How to Change my IP Address for Free

If you need to hide your IP address then here you will see 6 best ways to change my IP address free of cost. There are different reasons for masking your IP address such as hiding geographical locations, browsing unauthorized contents, disallowing web tracking, and much more reason could be there.

change my ip address free

What is an IP address?

Before going to different ways let us clear that what IP address is? IP termed as Internet Protocol. The IP address is basically a mechanism by which your device and networks share information to make the user experience better. IP address stores your all tracking pieces of information such as your logging details, geographical area.


How to change my IP Address free

1: Use VPN services

By using VPN services you can easily hide your IP address. This is the best way to change your IP address. Vpn services are mostly paid but you can try some of the free VPN from NordVPN, VPN. Using VPN services you can change different location all around the world which different servers. If you want to have a VPN with good speed, I recommend you to go for ExpressVPN which is paid service or NordVPN which is less expensive and fast.

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2: Use Proxy to change your IP address

Using proxy services are not legal in some countries. Proxy is sometimes termed as an Open proxy. Proxy service basically changes your browser’s route. The major reason for not using proxy services is that your internet connection becomes quite slow which is really annoying.

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3: Use Tor Browser

In some countries, there is limited internet access. Usually, in those countries people prefer TOR browser to buy products, communicates and visit restricted sites. TOR browser is similar to all other browsers you are using on your computer. Simply download TOR browser on your computer. TOR browser automatically changes your IP address and it is double layer encrypted which makes your browser completely anonymous.

4: Use outside networks

With the same network you are using your device the IP address remain same. Switch to other network or use public wifi to access the internet. Make sure your device is connected to VPN, otherwise someone may hack your data. To ensure safe.

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By above you can easily change your IP address free of cost. Changing your IP address gives you freedom of surfing what you want. Use any of the above ways to change your IP address.

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