Fix Apps Not Working on Mobile Data but Works Fine with WiFi

There are different reasons when apps not working on mobile data but works fine when they are connected to WiFi network. This might be due to default settings or with manual settings earlier we have done. Let us try to figure out why this happening both on iPhone and Android device.

apps not working on mobile data

Many a time, due to minimizing the consumption of larger apps, it automatically set to use with WiFi connectivity as long as you manually change this. This is somehow beneficial for the users to keep their mobile data consumption under the limit.

Most commonly it has been noticed that the problem comes with Android applications and Google associated apps.

How to Fix Apple Not Working with Mobile Data but Works fine with WiFi

For Android Smartphone

NOTE: Every Android smartphone have there own steps, you can get the idea from below steps and open the same feature accordingly.

1. Reset APN

This is the most common issue that your device is connected with internet but not allowing your device to use the mobile data. You can reset the APN to default under Mobile Data. Follow the steps to reset APN to default

  • Open the Settings on Android device and tap on Network & Mobile Data.
reset apn
  • Check for Access Point Names (APN), click on it and Reset it.

2. Allow Mobile Data for Apps

You have to check for the settings manually for allowing mobile data for application.

  • Open Settings on your device and tap on Data Usage.
  • Here you can see the list of different applications installed on your PC. Some of them are set to work with WiFi only.
allow mobile data apps
  • Change the option to mobile data and increase the limit of data consumption.
data limit

Restart your phone and try to access the application now. Hope this works and you can now open app using mobile data.

3. Reset Network Settings

I personally don’t like resetting option but no option left. You have to reset network settings and set them to default. This can fix all problems causing issue in network or mobile data. For this follow some steps

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Reset option
  • Tap on Network settings reset
reset network settings

Confirm the resetting of your network. Now check the application again.

For Android devices these are some major fixes that you must try. For iOS users such as iPhone and iPad follow some ways below.

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For iOS (iPhone/ iPad)

Like Android, there are some restrictions that may causing this issue for your iPhone or iPad. There may be limited access to application working with Mobile data, apps sets to work with only WiFi and much more. Let us try to figure out some of them.

1. Enable Mobile Data for Apps

iOS offers great feature to allow/ disallow mobile data to specific apps on your iPhone. You can check them and enable by following steps.

  • Go to Settings and tap on Mobile Data
  • Scroll down and you can check the complete list of application you have in your iPhone and next to them is toggle button. Make sure this is turn ON.
settings mobile data

If this toggle button is already turned ON then try next steps.

2. Update to latest iOS

Keeping your system always up to date is always recommended. And when it comes to your iPhone/ iPad it becomes more important as they fix many issues related to security and applications. To update you have to

  • Open Settings on your iPhone/ iPad.
  • Go to General> Software Update
iphone software update

Check for latest update and download it. Try to open the application now and check whether it is using with Cellular data or not.

3. Reset Network Settings

Similar to Android this must be followed at last when you have tried all methods shown above. It reset all your Network settings and set them to default. It reset APN, Network Selection, Carrier service, and much more.

  • Open Settings and tap on General option
  • Scroll to bottom and tap on Reset button.
reset network settings
  • Now choose Reset Network Settings from the list.

By following these steps and methods I hope you fix the Application issue not working over mobile data. For latest tech tutorials, software deals follow us on social media FacebookTwitter.

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