Gmail now providing the feature to schedule your email to the specific time you wish to send an email. This scheduling is possible on both PC and Smartphone and you can easily create it.

schedule gmail to send later

Well, there is always advantage of scheduling an email as for example you have foreign clients and there is different time zone. By scheduling the email you need not require to wake till night. Moreover you may have to wish someone at exact time, you can schedule email and sent later.

How to use Gmail send Email at Specific Time

1. On Computer

  • Open Gmail and sign in with login credentials.
  • Compose an email and complete the email address to whom you are sending an email at schedule time.
  • Head over to the Send button, next to it tap on the triangle icon.
schedule gmail
  • On the next window, the time option is given. You can choose the time according to your requirement. There are different default options but you can manually select by clicking on Pick data & time option.
schedule sent gmail
  • Click the OK button once you have set specific time and date. Now automatically send the email at that time.

2. Schedule Gmail to Specific time on Phone

  • Open Gmail on your Smartphone (the steps are almost the same for Android and iOS users).
  • Compose your email and write the email address to send the schedule email.
  • Now on the top right side, tap on More (3-dots) option.
gmail more option
  • Tap on Schedule send.
schedule send gmail
  • On the next screen, there are three default options, either choose among them or set your own time by clicking on Pick date & time.
schedule gmail phone
  • SAVE the time & date and your email will be scheduled at a specific time.

Now you need not to bother about the specific time to send email. This is the best way even if you forget to send some important email. Better to schedule email early.

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