How To Speed Up Android Phone

how to speed up android phone

Over time, usually, Android devices start slowing down, and you have to do some regular fixes from time to time. Sometimes, most Android phones, these devices become so slow that they become almost unusable.

Here in this article, you can quickly fix slow Android devices such as tablets and phones.

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6 Best Ways to Clear Data on Android Devices

clear data on android

Unfortunately, Android devices such as smartphones and tablets don’t have unlimited storage. If you don’t keep your data refreshed, it slows down your Smartphone.

The best way to keep your phone in a good performance is to clear data frequently.

As your Smartphone or tablet becomes full, it will start showing error messages. We also recommended checking the must-have Android apps on your phone.

You often open the camera on your device and see a message showing memory complete; that is very frustrating.

This article will know six easy ways to clear data on Android devices.

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5 Cheaper iPhone X Alternative Available in the Market

iPhone 6 alternative

Apple has dominated the smartphone market for the past decade, but its painful thing is its high price.

If switching to Android doesn’t bother you quite much, a cheaper alternative to Apple iPhone with good technical specifications.

In this article, you will see five excellent choices: iPhone 6 Alternative & available in the market.

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How To Make Your Phone a Hotspot

how to make your phone a hotspot

Your Smart Phone may have an unlimited data plan. You can create a free internet zone to connect with a computer or share your free internet with your friends by just making a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Check out How to Turn Your Smart Phone to Create Mobile Hotspot.

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