How to Reset your Gmail Password

Looking to reset your Gmail password? You are on the right place where you can get quick tutorial with screenshots. It is simple to reset or change the Gmail password only if you follow steps properly.

reset my gmail password

It is recommended to change your password periodically for security reasons and also for the extra layer you can add two-step verification for more authentication. Gmail is widely used email service and if you have opened Gmail in someone else’s smartphone, computer then you need to change password immediately. Follow some simple steps for this.

How to change my Gmail Password?

Here in this tutorial we are showing the quick steps on both PC and smartphone. If you are using iPhone/ Android device, skip to next method directly.

Reset Gmail Password on Computer

1. Open Gmail account on your device.

2. Tap on the Gear icon (⚙️) on top right of Gmail and select Settings.

settings gmail account

3. Tap on Accounts & Import tab and under this click Change password option next to Change account settings.

account and import

Now you will be directed to a new window, enter your current password to verify it’s you.

4. Enter your new password and confirm it again, tap CHANGE PASSWORD button once you have done the changes.

change password gmail

With these steps you successfully reset Gmail account password. You may note that once you have changed the password, you have to login with new password on all your devices where you are currently logged in.

Along with this it is always recommended to use the stronger password for security of your account. Similarly you can also reset the password from your smartphone. Let us check how it works.

Reset Gmail Password on Smartphone

1. Open Gmail app on your Phone and tap on More icon (3- horizontal lines) on the top. Choose Settings from the list.

gmail settings phone

2. Choose your account from the list if you are logged in with more than one device.

3. Under Account tab, tap on Manage your Google Account.

4. Under Personal info, tap on PASSWORD option.

gmail personal info

5. Now enter your current password for verification, you may ask for verifying two-step verification.

current password gmail

7. Enter your new password and re-enter again for confirmation. Now click CHANGE PASSWORD button.

change password

With these steps, you can easily change the password for your Gmail account. You must note that while changing the password of your Gmail account all Google associated application and programs require a new password.

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