How to Convert PDF to Editable PDF?

PDF is considered one of the best formats for your document. This is safe and the changes made on PDF document is not easy.

If you have a PDF file and want to edit like a Word document, then this tutorial is made for you. We have listed the best way (free to use) to convert PDF to editable PDF using online and installing an app.

Convert PDF to Editable PDF

If you are using PDF converter software then you can make different changes. Here we are going to convert PDF to editable PDF using Nitro Productivity Suite and the web-based service.

Both are easy to use and free (Nitro Pro offers you 14-days free trial period).

Is it possible to edit a PDF?

The answer is YES. You can easily edit texts, pictures, images, sign a document and much more thing. For this, you have to download a PDF editor or for an online method, you have to convert your PDF to Word format first and then edit it.

How to Convert PDF to Editable PDF?

Using Nitro Productivity Suite

Nitro Pro 12 is the latest version and considered as one of the best PDF editors. If you are working on Mac, then skip this method as Nitro Productivity Suite is only available for Windows PC.

This offers you 14-days free trial period, you can use it and simply uninstall it after 14-days.

If you are a regular user of PDF then we strictly recommend you to go for this only. The best thing is its top security features to protect your documents.

The complete package of Nitro Productivity Suite includes Nitro Premium Supports and free Updates along with Nitro Pro 12. Let us check out how it works?


  • Go to the Official Website of Nitro Pro. Download the free trial period and install it on your PC.
  • Upload the PDF file you want to edit.
  • Tap on the Edit tool button on the top left corner of your screen.
edit text nitro

You can do many things such as edit text, resize, delete text, add/remove the image. You can also drag the complete paragraph.

How to edit the text?

  • Once you have chosen Edit option, place the cursor on the text where you need modification.
  • You can also set to modify an individual line or a whole paragraph on the above Format tab. In case you wish to resize the text then select the text and toolbar appears. Select the size and the text design.
nitro pro edit
  • Once editing completed either press Esc key or Finish button.

How to delete a text/ paragraph?

  • Choose Edit tool option, right click on the selected text or paragraph and click on Delete option.
delete text with nitro
  • Click on Finish key to save the PDF.

There are a lot more things that you can do with Nitro Productivity Suite. It is very easy to use even if your first time user. We have specially made a separate tutorial on How to use Nitro Productivity Suite?

If you are working on Macbook and need to edit a text on PDF editor then you can try the free version of PDF Element.

The other option of Convert PDF to Editable PDF is using online service. Here we are using Sejda PDF Online editor. 

Edit PDF using Sejda PDF online converter

  • Open Sejda PDF editor on your browser.
  • Click on Upload PDF file button. Wait for a while till the PDF uploads completely.
sejda online pdf editor
  • Place the cursor where you want to edit text. Here you can change the font color, size, fond design, or delete the selected text.
edit text sejda pdf
  • Once editing is done, click on the Apply changes button.

Once done with these steps the new downloaded PDF has all the changes you have made earlier.

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