5 Best PDF reader for Mac 2023

The best PDF readers for Mac provide a simple way to read PDF files and edit, annotate, and convert them.

This is especially important as sharing PDF files has become a regular online activity, with many PDF documents available online for various purposes. Users with different operating systems can read them.

And while there are general all-purpose free PDF readers, there are ones specifically for different operating systems. We’ve tested, reviewed, and rated PDF readers for Windows, PDF readers for Android, and the best PDF readers for Mac.

Looking for the best PDF Reader for your Mac? Whether you just want to open your PDF (Portable Document Format) file, edit your files, or even protect it with a password and encrypt it, we have a list of the best solutions to choose from.

Here we are with the list of minutely reviewed and tested software that works best for your Mac.

best pdf reader for mac

In today’s developing technology, PDF files are not just limited to sharing documents. Still, they have become essential in sharing sensitive data, editing documents, and extracting pages from big files.

So, users are looking for options that help them solve multiple issues with one piece of software, and that too quickly. Different software companies have introduced various software for this need.

The main issues users face these days are extracting files from one document or merging different files into a single one. Adding watermarks or removing extra text, images, or marks from PDF.

Also, scanning a document and efficiently editing it is the main issue. Another feature users look for is protecting documents with a password or signing documents online.

Keeping all this in mind, we have brought the best solution for your Mac and listed them under the best PDF reader for Mac.

List of Best PDF reader for Mac

We have reviewed and compiled a list of the best PDF readers for Mac. All the software listed below I tested and reviewed by our team to make sure to share an honest review of the services.

1. PDFelement

Our first pick for the best PDF reader for Mac is PDFelement. It is quite a professional software level offered at a very reasonable price.

pdf element


PDFelement is compatible with macOS 10.12 or later and Windows computers. And you can also access it on your Android and iOS devices. This makes it easy to use whether you use your MacBook, Android phone, or iOS device.


Free Trial. PDFelement offers a free trial for a limited period so that you can use it and get an idea of how it works and whether it is best for you. Then you can move forward and purchase the paid version to avail of the full features.

For Individuals. PDFelement Pro for Mac is available for $89, and PDFelement Standard for Mac is available for $59.

Team. For PDFelement Pro for Mac is available for $109, and PDFelement for Business for 20+ users, you have to “Contact Sales” for the final price based upon what specific features you want to include and what best works for your business.

For Education: Students can save up to 50% by applying for PDFelement.


PDFelement makes it very easy to create a password to protect PDF documents so that only the person with the password can access them. They also ensure that without a password, there is no altering, printing, or copying of the documents.

Users can also create one password for multiple documents that will be easy to remember and access all documents together with one password.


Open and View. It is straightforward to navigate through PDF documents with PDFelement and open and view them. You can also easily create bookmarks and navigate between them. It is also easy to open the document and view the restrictions on documents and metadata. Users can open the last document they have worked on with the recent file list. Printing PDF documents is also easy with PDFelement.

Review and Comment: When working on a pdf document, you can highlight text or underline it so that later it is easy for you to remember. You can also mark text on a document with various tools, such as a textbook, note, text underline, etc. Drawing tools are also available to create different shapes on a pdf document easily. Users can easily add a comment or view them and edit it.

Edit and Modify. The best feature of PDFelement is that it is straightforward to edit, delete, insert, or cut images and text into the pdf. Line and mode text editing makes it easy to work on large files. You can also change the type and size of the text in the pdf. With the tools available, it is also easy to rearrange pages in the pdf. Editing, updating, or deleting the watermarks is another good feature of this software.

Create and Merge. Users can easily create pdf documents even with images in the document. Even with multiple files, it is easy to create a pdf.

OCR Technology. With the latest ORC technology, users can easily create PDF files that can be easily edited. It is also possible with scanned pdf to edit and then edit it.

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

adobe acrobat pro dc


Adobe Standard DC is only available for Windows users. But Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is available for both Windows and Mac users. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Scan, Adobe Fill, and the Scanner can be downloaded by iOS and Android users on the phone.


Acrobat Standard DC. This subscription is only available for Windows users and is priced at around £13 per month for an annual subscription.

Acrobat Pro DC. This is the most popular subscription for Windows and Mac users. It is priced at around £15 per month for an annual subscription. A free trial is also available for this one so that you can see how it works and decide whether you want to opt for it or not.


Convert Word, Excel, or Powerpoint to PDF. With Adobe Acrobat, it is straightforward to convert not just the scanned documents to pdf but also Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files so that the quality is maintained for Windows users. And you can convert the pdf files back to word using Adobe Acrobat for editing purposes.

Convert web pages to PDF. You can go one step ahead with Adobe Acrobat DC and even convert HTML files to PDF. This feature is available in very few other software. You can also merge multiple web pages and convert them to a single pdf.

Scan, split, and print to PDF. It is easy to scan documents and forms and convert them to PDF. Moreover, you can convert jpg files using Adobe Acrobat to pdf. If you want to share a pdf but only part of it, you can use the split tool to send a specific portion and not the complete file easily. You can also easily print PDF files in one go.

Merge files into one PDF. The best part of merging multiple files, such as images, text, and PowerPoint presentations, into one single PDF is that it is very easy to share. You just have to use one attachment to send all the files together by merging them, making them easy for the viewer to access. And if you want to rearrange the order of the files in the pdf, that is also easy to do.

Edit PDF easily. With the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, adding paragraphs, deleting them, or arranging pages is very easy. Users can also edit the text in the PDF files with the simple but valuable tools available. A great feature introduced by the software is the fix typos feature. With it, you can automatically check the spelling in your pdf and replace the wrong ones with the right ones.

Sharing and Signing PDF

Share PDF easily. Send a link in the email to users to share the pdf so they can review it and send feedback. The users can add comments that can easily be managed and reviewed.

Fill and sign forms easily. This software allows users to fill out forms from any device, such as a laptop, computer, or phone. Users can also quickly add their signatures to PDF documents, saving a lot of time and energy.

Add password to the PDF and permission. For the safety and security of the information in the document, users can add the password and share it with people they want the information to be reached. This keeps the document authentic and the information secure. The information cannot be edited, copied, or altered without permission from the sender.

3. PDF Expert

pdf expert


PDF Expert is compatible with all Apple devices. Mac users can download and install it from the Mac App Store, and iPhone and iPad users can download and install it from the App Store. You can quickly transfer files from one device to another using PDF Expert.


Free Download. Users can download and install the PDF Expert for free with limited features, check if they like the interface, and then opt for the paid version.

Paid. One license of PDF Expert is priced at $94.39 and is compatible with up to 3 devices.

For Students. Students get a special price by applying for the paid version.


Various PDF annotation tools. Use the text markup simple tool to choose the text and mark it. You can also choose the color or style you want to mark your text. It is also effortless to draw, add text, or add various shapes to the pdf. Moreover, you can also add unique stamps to your PDF, such as approved create some of your own.

Easily fill out PDF forms. You can add text and numbers easily by clicking where you want to start. Adding the tick to the checkbox is also simple with this software. You can also add customized signatures at the end of the PDF.

Edit PDF having text, images, and links quickly. With PDF Expert, you can easily edit the text as it scans the document, finds the font style, text size, etc., and makes the edits very quickly. This can also be done with the images. You can resize images, change or delete them, or add a new one without extra effort. Links can also be added to text and images, which take you to another page or website.

Redact confidential data. Sometimes there is sensitive data that is present but hidden in the document. With the latest technology, PDF Expert finds the sensitive data and permanently deletes or whites it out so that no one takes advantage of it.

Reduce file size. Large files are heavy and impractical to share in emails. Therefore, users can compress files to reduce the file size, maintain the quality, and easily share them on different platforms online.

Add Page Numbering. You can add numbering to pages, so it is easy to access them and arrange them in order.

Extract pages easily. You can extract the critical pages and share them through email for review if you have a large file with hundreds of pages. At times, you also need some parts of the pdf that you need to duplicate to create other content. Then also, you can extract those pages and save them for use later.


Adding Password. With a password, users can easily protect their documents. If someone wants to access the document, they need your permission and password.

4. Kdan PDF Reader

kdan pdf reader


Kdan PDF Reader is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. This makes it easy for users to access it from any device. There is a few difference between the features accessible on different devices, but all the essential features are available on every compatible device.


Free. Users can Sign up for free for the Kdan Cloud services.

Free Trial (In-app purchases). Users also get a free trial for the in-app purchase of Document 365 to decide whether to opt for the service or not.

Premium Plan. The premium license plan all the in-app purchases and is priced for each purchase separately. For example, Kdan Cloud for $9.99 and so on.


Easy Access. Users can access the PDF Reader for iOS, Mac, or Apple devices. It is elementary and convenient.

View multiple pdfs at one time. With the PDF Reader, users can open and view multiple PDF files by clicking on the tabs above. This makes it easy to work on multiple documents at one time and even copy, add or duplicate content.

OCR Converter. With the OCR converter, any document can be scanned and converted easily and quickly into an editable document, making it easy to add or delete text or images.

Convert and Fax documents online. This software makes converting a document and faxing it online with one click easy.

Encrypt PDF files. Regarding security, users can opt to encrypt a batch of PDF files together before sending them as an attachment so that no other than the recipient gains access to the information.

Customize PDF files. With this PDF Reader, users can easily add header, footer, and numbering to the pdf pages and arrange them accordingly.

Merge, split or add and delete watermarks. If you have a huge pdf file, you can split it and share only very important pages as an email attachment. And if you have a few PDF pages, you can merge them and create one single document. Also, you can remove watermarks or add custom watermarks to the files.

Online Storage. This PDF Reader offers 1TB of cloud storage on Kdan to store your documents, making it easy to share anytime from anywhere.

5. Preview (macOS)


Preview is an image and PDF viewer that works on macOS operating system. It also supports a long list of file types such as AI, BMT, PPT, JPEJ, HDR, etc.


Free. Preview is free and comes pre-installed on every macOS. So it is also the default PDF viewer on the Mac.


Encrypt PDF with a password. We have listed Preview in the list of the Best PDF Readers for Mac as it is the top-rated free option with many features. Although Preview is free and a default app on macOS, it has great features. One of them is encrypting the PDF with passwords generally offered by paid software. A password restricts users from copying, printing, or replicating the data without permission.

Extract pages. This feature is vital if you want to extract only a few pages from an extensive document bundle. You can also add pages to the document or delete pages and replace them.

Change the shape, color, and size of images. Users can change the size, rotate the image, or correct the image’s color or shape with this app.

Import and Export. With Preview, it is easy to access and import images from the computer and export them to other file types. Users can also print files with it.


We hope you found this valuable article on the Best PDF Readers for Mac list. We have listed the most popular and best picks, and you can choose by looking at the features that best suit your needs. The list includes free and paid options and trial versions, making it easier to choose.

If you found the information in this helpful article, you can tell us your views or opinions in the comment section below. Your feedback is valuable to us. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with the latest information.

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