If you are going to search for the best free logo design website, you are in the right place. Here, we will learn the best free logo design website you will see in your life in this article.

DesignEvo Review – Free logo design

designevo review

Do you have a small business or a small home business and want to start making a great professional logo that shows your strength and professionalism in the field you work in?

The answer to this question may need a lot of money because making a professional logo requires you to communicate with people who are experienced in creating logos, and they are asking for a lot. The logos prices may reach $ 100, and this is not a small price.

But with, the website that we will talk about in this article will give you a golden opportunity to get a free professional logo. 

Let us be frank from the beginning that nothing is 100% free in the world of the Internet.

These websites give you some simple free services to market themselves and advertise their products because they also want money.

You will need to pay some cash if you want something excellent from these websites, so if you are looking for a free website that gives you something very extraordinary, beware of those websites, as it may be a catch.

DesignEvo, free logo maker

DesignEvo is what we will learn about in this article. The website enables you to access tens of thousands of free logos in various fields.

You may see the business logo, health logo, sports logo, jewellery logo, gaming logo, wedding logo, music logo, etc.

With the click of a logo template, you can start editing the logo you chose, add many shapes and icons, add texts, and change the logo’s fonts, colours, and background. 

I like this logo maker’s user-friendly interface and ease of use, as there are not many misleading elements in the interface.

It only shows the necessary things. When finished, you can click on the Download button. And then, the website will ask you to register if you are not registered before.

Then click on the “Download a low-resolution free logo” to download an image, not in high resolution, but the purpose is fulfilled. pastedGraphic_1.png

If you want to work in making logos or get high-quality logos, or you want this logo in vector format (PDF, SVG), any file that can be modified on Illustrator or Photoshop, this website also gives you this feature.

But you need to pay for one of the paid plans.

My opinion

If you want to create a logo for yourself, feel free to use this excellent tool. Because, frankly, DesignEvo has a lot of professional logo templates.

If you want to work in logo design or design a unique logo for your company, it is also a good option because you can only pay once in a lifetime.

This is something special!

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