With the latest release of MacOS Mojave, Apple brings lots of exciting features to their list. To keep better security of the device, different additional improvements are done. On the other side of this to provide better visible improvements, MacOS Mojave offers Dark Mode to provide a better user experience. As this is addition to previous Dark mode which even supports many applications (basically developed by Apple and some other third-party app).

macOS mojave dark mode

Why we must use Dark Mode?

There are many reasons that brought this feature as one of the top choices of many users. Dark mode completely changed the visual experience that makes your background darker and the font colour brighter. It also shows great visuals while using apps. Or there are different reasons why users go for a dark mode. Now let us check how all this work and how to enable/ disable this on your MacBook.

First of all make sure you have updated MacOS to Mojave and then to enable follow some simple steps.

Enable MacOS Mojave Dark Mode

  • Tap on the Apple logo (top-left of the screen) and select System Preferences.
  • Tap on General option from the list.
dark mode macOS mojave
  • Choose Dark option next to Appearance and close the window.

Soon you followed these steps, you can see the night mode start working. Many apps already work with Dark mode but some still working as their previous version. Maybe they update them soon.

Similarly you can disable Dark mode anytime using similar steps. Let us quickly check some of them.

  • Go to Apple icon on the top left and choose System Preferences.
  • Tap on General mode and choose Light mode next to Appearance.
light mode macOS mojave

This makes your appearance back to normal.

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