Gmail offers a nice feature to keep your contact online and access them from anywhere. You may be looking to open and access the Gmail contacts but you don’t know the steps. Here is the quick guide to see all your stored contact on Gmail account.

view contacts in gmail

If you have contacts on your Gmail account, you can add all your contacts directly to your smartphone, PC, and other smart devices. If you are having an Android phone then it is more simple. Here we are going to check how you can access your contacts directly on Gmail.

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How to See Contacts in Gmail

  • Open your Gmail account and log in with your email and password.
  • Tap on Google Apps logo on top-right.
gmail contacts
  • Next Window appears and you can see all your contacts there.
google contacts

Here you can manage your contacts online. You can edit, delete, add new contacts and also you can import/export all your contacts.

How to create new contact on Gmail

  • From the Google Contact page, tap on a Create Contact button.
create contact
  • Enter the information such as Name, Email, phone number, notes, and other such things.
create new contact

How to Export Contact from Gmail

  • Once you have opened your Gmail contact page, go to left menu options and choose the Export option.
export gmail contact
  • The pop-up box appears, choose from the details shown and the format you wish to export contact (for iOS, choose vCard).
export contacts

How to Import Contacts on Gmail

  • Open Google Contact page and from a left menu, choose the Import button.
import contacts
  • Now select the file you have on your device. Make sure it is CSV or vCard file.
import contacts gmail
  • After selecting, hit Import button.

How to Print Gmail Contacts

Directly printing all your contacts was never easy before. Thanks to Gmail for providing this amazing feature. Now you can instantly download all your contacts or specific contacts to print. Earlier you have to download first and then manually make a Print command. Follow some simple steps for this.

  • On your Gmail Contact page, tap on Print button.
  • Choose the contact option, either all or specific and hit the Print button.
print gmail contacts

Once done with these steps, you can have your contacts. I hope you find this brief detail on accessing your Google contacts useful and informative. Still in trouble? Comment below and we are ready to help you.

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