Well, if you are looking for PDF productivity providers or the specific tools for eSignature then on the online search you can see much software offering these services. You can not go randomly as most of them are paid software. Here we are going to review some tips that you must keep in mind before purchasing a particular software. Here we are going to review eSigning and PDF Productivity providers that help you to make your fewer efforts with better productivity.

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Basically PDF software are not just to convert formats to word or others. It has so many features that you required for your productive work. Online signature is more required tools nowadays and many top rated PDF software provides this feature as in-built. But still you must note some of the things before choosing one.

Difference between Electronic and Digital Signatures

Most often we are not relevant to some of these definitions which we suppose to have prior knowledge. Well, there are some major differences between both of these.

  • Electronic Signature: This is the mostly used signature on different platforms such as invoices, contracts, and POs. This is easy to create by anyone and can be your digitally handwritten signatures on your documents.
  • Digital Signature: These are rarely required signing method as it uses encrypted technology and digital certificates to verify the authenticity of a document and a signer’s identity. This type of signing is mostly used where the documents are highly sensitive or dealing with property documents, business contracts, and other such heavily regulated industries.

Most of the PDF software offers only electronic signature but some also provides digital signature as an extra add-on services. But if you are looking only for eSigning your documents without having the need of other PDF tools then you can directly choose the eSigning software.

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Check out some of the features that you must have on your PDF productivity providers on the basis of which we recommend you some of the best software.

1.Document Signature

As already discussed in details about document signing which is foremost important for any digital paperwork. We recommend you to use Nitro Productivity Suite as it is one of the best PDF software (compatible with Windows only) having all the advanced features. Alternatively, you can also go for Wondershare PDFelement which is comparatively cheaper and also have many of the best features required for your work.

There is separate software for eSigning your documents such as DocuSign, PandaDoc, HelloSign which are best rated and widely used.

2. User Interface

No matter how advance a software is. If you are unable to locate the tools you need to access, or the user interface is outdated then the things look boring. As many PDF providers have many features and it is not possible to display all of them at same place, still some major features must be locate on a sound or approachable space.

Here we love to work again with Nitro Productivity Suite, which has amazing User Interface and all the features/tools are easily approachable. The best thing is Nitro Productivity Suite provides a separate tutorial for all the features on how to access them. This makes things really easy. On the other side when we compare Nitro Pro with PDFElement, PDFElement is also providing attractive startup screen to work. All the features are easily available on the top icon. We personally recommend you to go for Nitro Productivity Suite (for Windows Users) and PDFelement (for Mac Users).

3. Pricing

There are different price ranges according to the tools you required for your work. Ranging from $50 to $180 there are many PDF service providers. Don’t look for spending a few bucks if you really looking for the best productivity tool. Again we recommend you to use Nitro Productivity Suite which costs you about $159, but our readers get a special discount of up to 30%. You can also go for PDFelement that costs you $89.90 and check the special discounts here.

If you are looking for only eSigning software then they start from $19/ month. Check out all the plans here. DocuSign pricing starts from $10/ month.

4. Encryption & Security

Security is one of the most biggest issue in this cyber world. Lots of cybercrime are happening all around the globe so better to stay protected with leading Encryption security standards. Some of the best PDF service providers use AES-256 bit encryption, and AES-128 bit encryption. Higher is always better. The encryption is mostly required during the password protection of your documents, uploading documents to cloud storage, sending documents to others.

Some of the leading PDF service providers such as Nitro Pro, Foxit PhantomPDF, PDFelement uses AES-256 bit encryption to protect your documents. And some of the leading eSigning software such as PandaDoc, DocuSign also offers you AES-256 bit encryption.

5. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is something more productive to your work. You can save your time and effort by accessing cloud storage. You can transfer your work directly to the cloud and access them from anywhere without carrying hard copy always with you.

Only some of the top-rated PDF software offers this software. We personally recommend you to use Nitro Productivity Suite which offers Nitro Cloud Access and PhantomPDF for Mac users.

6. Business Usage

If you are running a business and required productivity tools then you need to explore a bit more so that everything runs fine. Nothing competes Adobe Acrobat DC Pro when you look for business but as this is expensive and all major and advanced features are available in cheaper option.

Nitro Pro, Nuance PowerPDF, PhantomPDF, PDFelement Professional, are some of the leading professional software. If you purchase volume license then you can expect huge discounts.

Final Comments

As there are many other features that are generally present in all PDF tools such as format conversion, word editing, merge-split, password protection, and other such basic tooling.

If you are still troubling in finding the perfect solution for all your productive work either for individual or business purpose, Nitro Productivity Suite is best among all but the only drawback is it works for Windows PC only, for Mac users we recommend either to go for Wondershare PDFelement or PDF Expert.

I hope this tutorial helps you in getting best out of all top rated PDF tools. For more tech tutorials, software reviews, and online deals follow madestuffeasy.com on FacebookTwitter, and Google+

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