How to Increase/Decrease iPhone Brightness

It is quite easy to make any changes in your iPhone, but for this, you need the proper guidance. You came to the right place if you are facing any problem to increase/decrease iPhone brightness. Here in this tutorial, you will see complete step by step (with screenshots) to change your iPhone’s brightness. It is important to have an optimum screen brightness of your iPhone as it saves your iPhone’s battery and more brightness cause eye problems. Follow below simple steps to increase/decrease your iPhone’s brightness.

decrease iphone brightness

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How to Reset iPhone Brightness?

1. On your iPhone, tap Settings.


2. Now scroll down to Display & Brightness and tap it.


3. Now you will see the brightness option, here you can adjust according to your requirement. Swipe to left for decreasing your iPhone’s brightness and swipe right to increase your iPhone’s brightness.

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By following the above steps you can easily increase/decrease iPhone brightness. You can also enable auto-brightness here.

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