If you want to remove your Google plus profile picture and set your avatar (by default set by Google+) then you need to follow some simple steps. You must note that if you are deleting your profile picture from Google plus, then the profile picture gets deleted from all your associate Google accounts linked with the same Email address, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and much more. Follow some simple steps to remove your Google+ profile picture.

delete google plus profile picture


How to Delete Google Plus Profile Picture

STEP 1: Go to Google+ account and enter your login ID and password. Here you can enter the log-in detail using your Gmail account.

STEP 2: Tap the Profile option from the left side list. Under this section, tap on the profile logo. (See screenshot).

google plus profile

STEP 3: Once your current profile picture gets opened, tap on the menu (3-vertical dots icon on the top right of your screen) and select the delete option.

delete Google+ picture

Once done with the above steps, you will easily remove your Google plus profile picture.

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