It is straightforward to export your Gmail contacts from your Gmail account to an excel worksheet. In an Excel worksheet, you can add some more features or columns according to our requirements.

It may trouble you if you don’t know the proper method to export your contacts.

This tutorial will import contacts from Gmail to Excel in straightforward steps. Follow the below steps.

how to export contacts from gmail to excel

How to Export Contacts from Gmail to Excel

  1. Open your Gmail account and log in with your Gmail login credentials.

2. Now tap on the Google drop-down list on the top left corner of your screen and select contacts.

select contacts

3. Now, the new page will open, tap the more option and select export (see screenshot).

NOTE: You might see the new web page as Google Contacts if you choose an export option that will not support it yet but redirect you to the older version).

export contacts

4. Now, choose the export format you want

  • Google CSV format
  • Outlook CSV format
  • vCard format

Select the Google CSV format option among them.

google csv

5. Now, the file will automatically save, and you can see it in download history or directly to the Downloads of your PC.

You can easily export your Gmail contacts from the Gmail contact list to the Excel worksheet by following the above steps. You can easily add or remove any information you want in an Excel worksheet.

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