Have you ever think to monitor all the online activities of your children? What they are surfing? what they are watching? what games do they install in their iPhone? All these questions are obvious in all parents mind. So to limit access there are many software that makes control iPhone to access specific categories. So here we are going to discuss the best parental control app for the iPhone.

Best Parental Control App for iphone​​

What Parental Control Apps Offers?

If you go for decent parental control app, it not just block the specific sites but also restrict downloading games, monitor online activity, website usage session, and all those major features that every parent required.

There are many paid as well as free software but we recommend you to go for paid software as this software are not so expensive, moreover, safety is the biggest concern nowadays and spending few bucks is definitely worth.

5 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone​

Here we have listed 5 best iPhone parental controls application that you must use. Here we are going to discuss the general features, ease of usage, and pricing so that you can decide what is best without going anywhere else.

1.Using iPhone in-built feature

Thanks to Apple for providing this feature free on iPhone. This feature allows you to schedule time away from the screen, set time limits to applications, apps you want to hide, blocking of inappropriate contents, and other such things. And for this a separate password you can create specifically for this feature only. This feature is basically known as Restrictions and it is very easy to set up.

Restriction mode on iOS 11 or earlier

  • Go to Settings option of your iPhone.
  • Tap on General option.
  • Tap on Restrictions.

On the top of next screen, tap on Enable Restriction, the password set up appears, create a new password and confirm it. Now you can have the control on your iPhone as what to allow and what not to. Choose the options and set limitations wherever you think it’s necessary.

Restriction mode on iOS 12 or later

  • Go to Settings> Screen Time.
  • Tap on Turn On Screen Time.
restriction mode iPhone

Create your new password and confirm it. Here you can set limitations Downtime, App Limits, Always Allowed, Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Note: On the Screen Time feature you can easily check the amount of time spend on Entertainment, Social Networking, Productivity, and other such categories.

The only disadvantage is you can not receive any real-time notification. For this additional feature you have to check below software.

2. Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is on the top of our list because of its features at a very affordable price. It has almost every features that you require to track everything right from surfing content to email alerts. There are great features offered by Norton Family Premier, let us have a quick look.

  • Web Supervision: Norton allows you to track the website being visited on the iPhone and allows to block the unsuited websites they visited. You can see all the history of websites recently visited. You can also block them category wise.
  • Search Supervision: Check out what your kids look for keywords, phrases, terms. With this check the insights and block all unsuitable websites allowing these things.
  • Time Management: This build a good habit of managing time while using an iPhone, this makes you know how much time your kid is giving to the stuff while using a device.
  • Restrict Personal Information: There is a separate feature that disallows sensitive personal information when online, including a phone number, address, the school they attend, or email address.
  • YouTube Supervision: You can check all the video history seen by your kid from YouTube or any other social media. And if you notice any inappropriate video, you can lock them instantly by setting a password earlier. You can turn it lock by any other device you have set up.
  • Email alerts: If your kid starts looking for restricted contents, block websites, you receive an email alert and warn your kid.

Pricing of Norton Family Premier is $49.99/ year. If you purchase Norton Security Premium plan worth $54.99/ month, you have Family Premier included plus anti-virus, anti-malware included. This is best deal.


3. Qustodio


Qustodio is a specially designed app for Parental Control only. If you are looking for rich feature app with good price then definitely Qustodio is worth. We personally used this app and remain best as we have expected. Let us check what Qustodio offers

  • Web-filtering Engine: Block unsuitable/ inappropriate websites content on the iPhone with an advanced web-filtering option. Select the category and it intelligently blocks the websites associated with that category.
  • Location Tracking: Get real-time information about the location of your kid on a map.
  • Social Network Monitoring: Monitor all the activities you kid enter on social profiles such as posts, pictures, friend lists. This works amazing for Facebook as we have used it.
  • App blocking: You can block the apps from the stores. You can set a particular time when to use the application.
  • Time Limitation: According to the requirement each day, you can set time limits. This makes you and your children importance to make time management.
  • Ease of Usage: Qustodio is very easy to set up on your device. Sign up-install- Protect. Three simple steps make this possible.

Pricing wise Qustodio is cheaper alternative to Norton Parental Control. It offeres flexible plans as per requirements. It comes in Family, School, and Business plan.

The basic pro plan costs you $39.95/ year that works for three devices, $54.95/ year for up to 5 devices which are the best deal and popular choice.


4. Zift Parental Control


The only reason keeping Zift Parental Control in this position is its pricing, as it is comparative expensive but if you wont need any compromise to the security and privacy of your children activities then without and second thought go to this. As everything you expect from a good parental control software, it is more than that. Let us check the features it provides.

  • Real-time Reporting & Alerts: Zift Parental Control provides real-time notification of the sites, contents, videos your children are watching. Parents also get an instant alert when your child views Porn, Drugs, Weapons, Suicide and other inappropriate content.
  • Smart Web-filtering: Zift uses Net Nanny® Smart Filter technology which filters individual web pages on the website your child visits and immediate block it if the content is inappropriate. This is something more advanced that we don’t have on above-listed software.
  • App Used History: Zift allows you to check the recent past history of all the application your children have used and you can block them.
  • Manage Screen Timing: This app allows you to manage screen timing about when and where the time is mostly spent and according to this you can set further limitations. Without any argument with your children, you can stop internet access to your children’s device.
  • Location Tracking & Footprints: This feature allows real-time tracking of your children location with having a past history of a movement. Moreover, this also helps if your children lost iPhone somewhere. So to benefits with a single feature.

Pricing wise it cost little high but definitely worth. One year license costs you $59.87 and an additional 25% discount for a 2-year plan.


5. Kaspersky Safe kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is the cheapest among all and having few limitations. There are only major features required for basic monitoring. In this price range, it is a good option but spending little more offers extra services for all-around protection. Let us quickly review its features and pricing.

  • Manage Screentime: Check out the details of the time your child spends on the websites, apps. You can also monitor all the online activities your children running on the iPhone. Check the latest posts on Facebook, recent friends added, and much more.
  • Block content: Easily block the content, websites, apps that you don’t require to allow to your children. You can track and manage all the online activities.
  • GPS Tracker: Track your children with GPS Tracker feature. This provides you real-time location of your child. This makes you get better control to your child, moreover, you get notifications when the battery level is low so you can warn your children earlier.

Pricing wise it is the cheapest option and the premium plan cost you just $14.99 and works for a single device only. You can also try the free version with limited features that only includes an online content filter, app usage control, and screen time management.


Final Comments:

According to our opinion you can go for any of the above software. But if you are not concerned with money then Norton is the best option, otherwise Kaspersky is the cheapest among all and is well reputed company in security so you can definitely trust on it too.

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