How to Turn Off Blue Light on Mac

Usually ordinary display light on mac screen is blue and by default, it remains active unless you made any manual changes. That’s fine in the day time but when you are working on your Macbook in the dark or at night then definitely blue light filtering is a good option. It reduces strains you your eyes and also minimizes the unnecessary brightness.

how to turn off blue light on mac

Thanks for its prebuilt feature of Night Shift available on Macbook Pro and Air that let users activate the night shift mode any time. You can set it as per your preferred time to automatically activate it or otherwise you use it manually. We are discussing everything related to turning off the blue light on Mac by enabling night shift mode.

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How to Turn Off Blue Light on Mac

There are different ways with which you can use a Blue light filter or enable night mode which we are going to discuss in this topic, but before that, we also list some of the general information regarding Night Shift mode.

What is Night Shift Mode?

Night shift mode is an inbuilt feature on Mac that let manages screen temperature according to day or night time. It automatically detects your current geographical location and accordingly set the cool or warmer screen temperature. If it is night time, the screen will be warmer as we say it blue light filters and on the day time, it gets to turn off. But with manual turning it ON, you can set the warmer screen temperature all day.

Importance of Night Shift Mode?

There is a huge importance of Night Shift while you are working at low light or in the night time. It is useful to keep your vision as normal and warmer screen reduces the strain on eyes. It is sometimes also recommended that even if you are using MacBook at home, keep night shift mode on as it does not have any negative effect even using at day time.

Method 1: Using System Preferences

1. Go to the Apple menu on the top left of your screen and choose System Preferences.

mac system preferences

2. Go to Displays option.

display preferences

3. Click on the Night Shift tab, customize the different options as per your requirement.

night shift customized
  • Schedule: You can choose among Off if you don’t require any scheduling, custom to set your specific timings, and Sunset to sunrise according to geographic location.
  • From: If you have chosen specific timings, choose the time from where you need to turn on and turn off the night mode.
  • Manual: If you have just set it to specific timing and still require night mode until tomorrow then tick this option.
  • Colour Temperature: Drag the cursor how much warmer screen you require.

4. Exit the window and you are all set to the night shift mode.

This method is usually recommended if you require extra changes with the Night Shift mode, otherwise, there is a shortcut with which you can easily enable Night Shift with just a single click.

Method 2: Shortcut to Night Shift

If you are just looking to enable Night Shift, then drag your cursor to the extreme top-right icon (shortcut icon), click on it and on the top of the list, Night Shift is there, turn it ON.

night shift shortcut

With this, you can turn Night Mode on with all the default setting done before. Otherwise, you have to go with method 1 for manual changes.

Method 3: Using Siri to activate Night Shift Mode

Siri is another option to Enable Night Shift Mode on your MacBook. If you have a touch display panel, click on Siri and say “enable Night Shift mode”. It turns the night shift mode ON.

siri night shift enable

Similarly using all these three methods you can disable Night Shift mode anytime.

If you still facing any trouble or errors while using any of the above methods, let us know in the comment section, we are always happy to help you.

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