keep data same.

Well, this was the quick outlook of both Dashlane and LastPass and now we are going to dig a bit deeper that clears your doubt on choosing the perfect password manager.

Security Breach: As Password Managers are concerned with the data security, obviously hackers actively trying to get information, due to high encryption the data still remain protected. Although according to Wikipedia reported security breaches in their past but the user data assured to be safe.

According to LastPass post, the LastPass team had discovered and halted suspicious activity on their network and due to proactive security care, they are able to secure all the data.

Dashlane Vs LastPass

Now let us come to the main topic of comparison, here we are doing to review pricing, security grade, and features.

Security Grade

Security is considered as the biggest factor in deciding the Password Manage tool. Mostly AES-256, AES-128 bit is the standard used encryption (higher is better).


Dashlane uses top grade encryption that is AES-256 bit encryption which is highest security level till date. Dashlane offered a master password to log in and is changed only by the user. You only need to remember a single password, else all password is remembered by Dashlane. Along with this DashLane use 2-Factor Authentication (using Google Authenticator) so that every time you log in to a new device you get a unique code. With compatible fingerprint devices, Dashlane provides fingerprint option to log in.


Similar to Dashlane, LastPass also uses AES-256 encrption to protect your data. All you need is to remember one master password. It also supports fingerprint for all compatible devices for better usability and security. Moreover, an extra security layer is provided as 2-FA every time you log in to a new device.

Security wise both Dashlane and LastPass are almost same and we recommend you to see the features for better comparison.


When comes out for pricing LastPass is comapivively cheaper to DashLane. Both come for Personal as well as Business plans depends on your requirements.


Dashlane pricing
  • Premium Plan: $4.99/ month. This offers you unlimited password on unlimited websites. Along with this, it offers you Dark Web Monitoring and VPN service.
  • Premium Plus Plan: $9.99/ month. This offers some more services such as Identity Theft Insurance, Credit monitoring, and identity restoration support.

Dashlane offers business plans as per the requirements.


lastpass pricing
  • Premium plan: $3/ month with includes secure your online backup plan and enjoy flexible sharing. This comes for a single user license, if you are looking for more than one license then next plan suits you the best.
  • Families Plan: $4/ month it offers you for the complete family solution that works up to 6 users.

Well, looking up to security and pricing the things are still not clear which software is best. Right? Next part is all of this. Here you can check and compare the features both offers and choose between two.


1.Password Storage & Autofill

Both Dashlane and LastPass offers you the password storage and autofill feature. You can create a signature by your own or otherwise using a password generator which is more unique, complex, and difficult to remember.

With offers Autofill features that save your time by filling the forms online accurately keeping all your sensitive information safely.

2. Security Features

In terms of security, Dashlane is one step ahead of LastPass. Along with high-grade AES-256 bit encryption, Dashlane offers you extra security features such as Dark Web Monitoring, VPN service for WiFi protection, and other such features. On the other hand LastPass offers you only 2FA and AES-256 bit encryption. So if you are looking for better security features, go for Dashlane password manager.

3. User Interface

The first impression of any software is its User Interface, how it looks? how the functions are easily approachable. Check out the look for both Dashlane and LastPass.


As per our view, Dashlane has better and easily approachable tools available on its dashboard screen. Everything is clear and have attractive User Interface. You can find the seprate list of Password Manager, Autofill, Wallet, and Sharing option. Also, there is tab menu located on the top to better navigate to its features. Loading time is also quick.


Although, LastPass has also a modern User Interface and the features it offers are easily approachable on the left side and some on the top menu bar. Some of the tools such as Sharing, form fill, security challenge are available on the first screen.

4. Compatibility

Compatibility is the most important feature when it comes to a password manager, as you if use password generator on PC, you may access it from your smartphone only by using the application. So it is important that the software you are choosing is compatible with all the devices you have.

Dashlane Compatible devices: ChromeFirefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Edge. Along with this App is available for iOS devices, and Android devices on their respective stores. In browser you can simply install extension and use Dashlane.

LastPass Compatible device: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Maxthon, and Microsoft Edge. You can also download from App Store and Play Store to run on your smartphone.

Final Comments:

After testing both the software for more than a week we found Dashlane is best in terms of security as it has much-advanced security option such as Dark Web monitoring, VPN service. All other options are almost the same. But on the cons of both is none of them is providing a lifetime license. And for those who are looking for a lifetime license, we recommend you to go for Sticky Password which offers great features at a very reasonable price.

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