5 Best Email Management Tools in 2022

Email is considered to be the most successful way of professional communication and one of the easiest ways to share files, documents almost in no time.

Despite its ease, it becomes complicated when you receive tons of emails every morning and it took a long to respond to them. There are so many advantages of having an email list such as you can drive your marketing, improve customer connectivity, and a lot more.

Best Email Management Tools

If you are having a similar working to the email list, then you must go for email management software. According to the Direct Marketing Association 2015, it is concluded that you earn $100 with email marketing for the $2.5 you spend. So you can make an idea that how effective is an email management tool.


Here we are going to show you some of the best email marketing tools that are highly effective to improve your email marketing or other email management. We are also providing you with the in-depth detailing of every tool we are listing so you can better know and select as per your requirements.

Why email management software?

This is the most obvious question that comes when we are going to spend money on any software. Well, it is almost impossible to respond, schedule, send emails to every email contact you have. Or even if you do it manually it takes you a complete day. But if you have an email management tool, then it automatically manages many of your tasks and in return, you can reach more clients, customers. This will be beneficial for you as well as for your customer too.

How to choose the best email management platform for you?

There are different types of requirements when choosing software. Whether you run a startup, have personal emailing lists, or work for the agency, all of them have different priorities. Some of them are only looking for email marketing, some require managing emails of clients and a lot more. Keeping in mind everything for every user type, we have made hours of research to provide you with the best information so that you get every information on one page.

How do we compare and rank email management tools?

It is quite tough nowadays to rank any software as every software claims to be the best and offers many advanced features. We have noticed that even in email management tools, almost every top service providers have similar features but we have tested how effective they are and how easy they are to work with.

5 Best Email Management Tools

1. Constant Contact

constant contact

A constant Contact is a powerful tool for email marketing. It has almost every tool that you require for managing your emails. It allows you to send an automatic response with the best possible reply in your segment email contacts.

It has hundreds of email templates from all categories, easy drag & drop makes it effective for sending attractive emails to the customers.

Constant Contact provides you with “marketing advice” on Google and YouTube so that you can effectively use your contacts to target the right customer at the right time.

Integration is one of the major reasons for every level of a company to pick software. Constant Contact integrates with all major platforms such as Shopify, Facebook, WordPress, Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, and many others.

Constant Contact is recommended for every scale industry (for personal to medium size, from professional to enterprise level). There are different pricing options as per your requirements. Compare all plans from Constant Contact here.

2. GetResponse


GetResponse is another email management tool that we have tested and currently using after Constant Contact. All the results are quite satisfying and if you are a beginner or startup with mediumrange contacts then the features are really amazing.

It provides a beautiful designed emails campaign that attracts customers for better engagement and you can grow your market. You can choose among pre-build campaigns templates to get more in very little time.

If you are having products to sell, create your own store with GetResponse and start selling instantly. Integrate your Stripe, PayPal, Square, BlueSnap, PayU accounts and sell straight from your landing pages.

Look for the best plan and pricing for the GetResponse subscription. The best thing is you can choose the List Size of the contacts you have and you can upgrade them anytime. See complete comparison.

3. Boomerang


If you are using Gmail then go for Boomerang. This is the best solution for all Gmail users. It automatically clears your inbox, the email which is not so much important. It is a plugin to your Gmail and provides additional features on the Gmail platform so you need not require work on extra panels.

You can send your email later with scheduling so that nothing misses out. It comes with a Respondable feature that let you write a correct email every time with zero mistakes.

Along with all of these, Boomerang takes care of you personally by notifying you to pay bills on time, birthday notifications, time-zone connection with the audience, confirmation of trips, e-tickets and a lot more.

Boomerang is an extension to Gmail and comes with different plans and pricing. It comes in Personal, Professional, and Premium plans. Check the comparison of all the plans.

4. Bananatag


Bananatag perfectly works for Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365. It better defines your email with its tracking features. It gives you every detail od email clicks, opened time, location, and device usage so that you can better understand your customers.

For making your audience more engaged with you and your email, Bananatag offers you a Comments feature that allows two-way communication and also the social reactions on your email for the feedback.

Bananatag comes with different pricing options and you can easily compare them and select accordingly what you require. Currently, Bananatag offers you an Essential, Power, and Enterprise plan. Compare before you buy!

5. MailChimp


If you have a question Why MailChimp?

The answer is simple, all marketing tools in one single place. MailChimp provides you with the data on how effective the campaign is and where it is lacking to hit the right audience. It clearly briefs you about what messages works for emails and what emails work for ads.

MailChimp offers you wide campaign platforms with which you can build the right campaign in minutes. Its intuitive tools help you to bring a beautiful design so that no customer skip the email. You can put a brand in the spotlight so that it strikes the customer.

Along with real-time analytics, MailChimp has in-built analytics with personalized recommendations and data-driven insights from a platform that gets smarter along the way.

MailChimp allows you to integrate with 300+ apps and has an in-built security feature that protects you and your customer data. The entire Mailchimp application is encrypted with TLS.

MailChimp is widely used by e-Commerce, Mobile & web apps, Startups, and Agencies. It comes with different plans and pricing, check comparison and pricing of all plans.

Our Recommendation

Here we have listed the top 5 best email management tools, most of them offer you a free trial before you purchase. In our recommendation, go for Constant Contact or otherwise for a cheaper alternative, must try GetResponse. Both of them are effective.

Finally, the choice is all yours and we really hope that you enjoyed the information here and successfully made a mind for the best email management tools for your business.

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