Looking for the best project management software? Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best out of the best for your company. We cover every aspect you are looking for in project management applications here.

Best Project Management Software

No matter how big or small a company you run, everyone requires a managing tool to optimize the business and boost productivity. In the end, we will draw a conclusion about which is going to be the perfect choice according to your team’s capacity.

Here are our top 10 choices for the best project management tools that work

  1. Monday.com
  2. Wrike
  3. Asana
  4. LiquidPlanner
  5. SmartSheet
  6. Hive
  7. Basecamp
  8. Podio
  9. WorkZone
  10. Jira

1. Monday.com

Monday.com is quite popular in the project management industry and is a widely used platform to optimize teamwork right on your hand. This is a perfect solution for small to more prominent scale management. Monday.com provides you with unique features on an excellently intuitive interface.


Monday.com is entirely a new way to transform your work with your team. With its fantastic dashboard, you can have a bird-eye on every team member’s work and customize the preferences from the same place.

Features of Monday.com

1. Template customization: Monday.com offers you different templates according to your work. Choose from them and manually customize them to fit in with your business. You can use as many templates as you require in your workflow.

2. Manage your team: From a single dashboard, manage your team’s tasks and progress, and view the real-time activities. You can mark the location, edit texts, and so much more.

3. Collaborate: For business, communication plays the most significant role in improving workflow, and with Monday.com, you can collaborate with the team and share files and other attachments.

4. Track the progress: You can track every progress from small changes to more significant ones on the Monday.com platform. This brings you transparency and comparisons of work done with past time intervals.

5. Supports third-party collaboration: If you are running a project, it is evident that you have multitasked, and to bring every application to one place, Monday.com brings integration with other partners such as Google Drive, Excel, Trello, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Zapier, and so much more.


Monday.com provides excellent flexibility, and you must pay only what you require. You can manually choose the users in your team, and according to that, different plan pricing is available.

  • Basic: With a basic plan, you get iOS, and Android apps, unlimited boards, Kanban view, Embedded forms, 2-FA, and email support.
  • Standard: In the standard plan, you get an additional timeline view, calendar view, form customization, time tracking, and Advanced search. This is the most popular plan.
  • Pro: In the pro plan, you can get unlimited storage and activity logs. You can also access Time tracking, Chart view, Formula column, Custom tags, and Private boards.

There is also an Enterprise plan where you can customize your preferred tool, so you have to contact the sales team.

2. Wrike

Wrike is another top choice of many admins running small and large teams. It is simple and provides many advanced features that make the workflow more accessible. Wrike is an online project management software that has excellent ways to organize work. Wrike is recommended for marketing purposes, tailor-made creative teams, product development, business operations, and professional services.


Wrike is a great productivity tool, whether you have a team of two or 500+. All of them can be handled from a single screen, and you can track every progress with a different timeline.

Features of Wrike

1. Real-time work visibility: Track every single step of your team to know what is running and what more have to do. With real-time work visibility, you can customize workflow and the analytics of different team members. You can check the activity chart if different tasks.

2. Efficient resource management: Wrike provides you resources management tool to balance the team workload and arrange the project based on team capacity.

3. Customized automated workflow: Automate your workflow without wasting your time. Wrike provides a creative template to work with, and you can manage them and customize them with a drag & drop option.

4. Pre-build templates: Many pre-built templates ease the work, customize them and manage all your work in the same place.

5. Integration: Wrike is a great medium to integrate with other productivity tools such as Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Zira, Slack, and many others.


Depending on the user’s requirement, Wrike offers different pricing options.

  • Professional: (for 2-15 users) – Includes task management, Gantt chart, Advanced integration, 5GB free storage, collaboration, shareable dashboard.
  • Business: (for 15-200 users) – Addition includes real-time reports, report templates, time tracking, calendars, Salesforce integration, and 50GB of free storage.

Wrike also comes with a Marketers and Enterprise plan, so you have to contact the sales team directly.

3. Asana

Asana is another excellent online tool to manage and track every progress of your team. Asana offers you to sync, hit deadlines, and reach the goal at the optimum time. Asana has an excellent User Interface that provides you with the campaign list, timeline, calendar, conversation, progress, and all associated files under a single window.


Asana is one of the best marketing tools to perform well on every team. You can easily handle the tasks and share them with your team in an effective manner.

Additional features from Asana

1. Insight data: Have a complete in-depth insight view of all team members on a single dashboard. You can easily understand how people performing to the available task.

2. Better privacy: Asana allows you to create a team or share sensitive information about your company with some specific members. This maintains the privacy of your company’s future decisions.

3. Amazing template gallery: With significant collections of templates from Asana, you can customize them according to the work you handle and reorder them according to your workflow.

4. Priority tracking: Keep track of what is more important to you by prioritizing the tasks’ level. The most important tasks can be placed at the top, and fewer priority tasks can be placed at a lower level.

5. Manage Team workload:

Analyze the workload of every user and manage the team workload. You can share the tasks to make a balance among team members. You can complete access to what stage the work has been done.


From small-scale teams to enterprise-level, Asana offers flexible plans according to the user’s requirements. Currently, it offers you 4 plans.

  • Basic: Get access to tasks, list view, calendar view, and due date tasks. Recommended for collaborating with up to 15 teammates
  • Premium: You get a timeline, advanced reporting, custom templates, an admin console, and manage private teams and Task dependencies. Great for the team of over 30 members.
  • Business: This mainly includes business tools such as advanced integration, portfolio, workload, forms, proofing, and other hi-tech features.

In the Enterprise plan, you can customize your preference and tooling equipment by contacting the team directly.

4. LiquidPlanner

Looking for an intelligent solution to manage your project? LiquidPlanner is another top choice of many startups to big enterprise companies. This is the intelligent, resource-driven scheduling technology with which you can improve team efficiency, know the actual statistics, visualize the performance, and hit the target before the deadline.


It has complete support on how to start using it from the beginning to a pro-level, including videos and articles.

LiquidPlanner Features

1. Smart Scheduling: No one wants to delay the work more than the deadline date. So intelligent scheduling is the best way to organize urgent tasks and what can be dealt with to balance the workflow. You can prioritize the task with effort estimates for each team member.

2. Workload reports: Daily check the time availability of each team member and look to that you can balance the work of other team members lacking with time.

3. Cross Project visibility: Get every data in a single place without shuffling from one platform to another. You can customize the dashboard so that your team has better real-time visibility into project schedules, financials, and trends.

4. Time Tracking: This is a great tool to track how much your team spends on a specific project individually. You can better analyze the team effort on projects.

5. Advanced analytics reporting: Check out all your productivity and time remaining in entire portfolios. With advanced reports, you can analyze project performance, resource utilization, baseline trends, costs & profits.


Liquid planner allows a 14-day free trial period and two paid plans according to the number of users and additional features.

  • Professional: Recommended for departments and small businesses that include trend charts, card views, project platforms, and custom fields.
  • Enterprise: Recommended for large organizations that manage hundreds of projects. It includes workload reports, expenses, Single Sign-On, and other advanced features.

5. SmartSheet

SmartSheet has been a leading tool in its category since 2006. It provides a powerful work execution platform that adds excellent value to regulating your workflow. From small-scale teams to enterprise-level, every advanced feature is embedded in it. It has a clean, friendly interface to manage all your work.


SmartSheets helps you to target the project that matters most in the current situation and provides you with a complete insight into all the task-related reports.

SmartSheet Features

1. Project scheduling & planning: On a sheet of the Project launch plan, you can set proper scheduling of project tasks at the right time and properly plan working strategy, price strategy, and much more.

2. Task tracking: With task tracking, ensure that nothing slips the deadline time. Improve the accountability of the team by real-time tracking of the activities.

3. Resource management: Running multiple projects? Appropriately allocates the resource more precisely at a proper time. This helps to keep the projects running smoothly with no idle time on any project.

4. Strategic planning: Collaborate with your team and engage with them to show the graphs about the work completed or needs to be done in the required time. It provides the role of all team members to share ideas to optimize the workflow collectively.

5. Program roll-ups: Analyze all your workflows on the same panel. Check how much progress is done on your current project with real-time metrics. It summarizes the project timing and provides you with a time of completion ideas.


Currently, SmartSheet has plans from Individual to Premier plans.

  • Individual: Includes automated workflows, a free library of templates, and Capture data with forms.
  • Business: Additionally includes live data on a dashboard, activity logs, custom branding, managing groups and users, and visualizing real-time activities.
  • Enterprise: All features from the above plans plus advanced admin controls, single sign-on, and group admin features.
  • Premier: Includes additional premium support and premium app collaboration.

6. Hive

Hive is another benchmark solution for process and project management. Hive’s mission is to improve workplace productivity with simple navigation. The reason for listing Hive on our best recommendation is its Pro features at reasonable pricing. You can have unlimited projects with Hive and desktop applications for better tracking.


Hive has all essential features, such as automated workflows, communication panels, analytics, time tracking, resource planning, and much more. But what makes the customer’s choice for this is listed in advanced features.

Hive advanced features

1. Flexible layout option: Choose the custom layout; the more you require, keep it on top. You can transform the layout by arranging different charts, graphs, and other templates.

2. Predictive Analytics: Intelligently, Hive works all your work with its predictive analytics powered by machine learning.

3. Summary Views: Hit the right choice with a precise summary of team members. What is not necessary is not shown to you. Only important data is displayed that helps in productivity.

4. Native Messaging: Hive offers you a common place to manage all messaging, tasks, and files. You no longer require to open different applications and tabs to operate a similar work. Everything comes on a panel of Hive.

5. Integrations: Smart integrations save time and reduce idle work. Hive offers its integration with 1000+ tools, including Google Drive and Dropbox.


Hive has only two plans, and we think this is the best pricing compared to other software. The reason is that it does not differentiate the features with different levels of plans.

  • Professional plan: This is compatible with all sizes of companies. It includes unlimited projects and messages, unlimited storage, a PM toolkit, data export option.

Hive also comes with an Enterprise plan that consists of a dedicated account manager, rollout support, advanced analytics, and much more.

7. Basecamp

Basecamp consists of one of the highest numbers of businesses it is holding. It started in 1999, and now millions of users are working on the Basecamp platform to increase accountability, communicate more effectively, and improve productivity. Basecamp has a fantastic interface, and you can choose a different theme to make the workspace more attractive.


Along with all of these, you can get a daily digest right on your email every morning about yesterday’s work and upcoming today’s work. Basecamp allows you to add YouTube links and tweets in messages and comments.

Basecamp features

1. To-do lists: Create a to-do list and set the deadline for all the tasks. Basecamp holds all the problems in its hands. It provides a graph for the percentage of work done and the time left for the deadline.

2. Message boards & schedules: The message board helps you make all your task messages in the same place. Now you don’t have to manually look-up up emails or previous messages from different conversations. Having all messages on the same board makes work easier.

3. Document & File storage: Basecamp provides document and file storage that helps you and your team get information from a single place. You no longer require manually sending files to individuals, uploading them on Basecamp storage, and letting every team member access them anytime.

4. Real-time group chat: Every team requires a conversation to work together. Basecamp has an in-built feature of real-time group chat with which you don’t require any extra tool.

5. Client Access: If you have clients base work, the Client access feature is definitely for you. It allows an outside client to work with your team using Basecamp, and you can keep all the records.


Basecamp has a single plan and is only recommended if your company has many users. You have to pay monthly no matter how many users you have, how many projects you are dealing with, and with 500GB of free storage.

8. Podio

Podio is another top-rated Project Management and collaboration application that structure your workflow smartly. If you are looking for a budget tool with all advanced features, you must go for Podio.


Features of Podio

1. Dedicated workspace: Podio provides you to add anyone to the workspace. You can use a private workspace for sensitive information or open a workspace for standard information with all team members.

2. Communication & Online meetings: Podio works with other applications too. You can use GoToMeeting to work effectively with other team members. You can have a group chat and share files and links. Podio also offers you multiple discussions with the team and video calling.

3. Tasks, files, and calendaring: Bring all the tasks at a commonplace to ensure what progress is done and what is required to do. With Calendaring, the jobs near to deadline are indicated on the top to complete them on time.

4. Integrations: All major file-sharing platforms work with Podio, such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, so you can sync the data instantly.


Podio comes with three plans at very reasonable pricing options

  • Basic: Includes app & workspace, task management, user management, and unlimited external users.
  • Plus: Additionally includes Automated workflows and read-only access.
  • Premium: With all the above features included in the Premium plan, it extra provides you with visual reports, contact syncs, sales dashboard.

9. Workzone

Workzone is a great way to centralize all your work in a shared workspace. You can select different prebuilt templates with various industries, such as annual reports, social campaigns, newsletters, etc. Quickly check where your project stands out by analyzing the real-time reporting.


Workzone provides the mapping of the work done from the beginning to the end of the task.

Workzone features

1. Project visualization: With the project timeline, amp all the activities from the start to the end of the project. Track each and every activity to improve your performance.

2. Personalize to-do tasks: You can focus on what matters with personalized to-do tasks. Every user gets an email for their specific tasks in a day to reach the completion of the project without any delays.

3. Balance workload: Resource reports ensure no one has excess workload while performing tasks. You can balance the work with a quick view of each user’s time devoted to a project.

4. Comment & collaborate: If you find something not good, comment on the task, and it automatically notifies all team members to stay in a loop.

5. Markup tools: With markup tools, you can customize the design in one place. You no longer require external tools.


Workzone comes in three plans with different features and pricing.

  • Team: This provides file sharing, review, training sessions, project templates, project management, and 100GB storage.
  • Professional: Additionally, it provides 150GB of storage, custom project intake forms, and API access.
  • Enterprise: In addition to the above plans, you can get extra features such as custom files, single sign-on, custom reporting, workspace groups, and a critical path.

10. Jira

Jira is a fantastic platform to work with. The best thing we like in Jira is its easy reporting panel to understand the workflow better and analyze where the project is lacking. You can easily optimize the work with all visual metrics on one screen. Jira also provides an excellent security measure to keep all your data and information safe.


With its mobile usability, you can keep your work in flow.

Jira features

1. Customizable scrum boards: Check out its customizable scrum board; you will love this. On the same screen, you can set a different task to monitor every single activity almost in no time.

2. Roadmaps: Check out the status of projects and the timeline of completion of projects. With roadmaps, you can sketch out the big picture and communicate with other team members to ensure the work is done before the end date.

3. Agile reporting: Real-time reporting and actionable insights help you to get every notification. Different charts such as Burndown chats, burn chat, cumulative flow diagrams, and pie charts help you to compare the task in a much more effective way.

5. Kanban boards: Kanban boards help you differentiate the projects yet to be completed and prioritize them according to your requirement.


Jira comes with a price plan for what you use. Only pay for what services and the number of licenses you require for your project management. Set your users anywhere between 1-5000 and check the different plans.

  • Standard: Standard plan includes all the above features, and you get free 250GB of file storage.
  • Premium: In the premium plan, the storage is unlimited, and you get premium support 24/7.

This is the list of the top 10 best project management software you can try to improve your workflow and productivity. But some questions are still you might have in your mind. Here below, we are discussing all of them.

What are Project Management tools, and how it works?

Project management tools are a platform where you can manage your teamwork and review its performance. You can set specific goals and deadlines to get work done at the right time. Project management is compiled with many tools, from team management to collaboration with integration to other third-party applications.

Suppose you have a team of 20 people. Keeping an eye on everyone seems to be impossible every time. It also becomes difficult to know how much each user is productive. With the best project management tools, everything appears on your dashboard, and you can track and analyze every activity done on the user’s end.

Do you need a Project Management tool?

Suppose you are having difficulties organizing the work among your employees or you are not getting the expected perfect result. In that case, you must try project management software. Most project management tools offer a free trial, so try it before purchasing.

best project management tools

Project management is best for those who work with an online platform where you can get every detail, and with the result, you can improve your workflow.

Is Project Management improves the business?

We have seen many graphs and customer reviews that shared their success stories after using Project management. Let us check in which sector many businesses and startups have improvements.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Collaboration with third-party
  • Setting deadlines for optimum results
  • File storage
  • Workflow reports
  • Automated workflow and much more

What is best for your business?

top project management software

Now you might be wondering which project management is best for you. Here we have discussed every essential feature of each software. The final choice is entirely up to you. But in our recommendation, if you have a small team company, then Wrike must be a good choice; otherwise, for large-scale business, you can go for Monday.com. Alternatively, if you want a cheaper option for large-scale management, you must go with Basecamp.

I hope you find this information about the best Project Management tools informative and select the best one for you! We hope your productivity improves with notable trends.

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