Everyone needs a suitable storage device to keep all their files, contacts, pictures, videos, and all other essential data.

If we see any hardware in data storage, then names like pen drive, CD, DVD, or Hard disk come to our mind. But nowadays, Cloud Storage is the best way to store your stuff.

Many companies offer cloud storage, and here we will see some of the best cloud storage applications for you, both paid and free.

How to Store Documents Online

What is Cloud Storage?

You might hear about cloud storage earlier or first time here. If you already know what cloud storage is, its advantages, and its disadvantages, then you can skip this paragraph. Well, cloud storage is something where your data is stored in which digital data is stored in logical pools.

This does not require any physical device to keep your data. Your data is kept on the server of the host company you have chosen.

The main advantage of cloud storage is that you need not keep any physical devices such as a pen drive, CD, or other storage devices.

You may lose data on your storage device, but if you have stored your data online, this keeps your data safe.

One more advantage of Cloud Storage is that you need not carry documents or physical devices every time with you. Simply log in from any place, and you have your document.

Is Cloud Storage Free of Cost?

Depends on you. If you have fewer data requirements to store online, then it is a free service for you (we will see how much free access it allows later in this tutorial).

If you are running a small company or have a data storage requirement, then you have to purchase according to your requirement.

Is Cloud Storage Safe or not?

Cloud storage is much safer than the traditional way of storing your data. This is highly recommended to use cloud storage to store all your data. Now we will see the best Cloud Storage that is best for you.

How to Store Documents Online (Free & Paid Methods)

Here we will provide a brief description of the four Cloud storage platforms. In our list, the best four Cloud storage are Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive. Let us check them all.

1. Google Drive

google drive

The reason for keeping Google Drive on top of our list is that it offers you maximum storage capacity among all others on our list. You will get 15 GB of free storage. 

This is enough if you are just keeping your essential document and pictures. Further, if you wish to extend the storage to more than 15 GB, you have to pay for 100GB- $1.99 per month. 

This plan is good for you if your data is more or running any company.

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2. Dropbox


Dropbox only gives you 2 GB of free data. Dropbox is still the choice of millions. One thing we found significant is that the processing time of Dropbox is fantastic.

Dropbox allows you to upload your data from any device automatically. If you want to go for exceeding 2 GB plan, it costs you 1TB- $9.99 per month. 

Dropbox also offers one deal if you refer it to your friends or relatives; with each signup, you will get an additional 500 MB storage capacity.

3. iCloud


iCloud also offers you cloud storage. Every iOS device has the default option to set iCloud ON to save your clicked pictures, files, and documents online. And you can access it on any device with a username and password.

iCloud offers 5GB of free usage; this is better than Dropbox. iCloud offers you flexible plans according to your requirements.

For 20GB- $0.99/month

200GB- $3.99/month

1TB- $9.99/month

Choose your plan and store your documents on a secure platform. We use iCloud, and we love its services.

4. OneDrive


OneDrive is an online storage platform from Microsoft. This offers you 15GB Free, similar to Google Drive. Like iCloud, it also provides flexible plans.

100GB- $1.99/month

200GB- $3.99/month

1TB- $6.99/month

A new Windows PC has already installed an application. You can easily activate it on your Windows PC.


If you are looking for a free way to keep your data on the cloud, then Google Drive and OneDrive options are best for you. Both offer you 15 GB free.

If you are looking for flexible plans then iCloud and OneDrive are for you. If you are looking for the paid version, then Microsoft OneDrive offers you 1,000GB at just $6.99/month. The final choice is yours!

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There is the best Cloud Storage on our list. I hope you find the information about How to Store Documents Online? useful.

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