Best Download Manager for Windows 10

Looking for best download manager for Windows 10? This topic is all about that and also provide some extra details regarding the download manager. Many of us usually don’t use download manager but once you become habitual for the use of download managers then definitely you can’t resist yourself for using it.

best download manager for windows 10

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There are many advantages of using a download manager if you download oftentimes. My personal reason for using a download manager is to skip the downloading at office hours and use with downloads to wee hours when I am not at work. Similarly, this might be the case with you or you might have a different issue. Here we are going to discuss some basics first, and then we list best download manager for Windows 10.

What is download manager?

If you already used download manager earlier then you probably know what exactly the download manager is, but if you are new to it then have a general idea about this. A Download manager is a program that makes your download flexible, easier, and much faster when compared to normal downloading. In other terms, suppose if you frequently download different things simultaneously then it slows down your PC and even your downloading speed. Using a download manager, effectively manage the download process and relatively improved downloading speed.

Why do You require a Download Manager?

As a download manager helps users to schedule, organize, prioritize the downloading option to effectively download the stuff you are looking for. Moreover, some advanced download managers automatically detect the upgrade requirements and update them on a regular basis.

In short, download manager makes your work easier and you can set preference what you require first in downloading. Overall we must say if you download stuff a lot then try download manager, it definitely helps you!

How we rank download manager?

There is countless download manager available when we search them online but we can not select the random one. Just to conclude best one for your usage, we have listed some top-rated download managers. Our team has put all efforts into providing the list. Based on user experience, online reviews, ease of usage, we ranked them in the list.

Best Download Manager for Windows 10 in 2020

1. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

internet download manager

Internet Download Manager is top on our recommendation for the best download manager and there are many features that make this to hit on the top of our list. We actually see the download speed accelerated to thrice when we compare with ordinary download options. It supports downloading in almost every major web browser such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and much more.

There are tools that resume the interrupted downloads due to network error, computer shutdown, power cut, or any other technical issues. For the ease of users, you can use drag and drop option directly from the command line. Along with these, you can also set the scheduling of your downloads.

Internet Download Manager also supports multiple languages, download categories, scheduler pro, HTTPS support, virus protection after every download, built-in download accelerator, and much more.

Plans and Pricing

There is yearly as well as lifetime plans for IDM and as per your requirements, you can either choose the license for 1 PC or multiple PC. You can check the latest pricing here. You can also try it with 30 days free trial period.

2. JDownloader


JDownloader is a completely free, open-source application that accelerate your downloading speed and we have noticed that really it speed up almost double as compared to the original speed. There are features with which you can resume or stop downloads, set bandwidth limit, manage downloading preferences, auto-extract archives, and much more.

If you are looking for the free download accelerator or download manager then JDownloader is a perfect choice. But when we compared with Internet Download Manager, there are limited features and the speed is not as good as what IDM offers. But that doesn’t mean JDownloader is just for downloading your stuff. It automatically switches to IP address to save waiting time for the particular IPS that allows limited access.

It automatically bypasses CAPTCHAs with JAntiCaptcha tool so that users no longer require to sit at the front of a laptop every time. And you can use it as an extension with all major web browsers.

Plans and Pricing

As already discussed, JDownloader is completely free to use and you can download for single PC or multiple PCs.

3. Ninja Download Manager (NDM)

ninja download manager

The other favourite tool for download lovers. Ninja Download Manager (NDM) is bit pricey and this is the reason for keeping it on the third place, otherwise, if pricing is not a concern for you and your business then definitely you must try Ninja Download Manager. We have also noticed the speed is 10-15 times more than the usual speed of downloading and along with this, there are many other features that support downloading according to you.

It supports the resume capability from where you have a pause and without restarting the complete downloading. You can create your own downloading list and customize download time accordingly. There is also an option that let you check the video and audio up to the download process is going and you don’t have to wait for complete download till the end.

Just copy the link and drop to NDM platform to automatically start downloading and you can have complete control while downloading. You can set download speed limit, connection control for simultaneous downloading, and much more.

It supports all proxy servers such as HTTP, Socks4 or Socks5 and comes with secure password manager to keep track of all your username and passwords.

Plans and Pricing

There are currently three plans from Ninja Download Manager. You can choose plan for 1-PC, 3 PCs, and 6 PCs. This is a lifetime license including free updates for one year. If you are not satisfied with NDM, it offers you 30-days money-back guarantee.

4. Free Download Manager

free download manager

Free Download Manager is an opensource and free tool that makes your downloading speed to the next level. It provides you with different tab categories to make the interface user-friendly. No matters from where you are downloading files or videos, it supports YouTube and BitTorrent too. You have an option to convert file format after the downloading completed and you can preview the music or video while downloading is in process.

It uses the techniques to split the files at different sections in order to make downloading much faster and capable of resuming the Brocken downloads. It has an advanced file management tool that let you set the downloads in particular path so you can find it easily. Its smart scheduling offers you to to set your own start and pause time as per your convenience.

There are many other features are available such as traffic usage adjustment, multi-language support, cross-platform support, download with remote control using the internet, HTML Spider, Site Explorer and much more.

Plans and Pricing

There are various versions of Free Download Manager and you can download them for free.

5. EagleGet Download Accelerator


EagleGet is all free download accelerator that gives you all downloading tools at a single platform. It easily integrates with any leading browsers such as Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera. It supports all major protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP. It provides remarkable results in downloading speed. There are also options for batch, manual, and automatic downloading.

EagleGet has inbuilt malware checker and files integrity verifier to ensure the downloads are free from any type of virus. It automatically detects the multimedia or files to download once you place the download link in its dashboard. You can rearrange the download preference you need first and those downloads which are not important this time can be scheduled to later.

It has a fully customized user interface and supports 30+ languages. It smartly turns off PC when the download completed so you no longer have to wait till the download completed.

Plans and Pricing

EagleGet is completely free to download and you can use all the features without paying a penny. Download it and make use of it.

6. BitComet


BitComet is primarily designed for BitTorrent and if you are looking for downloads using BitTorrent then BitComet is a perfect choice for you. It supports many advanced features required in downloading. It supports all major BitTorrent protocols such as Magnet Link, HTTP Seeding, DHT network, UDP tracker Protocol v2. Its comes with Long-Term Seeding Technology that ensure the complete download process from beginning to the end.

It comes with Intelligent Disk Caching that let users to caching data in the memory without damaging your hard drive. You can preview all your download stuff while download process is going on. It reduces disk fragmentation by allocating disk in a smart way. There are many other features that make your download process easy.

Plans and Pricing

There are no specific plans and every download is completely free. If you are looking for BitTorrent downloads then go for it.

7. Orbit Downloader

orbit downloader

Orbit Downloader plays a significant role during the early stage of its launching. With its peer-to-peer client, it accelerates the download speed and supports all downloading protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Metalink, MMS, and many more.

Orbit Downloader has the ability to download embedded Flash Videos. It only works with Windows OS and compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Plans and Pricing

Orbit Downloader is completely free of cost and you can download it for free.

8. Xtreme Download Manager

xtreme download manager

Xtreme Download manager is also one of the amazing tools that speed up your download speeds up to 5 times than normal. You can download videos and other stuff from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other 1000s of website. You can integrate with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and many more.

Xtreme Download Manager gives you flexibility in converting the video formats with its inbuilt video format converter and lets users watch them on any platform, either it is PC or phone.

You can resume the downloads from where it is paused without starting download from the beginning. Its smart scheduler set time of download and automatically turn off the PC once the download completed. You can also queue the downloads and set the preferences of downloads.

Plans and Pricing

Xtreme Download Manager is completely free to use and you can use it in multiple PCs.


I hope you find the details regarding the best download manager for Windows 10 and you have chosen best for you. Still in down? Go with the sequence we have listed and if you are not satisfied then choose another one. For paid version Internet Download Manager is a good option and for a free version, go for JDownloader.

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