How to Sign a Document on Your Phone

If you are looking for signing a document directly from your phone then this guide helps you to add digital signature from your smartphone. It becomes really easy to attach sign wherever you require to verify the document.

sign documents on phone

Smartphones are in trend nowadays and everyone has a quick access to there phone otherwise using computer is time consuming and complicated process. But it is recommended if you have your regular work with PDFs, files, documents, and other online productivity you must use PDF editors which are just not for converting format but also to provide you digital signatures, electronic signatures, password protection, cloud storage and much more.

Before following the steps you must know that iOS devices have default feature of placing a signature on your document. But you can also use the other top-rated applications that are more powerful tools. In this tutorial, we are going to list the default feature and third-party apps also.

How to Add Sign on Document from iPhone or Android Phone

iOS Devices – Default Feature

As every iOS device cmes with this feature of adding e-sign to your document and it is one of the best and easiest way. This is a handwritten format signature.

1.Open your document/ PDF file on your iPhone/ iPad. You can open it using Books apps or directly from the Phoos

2. Click on the Markup tool from the above options. If you have chosen file from Photos then tap on Edit button and more option. Tap on Markup.

open markup ios

3. Tap on (+) icon and select Signature option.

add sign iphone

4. Draw handwritten signature on the space provided.

draw sign on ios

5. Drag and resize your drawn signature wherever you want to insert.

create sign iphone

With these steps you can easily insert the signature on any document from your iPhone or iPad. But if you are looking for more professional way then you have to switch to e-sign tools which we have discussed later in this tutorial. You can also enable adding a sign to every email you send.

For Android Devices

Unfortunately, there is no in-built app or feature of adding signature on Android device but you can still ue Adobe which is free of cost and available on Play Store. Download and install it on your Phone and follow some simple steps.

There are many advantages of using Adobe, you can get some extra features apart from just signing a doument. You can add text, annotate PDFs, fill and sign forms, and much more.

1.Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader on your Android device.

2. It needs some time to sync the files you have on your device. Choose the file you wish to make changes.

adobe acrobat for android

3. Tap on the Sign icon from the list on bottom.

adobe sign android

4. Create your signature on the space provided and mark tick to save it and applied on your document.

Note: You can use the same signature on all future documents and PDFs. Similarily, you can place the signature and resize wherever you require.

Now its time for getting professional. Yes! if you are looking for pro version if you have more productive work then there are many top-rated application that we suggest you. These applications (software) are more than just only creating the signature. You can work like you work on your PC. It saves your time and increase productivity. Check out them.

  • DocuSign: DocuSign is one of the leading software in this categories. Many PDF editing software collaborate with DocuSign to provide verified signature. It is compatible with both iOS and Android Devices. It also offers you cloud storage to save your documents online with best security layers. Try DocuSign for free or proceed to check best DocuSign alternatives.
  • HelloSign: HelloSign is another best software offering the app for iOS and Android devices. Similar to DocuSign it also offers you verified digital signature and make your paper work almost zero. This saves your time as operating everything from your phone. You can try it for free using trial period.
  • PandaDoc: PandaDoc is something more than just signing. If you are looking for productivity tool that offers more tools for documents, PDFs, and for e-Paper work then this suits you best.

If you are working on PC as well, then you must also check some of the best PDF software for Windows and Mac that are compatible with your smartphone.

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