How to Use Gmail Offline Mode

This is a wonderful feature from Google to access the Gmail account even if you are offline. It is just similar to what we have seen as using the Google maps offline.

how to use gmail offline

By default, this feature is not enabled on your Gmail account and you have to follow some simple instructions in order to use Gmail offline.

This is very handy feature especially when you are in some remote areas where the internet connectivity is low or you are running out of the internet.

Gmail is widely used email service provider that gives you full flexibility to use it as you want. It has so many features which you must know to make your email impressive, customized emails, and much more.

Let us quickly check out how you can set your Gmail account to use it without Internet connection.

What is Gmail Offline feature?

As the name itself defines, Gmail offline let you to make to check out your emails without internet connection. It is an inbuilt feature for all Gmail accounts, but you have to set it manually.

This allows you to save the emails for up to 90 days.

There are some different steps included while performing the offline Gmail access. Follow the steps carefully.

Backup & Save emails offline

NOTE: This feature, if you are using it on PC, will work only in Google Chrome.

Open the Chrome browser in your computer and login to your Gmail account.

On the top, go to the gear icon (settings) on Gmail account.

gmail settings

Now, check the Offline tab and click on it. If you are opening it on any other browser, you get offline unavailable alert.

gmail offline unavailable

But if you are using Chrome browser,

Tick Enable offline mail option.

offline gmail

Now in the Sync settings, you can select the time for how long you require the emails as offline. And if you also require attachments, tick this option too.

NOTE: It is always advisable to save the emails only for the time frame you really needed it as offline if you are using someone else’s computer (for privacy concern).

And on the Security option, check Keep offline data on my computer option. This will save the emails on your computer after you log out.

Click on the Save Changes button once you are done with these steps. You may see the pop up screen displaying Offline not recommended for shared devices. Click Got it button and move on.

Next, I would recommend you to create a bookmark for offline access.

Well, bookmark is the best way to reach Gmail when you are offline. To create a bookmark, go to you inbox and press <Ctrl> + D.

It take few minutes until the download process completed. Once it is done, it shows a tick option on inbox (Ready for offline) marking.

You may have a question in your mind about how to access emails offline if we are unable to open Gmail without internet.

Well, we have found the solution for this also.

Creating shortcut to access Gmail inbox

First method is bookmarking, and the second one we found the better one is creating shortcut for Gmail access right from your desktop screen.

Step 1: Open your Gmail account on Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: In your Gmail’s inbox page, click on the 3 dots on the top right of your screen. Choose More tools option, further, click on Create shortcut….

create gmail shortcut

Step 3: The pop up screen appears, asking to create shortcut? Give it a name and tick the option Open as Window. Click Create button.

gmail account shortcut

This shortcut will be useful in both cases whether you are offline or working with internet connection. It directly takes you to the inbox page.


So, we found, the offline way is easy to access all stored emails and the best part is, we can also check the attachments. We can set it for how long we require to download these emails.

Hope you followed steps and made a backup. If you still getting any problem with these steps, contact our team through comment section and we resolve your issue asap.

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