How to Check Gmail Storage Limit

Gmail is considered to be one of the best email clients and for this reason, almost every one of us has a Gmail account. Google offers your 15GB free storage quota and now the question comes how to check Gmail storage? In this tutorial, we are going to check this.

How to Check Gmail Storage Limit

You must note that the 15GB free storage is provided by Google for each user is collectively used by all G-Suite applications. Suppose you have used 10 GB of storage for Google Drive then only 5GB would be left for Gmail. Here in this tutorial, we are also going to look at how you can manage your Gmail storage so that you can still receive all emails.

How to Check Gmail Storage Capacity

  • Open the Google Drive storage page.
  • If you are already log in with your email and password, you will see the percentage of data consumed by Gmail and other Google associated applications.
google one

Now if you are interested in checking how much storage is still left on your Gmail account then go to your Gmail account and scroll down to the bottom to view your current storage and storage left.

gmail storage

Now its annoying when you have a picture like above. Only 4% left to use under free quota. But there are many other options to manage the storage. Either you can clear the storage space or buy more space.

If you are looking for free methods then definitely clearing the storage space is a better choice. Let us have a quick look at what occupies the larger space.

  • Files in your “My Drive,” including PDFs, images, videos.
  • Trash items in both Gmail and Google Drive

Other G-Suite apps such as Google Sheets, Gmail, Slides, Forms does not consume as memory as other so you must delete all other stuff first.

Let us check how you can delete the Trash storage. Firstly on clearing Google Drive Trash and then Gmail Trash.

Cleaning Google Drive Trash

  • Open Google Drive and from the sidebar menu, click on Trash.
  • Choose the file, folder and right-click on it and click on Delete forever.
clear google drive trash

Once you have deleted if you have many trash files and folders then you significantly see the storage difference. Moreover, it is also recommended that those files, folders, videos are no longer required can be removed from Google Drive.

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Cleaning Gmail Trash

  • Open your Gmail account and click on Trash folder from the left sidebar.
  • Select all trash mails and click Delete forever button.
clear gmail trash

You can also hit Empty Trash now to clear all your trash mails. Similarly, you can also clear your Spam emails to free up storage on your Google account.

Here is an alternative if you have no so much trash and all the files, folders are necessary. The only way left is to transfer all your Google Drive data to another Google account. For this either use other Gmail account if you already have or otherwise create a new account so you can get extra 15GB. Once you have transferred all your data to the new account, you can delete all from the previous account to free up storage.

Open your Google Drive account and select all the content and click on a Share button.

share mydrive google

Enter the new email address to where you wish to transfer all the content.

trasfer google drive data

Now open the Google Drive account with newly created email, tab on Shared with me and right-click on a file and choose to Make a copy. Give it a new name and save on new Google Drive.

make a copy

I hope this method really helps you in getting check your Gmail storage limit and also how you can make your storage more manageable.

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