How to make a Mailing list in Gmail

This tutorial guides you on how to create a mailing list in Gmail. Gmail has in-built feature to make a mailing list so you do not require any third-party software for this. Well, creating a mail list helps you in many ways. Let us have a quick review of this. Also, we are going to check how to send emails to the mailing list you have created.

How to make a Mailing list in Gmail

Why Mailing List useful & why it is required?

A mailing list is the group of contacts of your workers, clients that you build and send them emails in one go without individual operations. Having mailing list save your time. You can create multiple mailing lists depends upon your selective people, clients, or others.

How to Create Mailing list in Gmail

1.Open your Gmail account where you require to build mailing list of contacts.

2. Head on to Google Contacts page. Here you can see the complete list of all your contacts.

google contacts

3. Move the cursor over the contacts and tick them to select and add on your mailing list.

select contacts

4. After chasing multiple contacts, tap on Manage labels icon on the top. From the drop-down list tap on Create label.

create label

5. Assign the new name to the mailing list and click OK.

create mailing list

With these steps, you easily create a mailing list but now the question may come. How to use a mailing list to send email in a single click? Check out the below steps.

How to send emails to mailing list?

1. Go to your Gmail account and tap on the Compose button to create a new email.

compose gmail

2. Now on the space where the email address is required, enter the name you have assigned for the mailing list you have created. The pop-up name appears, choose the name of the mailing list.

choose mailing name

3. Create your email, add a subject and other such information and click on the Send button to send email to all your contacts in an existing mailing list.

choose mailing name

Similarly you can follow the same procedure from above and send emails as many time as you want. If you require to add more contacts to the existing mailing list then again navigate to and select more contacts.

You can also create many different mailing lists and send emails to different emails. If your email is confidential then we recommend you to enable confidential mode in Gmail for a secure message.

Sometimes there is also a question whether the mail you sent is read by your client or not? For this, you can check this tutorial, check email is read or not.

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