Best Contract Management Software 2023

Management is very much important everywhere, and it becomes more crucial when it comes to your business. And here, we are discussing the contract management software for all categories or job profiles.

We are listing here the 11 best contract management software.

Best Contract Management Software

Those days are gone when manual keeping the records on a book, storing data, and sending the contract postal or by hand.

All these things are eliminated by online technology and with more security, transparency, and presentative.

Many advanced contract management software now makes the work easier with their automated mode and covers more work in less time.

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Finding the best contract management software in this competitive industry is tough. Still, we have concluded with some of the top-notch software that suits perfectly for your business.

Our team personally tested most of the software, we also checked the customer genuine reviews, and by comparing all significant features, we created a list. But before that, have a look at some important questions below.

What is Contract Management software?

I hope you know the basics of contract management or have a general idea of contract management.

But if you are new, let us make it clear. Contract management software is developed to create, manage, track, secure, and store contract-related files and documents. It also deals with different files related to business and other essential documents.

Is Contract Management software paid?

Yes! Almost all top contract management software is paid for, but the best thing is that you get a free trial period to test the applications so that you can check their functions before you purchase.

There might be some free services available that offer you contract management tools, but we never recommend you to go for free.

Document security and privacy is the biggest concern; going for paid is the only option.

How can you choose the best for your company?

Whether you have a small business at an individual level or a medium level business, there are a variety of plans available from all different contract management software to choose from.

Check out the complete list to finalize the best one for your business.

For large-scale business

Definitely, for large-scale businesses, the pricing is not a big issue. You only require compatibility, features, and support from the software company.

You can use tailor-made plans as per your requirement. The number of user licenses can be as many as required by you.

For mid-scale business

If you are running a mid-scale business, you must balance the price and function it offers. There are different pricing plans to choose from. You can also customize your plan according to your requirements and if you require some extra features.

For small-scale business

By saying small-scale business, we mean either an individual or 2-3 people in the team. For most startup businesses, pricing is the most critical factor in deciding which is better for them.

So looking at everything in mind, we have made a perfect solution for you to grow better in very little time.

Who uses Contract Management Software

Contract management software is quite popular among other sales and marketing agencies to handle every critical document. Let us check the list of some major sectors involved in contract management.

  • Sales sector: Sales team mostly prefers contract management software as it automates their work and adequately streamlines them, so everything gets completed before the deadline.
  • Financial sector: Financial sector is more concerned with security and privacy. Contract management software provides an electronic signature and cloud storage.
  • Legal sector: Contract management provides contract databases to quickly search for everything they need. So everything is in a single place.

11 Best Contract Management Software

1. Parley Pro

parley pro

Parley Pro is not simply looking to digitize old processes, we’re looking to enhance and optimize them by providing people with the tools that make contracts easier to work with and collaborate on.

  • Collaboration and discussion-based review and negotiation – Parley Pro’s collaboration engine enables people to work on a single source of truth online by providing internal and external views that don’t interfere with each other.
  • We’re focused on reducing the time and errors caused by manual reconciliation and creating new document versions for each person who touches the contract. We also reduce subjective acceptance and rejection of redlines by unauthorized stakeholders who may mean well but shouldn’t be making final decisions on changes.
  • Detailed audit trail/capturing of institutional knowledge – Parley Pro keeps an easy-to-follow record of who said what and when. This helps align parties and reduces conflict internally and externally. Additionally, the audit trail provides valuable insights to be prepared for future renegotiations and renewals.
  • Analytics dashboards and reporting – Real-time analytics on contract status, people’s behavioral patterns, deadlines, non-standard clauses, and more help identify where the process can be improved and where potential risk needs to be mitigated. Parley Pro provides detailed, customizable dashboards that are updated in real-time so C-level leadership and other stakeholders can have a comprehensive snapshot of the state of contracts and can appropriately strategize to improve areas of weaknesses.
  • Automated notifications – Proactive assistance to notify the right people at the right time of what’s coming up and the priority level.
  • Fast implementation and easy-to-use – Enterprises don’t have time for lengthy, heavy implementation. Parley Pro’s solution is a cloud-based, simple setup, and people can start using the system immediately.
  • Excellent customer support – We provide 24/7 customer care and respond within minutes.

2. PandaDoc

pandadoc contract software

PandaDoc is the top choice and very popular among contract management software users. It has an advanced, intuitive, and transparent platform to manage all your essential documents. You can create, make changes, manage, sign, and send from one page. PandaDoc also allows you to integrate with almost every other popular application. It simplifies your whole process with automated approval workflows.

The best thing is that PandaDoc protects your reputation when creating any contract. Inaccuracy in pricing, and incorrect legal documentation can damage your relations with potential clients. But, PandaDoc gives you many pre-built editable contract templates in different industries. So you can send a contract that looks 100% professional.

You can also directly contact your client on the same platform regarding the contract, and you can do negotiations too. This replaces communication through emails and makes your work painless.

This software is designed after looking at every primary concern about what contract management requires, and one of the solutions is Auto reminder.

Auto reminder tracks the activity of a team and sends auto-reminder with customized settings. This is the best option when you forget you have a contract awaiting signature or completion.

There is also an eSignature option to get quick approval of your contracts and ESIGN and UETA compliance for the contract authentication.

So you no longer worry about this. And after all this, you don’t have to print out your pages for future requirements; PandaDoc has cloud integration that saves all your documents, which are considered safe and secure (cloud storage).

Plans and Pricing

PandaDoc provides flexible pricing options depending on the number of user licenses you require. It provides you with an Individual, eSignature, and Business plan.

  • Individual plan: This is mainly recommended if you require less than 60 documents per year, a document editor, and a maximum of 2 users and all standard features are included.
  • eSignature plan: In addition to an individual plan, under eSignature plan, you can get unlimited documents, a document converter, and a signature attachment.
  • Business plan: Here, you get all the standard features plus features included in eSignature plans. In addition, you can get Approval workflows, Standard integrations, and a Content library.

You can get an extra discount if you go for an annual subscription.

3. ContractWorks


ContractWorks hit the list and stand out in second place. It is easy, a better way to manage your contract, and the best thing is, it uses Artificial Intelligence.

It provides you seamless workflow with unlimited users at very affordable pricing. With ContractWorks, you ultimately control all your ongoing contracts and deals. You can stay alert with all deadlines in front of you.

It uses the Smart Document Tagging feature that automatically detects the type of agreement, the term of contracts, end and start dates, renewal dates, and other such info.

This makes your work almost half, and you can boost your work stress-free. There are many advanced features that ContractWorks offers.

One such is Visibility in contracts and obligations. This provides you with the ability to check all the contracts in one place and check the assignability.

The Custom reporting tool allows you to create a customized report on any data and save, share, and export it. Its innovative OCR feature lets users scan every contract and provide the result of what you are looking for, and in seconds they can get the final result.

Annotations are a unique feature that we mostly find in PDF editors. With this, you can mark, highlight, and change the background color for identification.

With this, you can better review your contracts and update them easily. You can also get a Built-in Electronic Signature to authenticate your contract immediately.

Plans and Pricing

If you have unlimited users and deal with lots of contracts, then ContractWorks suits you the best. Currently, it offers you Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

  • Standard plan: Here, you can get unlimited users, 2500/ month documentation, 5 electronic signature licenses, and all essential features.
  • Professional plan: It supports documents up to 10000/ month and allows you 10 eSign licenses. In addition, you can get SAML 2.0/Single-Sign-On (SSO), and Salesforce Integration features.
  • Enterprise plan: If your reach exceeds 10000 documents in a month, this plan gives you unlimited document access and all features available for this plan.

4. Gatekeeper

gatekeeper contract

Gatekeeper an Artificial Intelligence-driven contract management software that provides you clear transparency in a document workflow, and you can easily manage all your contracts from one single place.

You can set automation for your current and upcoming contracts for renewing, negotiating, canceling, and consolidating so that you miss nothing, even if you do not notice them.

This is not just all; it has an intuitive yet advanced platform that provides complete data on a single page to visualize all company processes.

The gatekeeper keeps all the conversations between you and the client; you can open them anytime for future reference. It tracks supplier performances and centralizes contracts so that you do not worry about the workflow; its automated technology does every effort by itself, all enabled with AI.

A vast library of content offers different templates for creating new contracts or editing the templates so that your contract must look professional and have a chance of rejection.

This also provides your contract signature with designed EULA terms and conditions to make your contract 100% legal. And also, with the continuity of your workflow, you can integrate with other third-party solutions such as Sales, Dropbox, Box, Google, Oracle, and other 200+ applications.

Plans and Pricing

You can request for Demo version before you buy. Otherwise, there are Essential, Pro, and Enterprise plans. You can also select the custom enterprise plan and set the features per your requirements.

  • Essential plan: 150 suppliers, unlimited users, 150 contracts, unlimited eSign license, and all other basic features.
  • Pro plan: 500 suppliers, unlimited users, 500 contracts, unlimited eSign license. In addition to this, you can get an Assigned support team.
  • Enterprise plan: 1000 suppliers, unlimited users, 1000 contracts, unlimited eSign license, and custom terms and SLA.

5. ManageEngine ServiceDesk


This is also a perfect solution if you want perfect contract management software.

It comes with cloud access to its platform, or you can download it to use On-Premises. It ensures all your renewals must be on time, so you miss nothing. You can get better access to visibility and control to manage everything transparently.

It gives you a unique feature to add primary contracts and build a chain with sub-contracts.

Many default contracts samples are available to choose from, and you can create a professional contract in different industries such as lease, support, maintenance, and warranty. You can get real-time alerts for the expiry of agreements and other contract-related information.

Plans and Pricing

There is complete flexibility in the pricing option if you are looking for ManageEngine ServiceDesk. You have to choose your features and requirement on your own and then add everything to your cart.

6. Concord

concord contract

From origination to negotiation to close, do everything on a single platform using Concord. You can manage all your contracts in the same place and easily access what is happening in real time.

There are approval workflows that automatically update contracts and approvals without any delay. Moreover, you can set advanced access control to limit users when there are confidential contracts.

You can use many automated templates for creating contracts and automatically communicate the latest version to all the right people in seconds.

There is also a version control feature that provides you with all the detail of previous versions, and you can quickly compare for your references.

You can also stay in touch constantly with your clients through its online conversation on the Concord platform. This gives you the independence of email personally and keeps you searching for the threads for different contracts.

There is also a dedicated discussion panel to discuss agreements privately and publicly with colleagues to get an agreement faster. You can also edit the contracts online in the documents and track every change you have made.

All other basic requirements are available, such as renewal alerts with automatic deadline renewal, an insight of contract portfolio, document tagging, OCR search, and audit trail. And also it supports almost every central integration platform.

Plans & Pricing

You can request a demo, and after this, the sales team will contact you regarding the plan suitable for you. You can customize the plan as per your choice. Currently, there is no pricing shown on the vendor side.

7. Icertis

icertis contract

Icertis is easy to use, intelligent to manage risk, and has enterprise-level functionality. What more you can expect from having good contract software?

Icertis is a good choice if you want decent, advanced, and top-rated contract software for all business types. Whatever industry you are linked with, Icertis supports all of them. Some widely working Industry sectors are Sales, Corporate, Financial, Legal, and Procurement.

Icertis has an advanced intelligent setup that provides you with flexible configuration so that you can model any agreement on your terms.

It performs very well in terms of Contract Operations by effectively managing the negotiations and contracts executions. You can monitor all your data on a single display and bulk processing for quick responses to never miss out on anything important.

When it comes to Governance, Risks, and compliance, Icertis proactively work on this. It uses ICM’s powerful compliance tools to ensure everything is according to the rule and regulations.

All these details are provided on a powerful dashboard. You can track every insight for all your agreements without shuffling your pages. AI-enhanced contract intelligence tools, it helps in reducing the cycle time of contracts, a better view of ongoing agreements, and other such things.

All your documents and agreements are stored in the cloud, which comes under Enterprise-grade security, and if you have susceptible contracts, you can keep them confidential.

Plans and Pricing

Currently, the pricing is not provided on the website, but you can request the demo version and try it for free. Further, you can directly contact the sales team and get the pricing. You can also customize your plan as per your availability and requirements.

8. DealHub


DealHub simplifies the contract management process by giving one platform to all your agreements. You can better manage, create, track, negotiate and close a deal faster using DealHub tools.

It provides an intelligent interface for creating a new agreement and other documents. DealHub also ensures whether the contract is fulfilling accuracy and compliance guidelines.

Hundreds of pre-built templates give a complete overview while creating a new contract, or you can use the same template and edit them per your terms.

It is best in terms of collaboration and approvals. You can also collaborate on the documents among your team members before sending them to customers.

Get real-time notifications of every email when there is any update, and also you receive real-time reporting about your customer’s behavior towards agreement.

After all,, to save your agreements or other vital documents, you can store them on the same platform and retrieve them any time, wherever you require. And to make your contract legal and authorized, use eSign, and signer details automatically sync to your CRM.

DealHub also offers you to integrate with widely used CRMs such as Salesforce, FreshWorks, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and many others.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing is currently not available by the vendor, but you can access a free demo for trial, and after this, you can directly contact the customer service team for the tailor-made plan or other suitable plan required according to you.

9. Conga Contracts

conga contract

Conga Contracts is the end-to-end cloud-based contract management software that provides you multiple benefits from one platform.

Conga eliminates all complex stuff, reduces time, and gives you complete freedom to draft, negotiate, and approve, as per your choice. It offers automation tools that make negotiation faster and accelerate your deal.

There is a centralized place to access and view all your contracts in progress, and it comes with AI-powered insights, which give you complete info about the agreements.

Minimize contract risks by staying compliant with the latest rules and regulations. As a Salesforce user, you can directly manage the contracts in the application while automating the contracts from creation to signature.

To keep your business moving at the end, you need to verify the documents or agreements, which require a signature. Conga allows you to add electronic signatures to continue your workflow without any restrictions.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing is the best part here; you can pay according to your usage. It has total custom pricing, all in your way. You can also use its free trial period to test the product’s features and analyze its effectiveness for your business.

10. Accelo


You can also go for Aceelo if you want a contract management system. It is an automated platform with many intelligent features.

All your agreements, contracts, and other relevant documents work on cloud storage, so your hard drive doesn’t have a burden of files.

Under one cloud-based platform, this automation software brings every tool together, which is easier to view and more transparent for business.

You can track your agreements, progress details, and budget with real-time data. It also offers you streamlined workflow using integrated platforms such as G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, HubSpot, Stripe, PayPal, Zapier, Mailchimp, and many others.

Plans and Pricing

There are flexible Accelo plans and prices accordingly. Sales, Projects, Service, Retainers, and ServOps plans are available.

  • Sales plan: This includes features like monitoring deadlines, task tracking, sending & create invoices, receiving payments, Integration with Quickbooks, Xero, Automatic renewal invoicing, real-time reporting, performance report, and cloud access.
  • Projects plan: This includes expense details, client records, usage tracking, client portal, client database, project collaboration, team schedules, and much more.
  • Service plan: Here you get features like track services, invoicing, reporting dashboard, Automation and processes, task management, team inbox, team schedules, and much more.
  • Retainers plan: This includes Templates & reusable project plans, Customizable fields and categories, real-time activity reporting, tasks board, and more.
  • ServOps plan: This includes all the above features and extra basic features.

All the above plans are available for a free trial period.

11. ContractSafe


ContractSafe is still among the top 11 best contract management software.

Keeping this in the last place doesn’t mean that it has fewer features, but looking at the customer reviews, we decided to keep this in the last place.

ContractSafe store and manage all your contracts, scan every agreement, and notify you of the deadlines, allowing unlimited user access. and you can collaborate among widely used platforms.

It is cloud-based Contract Management Software that takes care of all your contracts and essential documents as SOC2 certified. Your data is completely safe and is in a safe hand.

Plans and Pricing

There are currently 6 plans for ContractSafe. You can access a free demo to check its working, and the plans are Entrepreneur, Basic, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise+.

  • Entrepreneur plan: This plan is best for minor operations. This includes Search & reporting, Alerts, Repository, and Security standards.
  • Basic plan: Along with the features included in the Entrepreneur plan, you can get customer support, sharing, and customized document folders. This is a good choice for more extensive operations.
  • Standard plan: In addition to the above features, you can get Integration features such as DocuSign integration. Customized training sessions are also included in this plan.
  • Professional plan: This includes all major features you require, and additionally, you get more integration features like Okta/SAML 2.0 and Active Directory.
  • Enterprise plan: Advanced support, SalesForce, and API Access integrations are compatible. Generally suitable for enterprise solutions.
  • Enterprise+ plan: All the above features are included; if you run a more giant corporation, then Enterprise+ plans are the best choice.

So which one is best for you?

I hope you find the best for you, and if still, you are still in trouble, then we recommend you to go with PandaDoc first, no matter which business level you are working at.

It is available for individuals as well as for large-scale businesses. Alternatively, you can also try ContractWorks, one of the best software in this category.

The final choice is up to you!

I hope you find this post informative. For more software suggestions and online deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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