10 Best Proposal Software in 2022

The Proposal software is really on-trend these days for every business category.

It’s becoming hard to satisfy the clients with different manual proposing letters or emails, therefore, Proposal management software come into existence.

best proposal software

What is Proposal Software?

Proposal software is defined in terms of sales operation. It is designed in order to automate the proposal process or request for proposal.

With Proposal software, it becomes easy and quick to generate documents in multiple formats and from the same platform you can share among different platforms.

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Along with all these features, you can also track how effective your proposal document was and how it promotes sales growth. So basically, Proposal software makes work much easier with a more effective impact on clients minds.

It has been seen with some previous stats, if you are using the right platform for proposal documents, definitely the productivity boosts more than 75%.

There are many advanced proposal software that exists in a market that provides many advanced features such as electronic signature, contract management, accounting, CRM tools and much more.

Looking at all factors into account, we have concluded the list of best business proposal software.

How we rank the Proposal software?

It becomes really tough to pick out the best from best-claimed software.

Our dedicated team itself put hours of research in testing each software, reviewing the original users, comparing the features, ease of use, and other integrated tools required in the sales operation and finally the pricing that does not load your budget. So check out the list now.

10 Best Business Proposal Software

1. PandaDoc


PandaDoc is one of the perfect solutions for Business proposals. PandaDoc is the top choice of many business owners particular dealing with business proposals. It is fast, easy and with a simple drag and drop option, you can add anything that you require.

There are tons of templates or proposals in different categories, you can also pick among them for better layouts.

There are multiple pre-build proposal formats from which you can take ideas to create your own business proposal.

The major field includes Agreements, contracts, marketing, software, real estate, finance, employment, legal, consultant, construction, sales, technology, and much more.

With PandaDoc, you do not require any extra app or shuffling your documents from one application to another. Suppose, if your proposal is related to Real Estate, and you require the signature on it to make it authorized. PandaDoc provides you to add e-signature to your contracts or proposal documents.

And at last, whatever business proposal you have created, simply share it from the same panel of PandaDoc.

Still not satisfied? Have a quick look to its features.

PandaDoc Features

  • Fast document creation: Use pre-built templates for fast document creation in a proper format.
  • Be professional: Whether your company is small or large, be professional with PandaDoc attractive themes to pass your proposal.
  • Automate process: Leave everything to PandaDoc, it creates, sends, tracks and eSign documents itself.
  • Real-time notification: Now you can track everything with real-time notifications. You can monitor the recipient’s activities.
  • Seamless integration: PandaDoc integrates with many other platforms such as Salesforce, PayPal, HubSpot, Stripe, and much more.

Plans & Pricing

PandaDoc comes with different plans and pricing. We recommend you to start a 14-days free trial and after this, switch to the paid version if you like. It comes in Individual, eSignature, and Business Plans.

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2. Proposify


You can never win in satisfying someone unless your work is attractive. Proposify takes care of everything right from creating a proposal from scratch and sending it to the potential clients and all this happens from the same panel.

Proposify gives its users flexibility in using its features. It is easy, quick to operate, and has various built-in templates for fast activities.

The main reason why people choose Proposify is its working. When we compare it with other applications such as PandaDoc, Proposify is specially designed for Proposal and looking on this, it only focuses on business proposals.

You can easily manage your sales pipeline, faster client sign-off marks Proposify to hit the list of best business proposal software.

Proposify uses some of the leading security protocols while saving and transferring your documents. It uses AES 256-bit encryption and used the Amazon cloud service to store users documents.

Proposify offers you 100% customized pre-built templates in different industries such as design, software, marketing, events, professional services, and much more.

Proposify Features

  • Metrics and notifications: You can track every single activity of your client about the proposal you send them. You can check the client engagement with the proposal. You can get an instant alert when client read email, open proposal link, comment or accepted the proposal.
  • Interactive pricing table: Give your clients options of fee tables with tailor-made pricing as per different plans.
  • Library: To ensure everything in the right place, Proposify has its own library from where you can choose different graphics. You can also add videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • eSignature: eSignature makes the proposal more authoritative and impactful and for legal purpose or for marketing. eSignature is one of the top requirement.

Plans & Pricing

Proposify gives a free 14-days trial period to users with access to all of the features. You can also purchase Tall, Grande, Venti plans. For complete comparison visit the site.

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3. Loopio


Loopio is another popular software or application which is widely used for business proposals. Many popular companies trusted Loopio for its amazing features and usage.

It is well-designed Requests for Proposals (RFPs) software that fulfils every demand. Its intelligent automation saves time with smart response automation tools. You are no longer required to answer the same questions again and again, it’s Magic RFP automation tool takes care of all auto-responding.

On the first look, Loopio looks a bit complex and once you are used to its features, you definitely love it. It has a clean and intuitive interface to work with and you can set a reminder to edit the content and review ongoing proposals.

Loopio Feature

  • Multi-language library: Serch your library in multiple languages.
  • Customized gallery: Curate your data intelligently with Stacks, Tags and more. 
  • Review score: Review your document before sending. Check its freshness score.
  • Duplicate detection: With this, you can remove all duplicate content from your library.
  • Attachment library: Create your own gallery for the images and videos required frequently.

Plans & Pricing

The pricing for Loopio is not provided by vendors on its official website. You can try the demo version with all features enabled and you can customize your plan as per requirement.

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4. Prospero


Prospero is an affordable business proposal application that works according to you. When you start creating a proposal using Prospero, you are directed to the wizard.

Fill up some of the queries so that Prospero better understand your project and guide you further. Mark your deliverables which are easy to calculate prices and discounts.

Prospero is basically the top choice among freelancers due to its extremely low pricing and providing amazing features. It provides you with multiple designs and layouts if you are not sure about the content require in your proposals.

You can easily customize logos, design textures, fonts, and backgrounds as per your requirement. And all of them is super easy to operate.

You can either download the proposal in PDF format and email them or directly send the link to your client which is mobile user-friendly.

Prospero Features

  • Documents management: You can easily manage all your documents on the same panel.
  • Content Library: You can create your own or use the existing library multimedia for creating the right proposal.
  • Pipeline management: Review your proposal in a smart way using pipeline management.
  • Electronic signature: You and client both have access to sign proposal online.
  • Templates: There is a wide range of templates available in almost every category of business.

Plans & Pricing

Prospero offers its free trial for 21 days at just $1, further, you can buy a premium plan for a monthly or annual subscription. If you are a freelancer or just opened the business as a startup then, Prospero is a good option!

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5. GetAccept


GetAccept helps you to provide a streamlined workflow for every B2B sale proposal. It offers you category wise templates, document management, and other such things required in making the best business proposal. It is a fast, easy to use, and secure way to store and send proposals.

There is huge flexibility in modifying your business proposals.

If you are new in creating a business proposal and you don’t have knowledge of how to write a perfect proposal, use GetAccept templates in multiple industries to get an idea or edit the same templates that suit you the best.

Its proposal manage meant system is highly effective and save a lot of time in engaging with every client. You can customize your workflow and target the right client by knowing when your customer opens, reads, and signs your sales documents.

GetAccept Features

  • Electronic signing: With a single tap, you can add signature on the template.
  • Video Presentations: You can add video on your proposal to better define your work.
  • Deal Accelerator: Once the proposal is accepted, Deal Accelerator provide instant approval with electronic signature at the client’s fingertips.
  • Document analysis: Track when your client read, respond, and print the business proposal.
  • Real-time chat: Real-time chat gives you better change in promoting sale as you can better guide your customer.
  • Integrations: Directly integrate with different tools within the same platform. Some of the leading integrating tools are Google Analytics, Stripes, Freshsales, pipedrive, and many others.

Plans & Pricing

You can try GetAccept with a 14-days free trial period and there are many different plans as per your business requirement. There is a Starter, Business, and Enterprise plan. You can compare all the features before buying.

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6. DocSend


DocSend is something different from just creating business proposals. It helps the marketing teams to deliver content to drive deals forward.

With its link analytics, you can create a unique link for your customer and track the activities from other sides. You can check the time spent on each page and know the customer behaviour.

Along with this, you can disable the link anytime without any approval from your customer.

There are multiple solutions that DocSend offers such as Fundraising, Investor Relations, Sales & Marketing, Sales, Account management, and many others.

Basically, DocSend is a modern way of sending your documents. You can update even after you hit send, manage them any time, and you can track every information related to the document you send.

Although, it is not exactly what you might be looking for in business proposal software you can get an in-depth review of every information that your client do regarding the document you sent.

DocSend Features

  • Secure sharing: Share your data with multigrade security and with the encrypted protocol.
  • Document analytics: Track detail of the document about the time of opening the document, most visited and frequently visited pages.
  • Cloud storage: It uses Spaces as one of the secure cloud storage.
  • eSignature: With eSign, you can easily make a document legal.

Plans & Princing

It comes in Personal, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. It offers you a 14-days free trial period. Extra savings on the annual subscription.

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7. Qwilr


Quickly create proposals, sales and marketing documents as beautiful, responsive web pages. Get notified when they’re viewed and allow people to sign online.

Qwilr is an impactful application that is customized in creating a best in class proposal letter to your clients. Over 50K+ customers are using Qwilr to boost their businesses.

You can be among them. It offers you many advanced attractive templates, multimedia from the gallery, and other powerful tools.

Qwilr Features

  • Template library: Qwilr provides you high-quality template library where you can access any design that works best for you.
  • Quote block: Better pricing and plans overview to your customer. This gives a transparent view of what services you are offering.
  • Quick signature: Quick approval if proposal is passed. No hassle in downloading, printing, and scanning.
  • Project analytics: Check quick insights and stats, integrate, and easy reporting.

Plans & Pricing

Start with a 14-day trial for a business plan and switch to the Pro, Business, and Enterprise plan as per your requirements. Extra savings on an annual subscription.

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8. Better Proposals

better proposal

We have reviewed many users who are using Better Proposals and most of them are fully satisfied with its usage. Better Proposals is a gamechanger for many of its clients.

So far we have found Better Proposal is one of the easiest applications to create a business proposal. There are 100s of professionally written and designed templates so you have no worry about writing a perfect proposal for your business.

You can customize its library and instantly save you an editable template and send them as many times as you wish. To make it more professional, use your own color pellets, design, logo, and layout structure.

This gives your proposal a rich feel and furthermore, you can add your own custom domain to make it more presentable.

Better Proposals Features

  • Seamless integration: You can integrate with almost anything. This gives you freedom for seamless integration with other applications to work without any restrictions.
  • In-depth reporting: You can check sales overview, revenue from products, team member stats, conversion rate by templates and much more.
  • Instant messaging: Instantly contact and interact in real-time with your clients for a better explanation.
  • Digital signature: Forget about the “print, sign, scan, return”, with a digital signature, get deal faster or almost instantly.
  • Pricing table: Different pricing features according to your own services. Set different features according to prices, either monthly, annually or one time purchase.

Plans & Pricing

There are Starter, Premium, and Enterprise plans from Better Proposals. You can start them with a free trial period. You can customize your plans and choose tailor-made plans by directly contacting the sales team.

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9. And Co

and co

There is over 300K business that trust And Co. It’s your one-stop app for time tracking, invoicing, payments, proposals, contracts, task management and income and expense tracking.

From your business proposals to the payments, everything is handled on one single platform. You can customize the pre-built proposals with your own brands and services.

It is one of the perfect solutions for all your proposal problems. It provides you with an intuitive platform to work with and easy to navigate all its features. Check out what extra And Co offers.

And Co Features

  • Easy payments: Get faster access to the payments when the deal is accepted.
  • Collect deposits: Automatically charge deposits for your work to ensure you get hassle-free payments.
  • Electronic sign: Get eSignature when the proposal is accepted without any time delay.
  • Smart alerts: Get every notification about your proposal on the client’s side when the proposal is opened and when it is signed.

Plans & Pricing

Pricing wise And Co is one of the best apps for the business proposal when we look for budget software. With the Pro plan, you can get unlimited clients, editable contracts, free training sessions, and much more.

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10. Bonsai


Bonsai helps you to do more in less time. This is one of the best choices for freelancers to boost their sales. You can definitely win more clients by creating stunning business proposals. With drag and drop options, you can customize any pre-built templates for your business.

Bonsai Features

  • Templates & branding: Customize templates and brand it your own by adding a logo, color grading.
  • Service packages: Provide payment options with different packages options.
  • Read receipts: Get instant alert when your proposal is seen.
  • E-approvals: Accept approval in a single click with instant signature.


Bonsai offers you a single plan that includes all Pro features. You can try it for free with its trial period.

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So this was the list of 10 Best Proposal Software. I hope you like this comprehensive guide and successfully made your choice in selecting the best one for you.

If you are still confused then go for the free demo for PandaDoc, we find it really helpful in boosting productivity. Give it a try and if you love using it, go for premium plans.

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