How to Make Infographic Design Using DesignCap

A website or social media post without an eye-catching image is certainly not very attractive. But the problem is, we often collide with the problem before starting to find unique images.

Like for example, what if we don’t have skills in design? What if you don’t have design software? What if you don’t have an idea for a design?


These questions become obstacles when we want to create interesting website content. The good news, you don’t need to worry about those questions.

In DesignCap, you can design anything you want. There are various choices of templates and design resources that you can choose from.

What is DesignCap?

There are massive tools relate to graphics handling, and one of the great tools is DesignCap which you can professionally design and edit photos online to produce the most amazing and efficient designs.

This tool is mainly specialized in image design, but it also has some great features that you can use to edit photos online, through which you can press the button to make a lot of adjustments in the photos you upload.

You can create infographics, a business card, logo design, or design an image to put it as a publication for a social media site.

This site is really useful especially for e-marketers, as it provides a lot of excellent tools and features suitable for the world of e-marketing.

How Does DesignCap work for you?

How to Register DesignCap?

welcome to designcap

First, you have to create an account on DesignCap. Access DesignCap with your browser then can create an account; sign up can use an email account, Google account or Facebook account.

After registering your account, DesignCap will welcome you to use its service and then require you to answers some questions and customize the tools for you. 

After then, you can check your account. Here, you can change your user name and reset the passwords and other settings.

Make a Design in DesignCap

When you have successfully registered, DesignCap will navigate to the dashboard. Here you can go to your design by clicking Get Started Now and.

DesignCap itself has many templates to help you create visual content. DesignCap really helps us to make designs even though you don’t have any designing experience or knowledge to design. This post will give examples to create designs for supporting images in blog articles, for example, infographics.

Make infographics with DesignCap

Choose Marketing and Event, then search for infographics and click the templates. Also, you can directly click the template galleries to select.

After that, DesignCap will direct you to a new page.

Here we can choose various templates to create infographics. Our job is just to choose a design and edit a little. If needed, you can add a personal picture by uploading it to DesignCap. If you want an image provided by DesignCap, you can directly choose it in the photos menu.

If you want to use the image form its stocks, just click it to the canvas. For this time, this post will give an example of making infographics about the blog post checklist.

Select the appropriate template.

designcap templates

There are no fixed rules on what templates to use. Surely after seeing the available templates, you will have an idea of what they want to make.

Make an infographic outline about what information we want to convey. Make sure the information is concise and attractive to the reader.

Then you can choose the infographic template according to the red arrow in the image below.

After choosing a template, it’s time to do the editing on the template that you have chosen. By the way, some templates and images are exclusive for paid subscribers.

Can be seen from the picture below, to change the title we only need to point the cursor and double-click. There are various choices of fonts and colours that we want to choose from.

After completing the edit, we can download the results by clicking the download button on the top right.

Final Words

Thus, infographics design tutorials using DesignCap. Have you started trying to create infographic designs for your website articles? Let’s try!

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