How to Fix Slow Android Phone

Over time, usually Android devices start slowing down and you have to do some regular fixes from time to time. Sometimes, these devices mostly Android phones become so slow that they become almost unusable.

Here in this article, you can easily fix slow Android devices such as tablets and phones.

fix slow android

Why Android Devices Slow Down?

As Android regularly updates so your device may not be more successful in running the apps you download year later, this makes your device incompatible and slows down the speed of your Android device.

Sometimes there may be a case when additional background app software keeps on running which also slows down your device.


How to Fix Slow Android Phone

1. Clear your Cache Data

Although Cache data are quite useful when your device storage capacity is less than it hurts. So clear cache data regularly.

With time being when you use your device the cache data is stored which is in the form of hidden data.

This consumed a lot of phone memory and slow down your device. To clear all cache at once go to Settings > Storage> Cached data. 

cached data

2. Disable Background Processing

Background processing such as animations, live pictures keeps on running background.

Moreover, some apps running on background consumes CPU resources and slow down the speed of your device. Try to make it disable to free up CPU working.

Go to Settings> Data Usage > Restrict background data


3. Keep some space left

It is always recommended to have some free space on your device.

Keeping some space left helps the apps and data which is already installed to have flexibility otherwise they make device slower if not having some extra space.

You can easily check the space left on your device under Storage by going to Settings. You can uninstall the app to free up some space by Settings> Applications. Select the app you wanted to uninstall.

4. Remove Apps no longer in use

Uninstall the apps which are no longer used by you as they continue to use CPU resources and slow down your device, and also consume unnecessary memory.

You can easily uninstall the apps by Settings> Applications. Select the app you wanted to uninstall.

app uninstall

5. Reduce Widgets

Widgets are quite useful as they are shortcuts but at the same time they keep on running all the time.

This makes continuously using CPU input/output which slows down the speed of your device.

Try to remove unnecessary widgets like live updates and online working widgets. To remove widgets simply long-press the widget you want to remove and drag it to bottom.

6. Avoid Multi-Tasking

Using apps at the same time or in short called multitasking consumers the processor working more, which slows down the speed. Avoid multitasking unless required.

Just tap the options button and slide left to stop running applications.

multitasking button

7. Reboot the device

If still your device doesn’t speed up then reboot your device. Rebooting simply means restarting your device by long-pressing the power button for several seconds.

Then again after a few seconds long-press the power button and make it ON. This will reload the device processor are refresh your device completely.

8. Update to latest Android version

Always update to the latest android version for smooth functioning of your device but before proceeding you must check whether your device is compatible with latest updates or not otherwise this may create problem to you in future.

For checking new updates go to Settings, scroll down to last and tap About Phone or About Tablet.

about phone

Still Running Slow

If doing all above steps your device still running slow then definitely you have to go for Factory Reset which you never like but this is the only option left.

Make sure that you have the backup of all necessary data in your phone which you can restore later on.

Conclusions: Last words

Try to delete unwanted data, messages, apps which are not much use by you and keep your phone OFF for few seconds at least once in a week.

By this, you can easily fix slow Android devices.

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