As we all know that whenever we search, locate something on Google or its associated apps, it tracks our current location to make a better experience with Google.

Sometimes, it’s our privacy concern more than the user experience with Google.

So keeping in mind the security and privacy concern, here we are going to check how to delete location history from Google.

How to Delete Google Location History

Why Google track your location?

This is a common question that may comes in your mind. If you have enabled the location on your device, Google recommends you nearby places to visit, show real-time traffic, mobile tracking, maps, and much more. It is completely up to the users whether you switch to this or not.

Google makes it possible by providing a feature to clear Google location data history. Moreover, you can also disable it to track your future location. We are covering all these stuff here.

How to Clear Google Location History

1.Open Google Account page on your device.

2. From the left pane menu list, tap on Data & personalization option.

data & personalization

3. Under Activity Control page on the right-side, click on Manage your activity controls.

4. Under Web & app activity tap on MANAGE ACTIVITY option to make settings. Make sure you have checked (tick) this option: include Chrome history and activities from sites, apps, and devices that use Google service.

activity controls

5. Tap on Choose to delete automatically.

web & app activity

6. The prompt page appears asking for how long to keep your Web & App activity. You can choose from

  • Keep until I delete manually
  • Keep for 18 months
  • Keep for 3 months
web activity duration

After this, click on Next button and confirm it again.

By these steps you can successfully delete location history data from Google. Now if you are no longer interested to track your location activities, you can disable it temporarily. Let us check how to pause location tracking on Google.

How to Disable Google Location History?

1.Again open Google Account page on your device.

2. Tap on Data & Personalization. The Activity Controls panel appears on the right side.

3. Tap on Manage your activity controls.

4. Turn Off the toggle button to left to pause your Web & App Activity.

disable google location

5. Click on PAUSE button to disable location tracking.

pause google location

By following these steps you can disable Google Location history on your device.

Well, by disabling this feature for future some of the Google apps may not work as they work before or either work offline.

Also, you won’t receive real-time location, traffic any more. You can continue this service anytime by enabling the location service again.

I hope you like this tutorial about How to Delete Google Location History and found no difficulty in following the above steps.

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