It always becomes hard when looking for the perfect software for our business or personal purposes.

Foxit and Nitro Pro are excellent productivity software, but some features make them different from what you may be looking for.

We have made a detailed tutorial for easy comparison, and here you can choose the perfect software for you. We promised our readers to provide accurate information apart from what Foxit or Nitro state on their websites.

foxit vs nitro pdf

PDF has a widely used format in all levels of communication, whether it is resume writing, sending a notice, storing bills, and much more. Editing also becomes essential to your PDF if you want to make changes.

If you are going for free PDF software, it is limited to some functions only, but if you are going for a paid version, you can get almost every great feature available.

There is a lot of PDF software available on the market. Among them are the best and most popular, Foxit and Nitro Pro. The two software are already some of the best available on the market. But if you are confused about which one to choose, I’m sure you will get your answer at the end of this article.

In our list today, we are comparing Foxit vs. Nitro PDF.

Foxit Phantom PDF and Nitro Productivity Suite are the best PDF tools, but when we compared them in our test, we found some of the things better in Nitro Pro and some of the things good in Foxit Phantom PDF.


After reading the complete topic, you can easily choose between these two according to your requirements.

Let us compare the Foxit Phantom PDF and Nitro Productivity Suite.

Foxit Phantom PDF vs. Nitro Productivity Suite

Factors involved in comparing both Foxit Phantom PDF and Nitro Productivity Suite?

Different factors are involved in the comparison of both software. The first and foremost is the pricing of the software. The pricing difference gives us an idea of what we should expect from the software compared to others. The higher the price, the better it should be. If not, then you should not go for it.

The next factor is compatibility. What software is used if it is not compatible with your device? But these days, most software offers compatibility with most devices. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, so check in advance.

Now the next factor, which is the most important, is the features. We all agree that every piece of software does not cater to individual needs. It is essential to choose one suitable for your needs. We have listed all the features and compared them below. We suggest you carefully go through them.

And at the end, we compare the user interfaces. You must be comfortable with the user interface. Features should be easy to locate; they should be clean and user-friendly. There is no need to burden a page with unlimited options that are not used frequently.

So that was an overview of the factors we have discussed in detail below.

Now let’s check them out one at a time.

1. Pricing

Pricing matters a lot when purchasing any software.

Foxit Phantom PDF and Nitro Productivity Suite are expensive compared to other PDF tools. But they offer full value for the price they charge when you look at their advanced features.

So they are worth every cent.

Foxit Phantom PDF Standard 

This costs $129 (one-time payment) or $7.99/month.

It is a standard version and contains almost every feature, such as collaborate, edit, comment, scan, OCR, sign, forms, and more.

Another version is Foxit Phantom PDF Business, which consists of additional higher security, additional file compression, and advanced editing for professionals. This version costs $159.00 (one-time payment) or $8.99/month.

Nitro Productivity Suite 

This comes with the individual license that costs you $159.

It includes Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud Service (1-year free), and additionally, if you want to add other solutions such as VIP Access, you need to pay an extra $49.99/year.

Nitro Pro provides a volume discount of 5%–10% depending on the number of licenses you purchase. Nitro Productivity Suite currently provides a special discount to our readers that costs you $127.2/license.

Price Discount: Nitro Productivity offers up to a 30% discount on these promotions. 

  • Special Discounted Price: $119

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NOTE: Both Foxit Phantom and Nitro Productivity Suite provide a free trial period. So if you want to try it before purchasing, download the links below.

  • Foxit Phantom PDF free trial download
  • Nitro Productivity Suite free trial download

2. Compatibility With Devices

Ensure the PDF software is compatible with your device before purchasing.

The only disadvantage of the Nitro Productivity Suite is that it is only available for Windows PCs, but if you are working on Mac or Android devices, then Foxit Phantom PDF (using the iOS App) is for you at no additional cost.

But we have found another way by which you can use Nitro on your Mac.

Our recommendation: You can also try PDFelement, which works for both Mac and Windows.

3. Exploring Features

With the advancement in online work, various new features are available in top PDF tools, such as cloud storage, VIP access, digital signature, and much more.

Cloud Storage Access

Cloud storage made work easy and easily approachable without carrying the devices everywhere with you. Simply connect with cloud storage and access your data from anywhere and anytime.

The best thing is Cloud Service is available in both Foxit Phantom PDF and Nitro Productivity Suite.

Scan & OCR

Scan and OCR are a much-needed feature for every PDF tool to understand your PDF better.

This enables us to recognize the text in your scanned or PDF document.

Otherwise, generally, in PDF documents, we can not search for any text.

Foxit Phantom PDF and Nitro Pro have this feature, but with the launch of the new Nitro Pro 12, the high-fidelity OCR is available, which is not present in Foxit Phantom PDF. This feature allows for better accuracy in document layout and design.

Document Security

Document security is a major concern when keeping your documents online. Both programs have AES-256 encryption, and you can add a password to any PDF document using this software.

But if you have an extensive collection of files, the Nitro Productivity Suite provides you with a separate feature named “Batch Security.” This feature simultaneously sets passwords to multiple files, which is impossible in Phantom PDF.

Must see: How to secure PDF with double-encryption?

Document Sign

It is easy to add a signature with many freely available online tools, but the thing is, whether these signatures are verified or not.

If you need to verify your signature, then paid software is recommended. Phantom PDF provides a signature using DocuSign, and Nitro Pro provides a signature using its signature platform. QuickSign (Trademark of Nitro) PDF is available in the Nitro Productivity Suite that provides you with a mobile signing experience and signatures with webcam features that are not available in the case of Foxit Phantom PDF.

Image & Text Editing

In image and text editing, Nitro Pro software remains one step ahead. However, editing images and text is possible by setting up the contrast, brightness, colors, and other properties only in Nitro Pro and Foxit Phantom PDF Business Edition.

Both PDF software does not allow supporting 3D objects. You can quickly shrink a repaired PDF file with the above software.

4. User Interface

Both PDF tools come with advanced features, but they are only applicable when easily approachable.

If you cannot locate a specific tool at that instant, no matter how advanced the software is, it consumes your time and may delay your work.

We have read many customer reviews across different platforms and get mixed answers depending upon their usage.

In our test, tab-based file handling and integrated Microsoft Office toolbar and shortcuts are available on both software. Still, quick navigation (floating sidebar) is only available in the Nitro Productivity Suite. Moreover, a product tour is available only on Nitro Pro when comparing Foxit vs. Nitro Pro PDF.

Final Comments

At the end of our results based on Foxit vs. Nitro Pro PDF software, we conclude that if you are purchasing for a Windows PC, then we recommend you use Nitro Productivity Suite (don’t miss the special deal); otherwise, if you are using it for Windows as well as Mac, Foxit Phantom PDF is the best option for you.

Some of the features mentioned above are available for the Business edition only. So if you are not concerned about a few bucks, go for Foxit Phantom PDF.

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I hope you find this comparison tutorial on Foxit vs. Nitro PDF applicable. Now you can make an informed decision on which software you want to opt for. Let us know in the comment section below which one you chose, and we would love to get a review from you as well.

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