Google recently announced the working of a dark mode on your Android device.

As it is still on its earlier stage and you may have some bugs issues. But all of this, the dark mode provides you with amazing screen experience.

And you no longer required to switch to night mode.

enable chrome dark mode android

Apart from just have a darker screen, you have many benefits while using a Dark theme. There is better visuals, less eye strain, improves readability especially during night time, and much more. Follow some simple steps to enable it.

How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome on Android

Method 1: Using Chrome Settings

  • Open Google Chrome on your Android device
  • Go to the Settings page (3-dot icon).
  • Scroll down the page and look for Dark mode. Enable dark mode from the toggle button.
settings dark mode

By turning ON this, your browser starts Dark theme and you can use google with dark mode. As we already said that this feature for Google is still in its easrlier stage, so might be this function is not working properly. Alternatively, go for another option to enable this.

Method 2: How to Enable Chrome Dark mode Using Flag

  • Type chrome://flags in the URL space of Chrome browser. Here you check the flag settings.
  • Search for Android Chrome UI dark mode on the search space of the flag page’s search bar.
ui dark mode
  • Enable Dark mode from the list.
  • Now navigate to menu of Chrome browser. Tap on Settings> Dark mode. Turn ON the toggle switch.
enable dark mode chrome android

With this your new theme is ready to launch. For functioning all features properly, makesure you have close Chrome browser and again open it.

As it is a completely different theme and provides you with a great experience of new Chrome browsing. You must definitely try this!

This feature is also working fine on Windows PC and you can check a quick guide here. Mac users can also change their current theme to dark theme.

I hope you find this tutorial useful about How to enable Chrome dark mode on Android.

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