Must Android Apps for Your Android Device

Today it is hard to find the app which is best as so many apps are available in Play Store.

Check out must android apps which are popular and may right for you. In this article, I am going to tell you individual category wise apps such as travel apps, finance apps, gaming apps, news & updates, photo editing apps.

With unnecessary apps, you may slow down your device speed but you can also check How to speed up your slow Android Device?

must android apps

Must Android Apps for Your Android Device

Travelling Apps

People love travelling and if they go outside to an unknown city or some foreign country then that place is totally unknown to them.

So some of the apps are quite amazing right from your flight booking to roaming around any place. Check out must Android Apps for Traveling.

  • Triplt

Triplt is among best travel apps which let users store all the information related to travel such as hotel booking, flights, itinerary details, check-in check-out times and a lot more.

This is must if you are travelling to a place have many schedules. You can even share your ongoing plannings with your friends via this app. This app is free but also premium version is there.

The free version is good as long as you do not visit places frequently, as here you can get recent updates related to arrival or delay in flights and much more.

This is must Android Apps for Travel lovers.

Download: Triplt (free) 

  • Airbnb

You can book a room or a lounge almost everywhere in the world using Airbnb. This is also a free app.

You can check and compare wide varieties of budget rooms in more than 40000+ cities. Here you can easily search affordable rooms to any expensive room which suited you best.

Download: Airbnb

  • XE Currency

This is the problem solver and one of the best app when you are in a foreign country. Many people are in trouble that they might get less currency exchange rate.

This app will let you know the exact currency conversion rate. Every minute this app provide you latest exchange rates with all previous exchange rate tracks over time.

Download: XE Currency

  • LiveTrekker
live trekker

If you love to share your experience about your trip with others and love to make a documentary type experience by real-time tracking then this is must app you.

Just tap once and start to get track via GPS navigation and you can attach your photos, videos, voices at a particular location.

Download: LiveTrekker

  • Google Maps
google maps

How can we forget Google Maps? This is the real friend of us when we are alone somewhere in a strange place and by the help of this, we reach our destination.

Even if someone if not on the trip, this app is must for them as it allows you to check real-time traffic and a lot more.

Download: Google Maps

Business Apps

Business apps are really become very important with this fast-growing world and to adjust financial activities carefully we can’t rely on one factor only, so we need apps to manage our money properly with real-time usages.

Check out for the must Android Apps for Business and Financial activities.

  • Financial Calculator
financial calculator

This app comes with a free and paid version. This app will help you to decide to make a better decision on your purchases and let you know what input will be there in future.

This app calculates almost every financial activities, for instance, let us take an example of your interest on your loan or your estimate balance after your monthly expenditure.

These feature makes this very helpful for the users and must-have app. This is must Android Apps for your Financial Budget.

Download: Financial Calculator

  • Goodbudget

Goodbudget is a free app and is fairly good for money managers. This app tracks your all expenses and perfect for planning home budget.

Easy to use, real-time interface, sync across iPhone, Android and email makes it popular.

Download: Goodbudget

  • Mint

Mint is a single place to manage your all expenses. This app manages together your bank accounts details, credit cards, bills, and investments so you know where you stand.

This is a free finance tracking app. Here you can see where you are investing and where you are saving money. This app also tracks your credit score.

Download: Mint

  • Money Manager
money manager

This app is free and paid version but I recommend to use a free version firstly. This app allows financial planning, reviews, expense tracking and other personal assets.

This app contains visual graphs that let you understand where your money is going with ease.

Moreover, your credit/debit cards are easily manageable by this app.

Download: Money Manager

Gaming Apps

Games are the perfect thing to play if you are tired of doing the same stuff for long hours.

Games release your stress and keep on entertaining you every time.  Check out must Android Apps for Game Lovers.

  • Asphalt: Xtreme

This is the best app if you are a racing lover. This Racing game has amazing graphics. Some of its features are 40+ monster machines, real-time multiplayer, customize your ride, full off-road experience, and a lot more.

This is must Android Apps for Car Racing lovers.

Download: Asphalt: Xtreme

  • Clash Royale
clash royale

Clash Royale is from the creators of Clash of clans comes with real-time multiplayer.

This game is having a theme to win a battle. Clash Royale is a card-based game, you have to collect clash troops and use them to wreak havoc on your opponent’s towers to win the battle.

Download: Clash Royale

  • Critical ops
critical ops

This game is perfect for those who love war activities. This game will test your tactical skills.

Experience the true thrilling experience of modern fighting you have to counter work and destroy them. This game is free of cost.

Download: Critical ops

  • Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded offers you ultimate 3D Graphics, intense gameplay, and a lot more features.

You can boost up your plane with different features. Pack up yourself for exciting new missions, more powerful enemies, and breathtaking boss battles.

News & magazines App

Nowadays it is very much important to remain up to date. whatever going in the world now seems easy to know just by using good News & Update Apps on your smartphone.

Here are some of the best collection of the latest Apps that will keep you in touch with the world.

  • Feedly

Feedly is one common place to have access, read, share information so that you remain one step ahead of others.

You can download Feedly for blogs, magazines, and other recent updating stuff according to you like. You can customize publications, blogs, videos, youtube channels right at one place.

With this app, you get everything in one place.

Download: Feedly

  • Flipboard

Flipboard is another top-ranking app which organizes the world best stories according to your choice right at one place.

This app is best to use as it has lots of details about travel, technology, fashion, food and a lot more.

You can read, write and share stories on a single platform.

Download: Flipboard

  • Reddit

Reddit comes with top trending articles, funny videos, pictures, viral videos and lot more stuff going around the world. Reddit entertains you completely from all around.

Reddit connects you with unlimited autoplay GIFs and the fastest-loading interface.

Here you can create your own feed by subscribing your favourite area and get the latest updates on the topics, funny articles, videos, and lot more.

Download: Reddit

  • Podcast and Radio Addict

Podcast and Radio Addict allows you to manage Podcasts, Audiobooks, Radio on Demand, Live stream radios, YouTube Channels and RSS News feeds from this single app.

Download: Podcast and Radio Addict

Photo Editing Apps

Nowadays it becomes a trend that before sharing a picture on social media everyone edit it. So there are a lot many Photo editing apps in Play Store but you can’t reach out for the best apps.

Check out must Android Apps for Photo Editing.

  • Snapseed

Snapseed is professional and complete Photo Editing app created by Google. There are lots of best features that makes your picture to the next level by having lots of visual effects.

If you are a photo lover then you must check out this app.

Download: Snapseed

  • Instagram

Instagram is a quick and simple access to share your pictures to the world. Follow your friends, family to keep in touch with them and share stuff with them.

Download this beautifully design app and share your experience with the whole world.

Download: Instagram

  • Pixlr Express- Photo Editing

Create your picture beautiful with over millions of effects, filters, and overlays.

Once you are done editing you can directly share on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of your favourite social networking site.  

This is must Android Apps for Photo lovers.

Download: Pixlr Express

  • PicsArt: photo Studio

This app is among best photo editing app and enjoys

free tools, effects, collage maker, camera, free clip art library, drawing tools and millions of stickers. This is a free app.

Download: PicsArt- photo Studio

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