With the increasing demands of project development, Gantt charts play an essential role in clearly defining your works, and for this reason, we are providing you with the guide for the best free Gantt chart software you must use. We have also listed the best project management software, including a Gantt chart, so you must also check this article for more tools for your work progress.

best free gantt chart software

10 Best Gantt chart Software

1. Instagantt


Instagantt is our top choice when looking for the best recommending Gantt chart tools. You can easily create tasks, schedules, timelines, and workload distribution for your team. Its intuitive interface and powerful diagrams make planning easy. With Instagantt, every task remains aligned.

Additional Instagantt Features

1. Progress: Track real-time progress and customize the progress percentage for each task you handle.

2. Milestone: Reached a specific target? Instagantt provides you to set a milestone for every special event.

3. Subtasks: You can add subtasks to handle them more clearly. This is beneficial if you are getting some issues in completing the tasks. having subtasks makes things easier.

4. Custom colors: Give the markings your custom color. You can set the red color for the tasks reaching the deadline. With this, you can quickly identify the tasks.

Plans from Instagantt

Instagantt comes with a 7-day free trial and also with two premium versions.

  • Single user: Here, you get unlimited projects per workbook.
  • Multiple users: Get access to unlimited projects, workbook, and User management.

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2. Redbooth


Redbooth is a complete project management tool with excellent features and a Gantt chart. With Redbooth’s timeline view, you can track projects. Redbooth allows you to add tasks, use drag & drop to reschedule tasks, create task dependencies, and much more.

With its free version, you have limited access to Redbooth’s features, including the Gantt chart.

Features of Redbooth Gantt chart

1. Set task duration: To make your tasks before the end date having task duration in your eyes is helpful so that before the deadline, you complete the task.

2. Create dependencies: Allow team members to start the tasks even if they are not started. This saves you time, and whatever ideas you have currently, you can use them.

3. Custom changes: Whatever you update, your timeline automatically shows changes to your tasks.

4. Deadline indicator: Its deadline indicator notifies you if anything is overdue so that to handle the project at a critical time,

5. Complete record: Track every progress of your task from beginning to completion so that you have a complete view of the platform you have achieved.

Plans from Redbooth

You can start using Redbooth for free with limited features, but for full-feature access, you have to go for premium plans.

  • Pro plan includes unlimited workspace, time tracking, and HD video meetings.
  • Business plan: Additionally, you get Resource Management, Advanced subtasks, and Redbooth Predict.

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It also comes with the Enterprise plan, where you must contact the sales team directly.

3. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is another widely used platform for a Gantt chart. It offers you free usage of the Gantt chart with some limitations. Bitrix24 provides you with Gantt dependencies which means your team can start any new task without completing a new one. Bitrix24 is an entirely online application, so you can better use Gantt in Excel or Google Sheets.

Bitrix24 Additional features

1. Task dependencies: You no longer require the previous task to be completed. You can quickly start a new task with new ideas and save time.

2. Task Management: The management becomes relatively easy with clear visuals on your different tasks. With subtasks, you can issue new things to other team members.

3. Project Management: With the Gantt chart and workload planning, you can allocate specific hours to team members, showing your project progress with time.

4. Time Tracking: Many software misses these features, thanks to Bitrix24, which allows time tracking for each task using a Gantt chart.

Plans from Bitrix24

Along with a free plan, Bitrix24 comes with 3 paid plans. The free plan gives you 12 users access, 5GB of online storage, Marketing automation, Tasks & Projects.

  • CRM+: 50GB free storage, communications.
  • Standard: 100GB storage, 50 users, complete tasks and projects
  • Professional: Unlimited users, complete marketing tools

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4. Wrike

wrike gantt chart

Wrike provides an additional Gantt chart that makes productivity much better, you think. Its clean and friendly interface gives you an attractive workspace to work with. It has a dynamic timeline that keeps you proactive for losing track of project progress, missing deadlines, or miscommunication.

Additional features from Wrike

1. Visibility with a dynamic timeline: With Wrike’s fantastic timeline, you can keep a bird’s eye view on every task and with the scope of subtasks, view critical paths, and much more.

2. Manage multiple projects: With a simple drag-and-drop option, you can manage multiple projects on the same screen. You can easily update the tasks, and it automatically manages other task activities.

3. Easy import option: You can easily import information from Microsoft projects.

4. Quick-adjust plans: With the Gantt chart, you can review all the activities and adjust the plan accordingly.

Plans from Wrike

You can try the Gantt chart from Wrike for free, but with limited access to its tool, you can try its other plans too.

  • Professional: Full project planning and collaboration
  • Business: additionally robust work management with customized reporting.

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5. GanttProject


Whether you are using it for personal or for corporate, its’ completely free. GanttProject is lightweight, easy to use, and one of the popular applications in this industry. Let us have a look at its features.

Additional features on GanttProject

1. Create tasks and milestones: By looking at the start and end dates, you can create tasks in between, fill in patterns, and make text notes.

2. Organize tasks with work breakdown structure: GanttProject keeps the projects on the top with more priority and hides those tasks that are less important at that moment.

3. Draw dependencies constraint: Concerning the X and Y axis, you can customize constraints according to your given tasks. This makes management much more accessible.

4. Create baseline: A baseline allows you to compare your progress with the previous one to analyze the workflow better.

Plans from GanttProject

GanttProject provides a free license for a single user or multiple users.

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6. Teamweek


Teamwork offers you a free Gantt chart online and works with a team of up to 5 members. There are also paid subscriptions if you have more than 5 member teams. Teamweek provides precise, intuitive analytics of all the tasks during its workflow.

Teamweek features

1. Project planner: Have a plan? Simply add it to the timeline. You can drag and drop the tasks to make changes easily on a Gantt chart.

2. Public schedule: Review the task with other team members or those not linked to the current task. Easily create a link and share it with them.

3. Team member activity: Teamwork gives you an option to create a member account with which you can keep an eye on what team members did.

Plans from Teamweek

You can go for its lifetime free plan with up to 5 team members. Otherwise, it provides you a 14-day free trial for paid subscription.

Depending on the users you have on your team, you can choose the plan accordingly.

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7. Agantty


With Agantty, have a clear overview of all your projects and tasks with ease. As we have seen much free software has limited access to its features, but it is not valid with Agantty. You can use all the features for free. Whether working on one project or multiple, it’s completely free. With a single platform, you can view your tasks’ progress via the Gantt chart.

Agantty features

1. Assigning projects: Easily create a project with Agantty and drag it into the timeline. Assign the project to the team and customize other features.

2. Collaborate with team members: Collaborate with your team members to better manage the project. You can create as many teams as you require.

3. Task Overview: Structure your work according to the end dates. You can sort out which projects are near to deadlines and which are less critical.

4. Reminders & Lists/ PDF: Agantty allows you to export your task within a specific timeframe and share the PDF with other team members via email.

Plans from Aganttly

Aganttly is a free tool to work with for every level of team size. Along with just a Gantt chart, you can also use other features essential for productivity.

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8. Zoho Projects

zoho projects

Zoho is another powerful online tool that clearly defines all the visuals of the current status of your tasks or milestones with a Gantt chart. You can easily navigate the dependencies of various tasks from the Gantt chart. For sharing purposes you can download the Gantt chart in PDF format and share it with coworkers.

Zoho Projects Features

1. Critical path analysis: Quickly analyze the critical path with the red mark. The path also has a slack mark which has some fewer priorities.

2. Check Schedule deviation: You can create the baseline in your Gantt chart to set the datum line to compare the project schedule over time.

3. Reuse Gantt chart templates: If you have similar projects running several times, Zoho allows you to reuse the Gantt chart from previous projects. This saves you time; otherwise, you have to start from scratch.

4. Edit tasks & milestones: With a visual Gantt chart, you can edit tasks in between to make changes, and all the tasks in a project are automatically customized.

Plans from Zoho Projects

With the free plans from Zoho Projects, you can access 5 users, 2 projects, the custom status of projects, tasks, and Google App integration.

  • Standard: Includes subtasks, task reminders, 5 project templates, attach. file up to 5GB.
  • Express: Up to 15 users, 10 project templates, editable Gantt chart within the project.

All the plans are one-time purchases and come in Premium and Enterprise plans.

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9. Tom’s Planner

toms planner

While listing the top Gantt chart in our list, another name comes, which is Tom’s Planner. The interface is a little outdated but works similarly to all other Gantt chart software provides. The feature we love on Tom’s Planner is its coloring to every subtask that differentiates users about all metrics. It has a free plan with which you can enjoy all the basic features.

As nothing new with Tom’s Planner, you can get drag & drop time blocks, share Gantt chat with other teammates, track every progress and status of a team member, and zoom in or zoom out on specific projects monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly.

Additional Tom’s Planner features

1. Flexible working: If some tasks are still pending and you have other tasks preceding them, with Tom’s Planner, you can add another block on the same row so that nothing remains idle.

2. Gantt chart filtering: Sometimes, in a more extensive chart, things become difficult to find, but with filters, you can quickly see activity, team, icon, dates, or any combination.

3. Team sharing: If looking to share the chart with a team, download it and email it directly to the team members, or you can also create a link and then send it to others.

4. Pre-build templates: It gives you access to more than 530000+ templates. You can pick from them and use them for your project. It saves time.

Plans from Tom’s Planner

You can try Tom’s Planner for free, and also, for the Pro level, it offers you two additional plans. You can choose from Professional and Unlimited plans. The pricing option is every month.

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10. StudioBinder


Designed for the film industry, you can efficiently allocate different tasks on your Gantt chart. All your stories, schedules, and scripts remain in the right place so that you can manage them better.

Working on multiple projects with different tasks would never be easier, but all your puzzle becomes smooth by organizing everything on the Gantt chart.

Plans from StudioBinder

You can try StudioBinder free and also with premium plans.

  • Indie: Includes call sheets, storyboards, and shooting schedules.
  • Professional: additionally includes script breakdown and production calendar.
  • Studio: By all including the above plans, you can also get features to invite collaborators and custom branding.

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This is a list of the 10 best free Gantt charts you must try. The above-recommended tools also come with a paid version with some extra benefits. it is recommended to go for a paid version if you like the software.

Now let us check some of the information you must know before selecting Gantt software. Here we are explaining what a Gantt chart is, why you must use them, how to choose the best one, and all other questions you have on your mind.

What is a Gantt chart?

You are welcome to skip if you already know this, but some of you might want to know something extra about the Gantt chart. Gantt charts are bar graphs that define your project levels or schedules. In simple words, the Gantt chart visualizes the number of tasks completed or needed at a specific time, which allows tasks in a project, and dependencies set with “Start to Start.”

When running multiple projects, managing them all in one place becomes difficult. The Gantt chart plays a role. The tasks performed or yed to perform are listed on a vertical axis, and the given time is listed on a horizontal axis.

How the Gantt chart helps you in your work?

There are many benefits of using Gantt charts in your project development. From beginning to end of the work, you can analyze the project using a Gantt chart. Let us check some more benefits here.

  • Better clarity to your tasks
  • Transparent communications
  • Better coordination among team members
  • More control on time

There are so many other benefits with a single Gantt chart to make your work much easier than you think.

How to choose the right software for you?

We have listed free Gantt chart tools, but if you are running a sound project or have a team of many, you must definitely go for premium software. All of them provide you with a free trial period, and you must try them.


I hope this post helps you in choosing the right software or application. If you still have questions, comment below; our team loves to help you!

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