Looking for best backup software for Mac? Well, there are different backup software and everyone claims that they are the best. But the reality is different.

There are different features offered by some of the top backup software such as backup all the data including pictures, video clips, documents, files and lot more.

You can backup at real-time or set period of regular updates.

Best Backup Software for Mac

Having a backup of your data is very important nowadays. Looking into cyber threats everyone afraid whether keeping their data in their system is safe or not.

Having a good backup software on your Mac helps you to restore your data anytime and anywhere using cloud services. Let is check best Mac backup data software.

Top 5 Best Backup Software for Mac

#1 Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is the top choice not only for us, but also who are using this amazing software for many years. Acronis True Image is very much popular in the backup software category. The reason behind this is its top security features and storage option.

Acronis True Image provides its users both online and offline backup so that nothing went wrong and you can access your data anytime. 

Active Disk Cloning is the newly added feature that makes Make an exact replica of an active Windows or Mac system without having to stop and restart.

Acronis True Image offers you Advance protection from Ransomware that automatically stops ransomware and reverses it. When looking for its pricing Acronis True Image comes in three plans.

  • Standard: $49.99 (One-time purchase)
  • Advanced: $49.99/year
  • Premium: $99.99/year

In the Standard plan you can not get the cloud storage, but in Advanced and Premium, you can get many additional features. Check the below picture showing comparison among all three plans.

acronis true image 2019

You can purchase this subscription for maximum 5 Computers. If you are still in doubt then we recommend you to get a free trial for 30 days that provides you with 1 TB data access and all major features.

#2 iDrive

iDrive is the another best choice of the users in term of backup of their data. iDrive is bit expensive but also provides a free plan that offers you free 5 GB.

But after looking its feature the price is really worth. Check out the following features that iDrive offers for the Personal version.

  • Backup with multiple devices: iDrive backup your data from multiple drives so that from all the devices you have the iDrive backup from there and store it in cloud memory. You can use multiple computers, unlimited iPhone, Mac, Android devices.
  • Real-time Synchronization: Similar to the Acronis True Image, iDrive offers you real-time data synchronization so that you can free up your device memory without any fear of losing your data.
  • Ransomware Protection: iDrive offers the protection against Ransomware attacks. iDrive Snapshot features allow you point-in-time recovery.
  • Privacy & Security: This is the top priority of all of us. Keeping your data is the safest place is the choice of the service provider. iDrive offers AES-256 encryption by which you can store and transfer your file.

There are many other features such as iDrive Express (allows to physical storage data transfer), backup reports, activity reports, Disk Image backup and much more.

Pricing: iDrive comes in three plans Basic (free), Personal, and Business. For the Basic plan, you get free 5 GB storage at no cost. A Personal license costs you $52.12/year for 2 TB and $74.62/year for 5 TB.

If you are looking for a Business license, then you have to pay $74.62/year for 250 GB, $149.62/year for 500 GB, and $374.62/year for 1.25 TB.

#3 Backblaze

Another backup software is Backblazethis software is easy to use and on a single click, you can backup all your important data. Backblaze provides you 15-days free trial period so that you can test it as per your requirement and if you like then only purchase it.

Let us check some of the features offered by Backblaze.

  • Unlimited Backup: This is the best part that makes everyone happy. Yes! Backblaze offers you unlimited backup to your data. With this, you need not worry about the amount of storage left. With the single price subscription, you can save unlimited photos, videos, files, folders, and all other documents. This unlimited storage is missing in above-listed software.
  • Restore & Access: Backblaze provides you free restore option to all your files. Along with this, 128 GB flash drive or external drive up to 4 TB.
  • Data safety: Backblaze ensure your data safety with two-factor authentication, which means everytime you login to Backblaze it sends 6-digit code on your mobile number to make sure you are the actual owner. For additional security, you can have a Personal key, but if you forgot this, you cannot recover it.
  • Automatic and Schedule backup: Like all the above software, Backblaze offers you automatically and schedule a backup to your data so that nothing goes wrong with time delay.

Backblaze come in Personal and Business plans. Personal plan costs you $50/year and the Business plan costs you $50/year/computer. Like all other services, Backblaze offers 15-days free trial period. So try before you purchase.

#4 Carbonite Safe

Quite similar to Backblaze as Carbonite also offers your unlimited access to the storage, but the Base version doesn’t back up external drives or videos. Carbonite is easy to use and encrypts your every data before reaching to the server of Carbonite.

If you use Private Key then no one has your key even Carbonite. If you lost your Private key, then you cannot reset it.

carbonite safe

Carbonite uses 128-bit encryption, for Transfer and Storage encryption which is less when we compare above services as they offer 256-bit encryption.

Carbonite sometimes does not support all files to be backed up. If you have chosen pictures and videos then it works well but if you are choosing other files then you must recheck it.

In terms of pricing, it comes in three plans Basic, Plus and Prime.

  • Basic plan comes with unlimited cloud backup and costs you $6/month.
  • Plus plan gives you External hard drive backup + Automatic video backup at 9.34/month.
  • Prime plans offer you additional courier recovery service along with all above features at $12.5/month.

#5 ChronoSync

ChronoSync is one stop solution for all your problems. This offers you synchronization, backup, bootable backup, and cloud storage. Synchronization allows you to trace the same file in more than one location.

So you always have a save side for your data. ChronoSync is easy to use and powerful application on which you can trust completely.

ChronoSync also offers you to back up your data to Google Cloud and Amazon S3 storage which are free up to some space.

According to our recommendation if you only require backup then choose Acronis True Image, or if you need Synchronization also then ChronoSync is worth.

chronosync backup

When we look at its Pricing it comes at $49.99 which includes free updates for lifetime. If you want an additional license for more than one device, then for 3 devices you have to pay $39.99/device and for 5 devices it costs you $29.99/device.

I hope you find this information useful about Top 5 Best Backup Software for Mac. In our recommendation, we prefer Acronis True Image if your priority is only back, but if you want real-time synchronization and backup too then GoodSync is the best option.

Best thing is both offer free trial period. Try them for free before you actually buy.

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