What is an Electronic Signature?

It becomes a trend nowadays or we can say necessity to use an electronic signature or digital signature. It reduces paperwork and is a more convenient way to manage your documents.

Here in this tutorial, we are going to cover the following points.

What is an Electronic Signature
  1. What is an Electronic Signature?
  2. How Electronic Sign Works?
  3. Best E-signing software.

You can easily create the signature on PC and using Smartphones.

1. What is an Electronic Signature?

E-Sign is an electronic expression on the documents on agreements, contracts to make it authorised and legal. You can add signature without printout, scanning or faxing option.

Basically, an e-sign is the signature you draw on the document using a mouse cursor (handwritten sign) or use the default signature as per your name.

Is these Electronic Sign Legal?

Yes, it is completely legal to have e-sign on your document which is used widely on contracts, invoices, agreements, and much more. The widely acceptable e-sign are in the US, UK, Canada, EU, and many other countries.

2. How Electronic Sign Works?

The process of the verified digital signature is a bit complex, Let us try to understand it in an easier way. There is a much-advanced software that provides secure and verified digital signature. Here we are considering DocuSign as how this works?

Consider that you have created a signature and which is unique for every user. There is a protocol that DocuSign follow in the process of verifying the signature. Once you created a signature, the private key is assigned to the user and then your data is encrypted and which we called digital signature.

electronic signature process

There are two keys while creating a signature. One is the private key and another one is a public key. Suppose you have sent some agreement to others and with that agreement if the receiver also got your private key. If the public key can’t decrypt the signature that means the signature is invalid. So you are completely on the safer side.

3. Best Electronic Signature Software

Well, there are different categories for electronic signature and you must be careful while choosing the best for you. You might be interested in productivity software that includes an e-sign option or just looking only for e-sign software.

1.Nitro Productivity Suite: Nitro Pro is one of the best and recommended software to make your paperwork easier. It has many advanced feature and options other than just adding a signature on your document. You can create, edit, sign a document in every format. This also offers Nitro Cloud service to store your documents online which is one of the secure ways to keep your document. Check: Nitro Pro Review

2.DocuSign: DocuSign is a well-known name for a verified digital signature on your document. This uses a specific protocol to make your sign completely secure. It also offers cloud storage to keep your document safe and secure. There are different plans as per your requirement.

3. HelloSign: If looking for a bit cheaper option having all the same advantages, HelloSign is considered as one of the best solutions. It also has all the major tools required for digital signature. HelloSign comes in Pro, Business, and Enterprise level. You can also enjoy a 30-days free trial period.

On our recommendation, if you have more digital paperwork, you must try Nitro Productivity Suite as they offer a 30% discount to our readers (discount link).

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