8 Best Grammar Checker Software in 2023

Are you looking for a tool that helps you with your writing, whether a blog, social media post or a book? We have listed some great solutions for you in this article.

As everyone wants their content to be grammatically correct and free of spelling mistakes, but they don’t have time to go through every word written.

For this reason, some of the best grammar checker software available online help users with this.

Best Grammar Checking software

As we all know, content is not only rated on a grammatically correct and proper spelling basis these days. But more than that, it is reviewed by the flesh reading score and other readability analyses. Some of them are sentence length, use of passive voice, and others.

Therefore, the grammar checker software listed below has covered all the essential features.

List of The Best Grammar Checker Software

Below is the list of the best grammar checker software. Each of these listed below has its unique features and uses. You can review them and check which features are great for your use.

Most of them also have free plans available, so you can check them out before purchasing the premium plans.

1. Grammarly



Our top pick on the best grammar checker software list is Grammarly. Grammarly is a digital writing tool that Grammarly, Inc develops. In simple words, it is an online text editor with features like spell checker, grammar checker, and plagiarism detection.

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It is a browser extension for popular web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Grammarly is also available as an app for mobile users on both iOS and Android devices.


Grammarly has both free and paid versions. If you have just started as a writer or blogger or need grammar checker software for emails and minor works, then first go for the free version. But if you are serious about writing or are already writing a lot, whether it is for projects, emails, or blogs, and need professional help, then going for the paid version is a must.

The premium version costs less monthly if you opt for the annual subscription, which is the best deal. You can also go for monthly and quarterly subscriptions, but they will cost more than annual ones. You can check here for the updated price and plans.


Correct Grammatical Errors. This feature is available both in free and paid versions of Grammarly. The documents get scanned, show all the grammar errors, and suggest corrections so that your work is free from grammar mistakes.

Correct Spelling Mistakes. Not only does Grammarly check and suggest correct spellings of misspelled words, but it also detects words that are used out of context and suggests edits for them too.

Fix Punctuation Errors. This is a great feature that is very beneficial because even if we are good with spelling and grammar, we have punctuation mistakes when we write. Grammarly is excellent at detecting punctuation errors and suggests an edit for it.

Style and Tone Sentences. This feature is available for Premium users. Premium users get a vocabulary enhancement suggestion to create a better engaging post.

Check Readability. With the Premium version, users can check the readability of their posts to ensure that it is easily readable; if not, they can make changes with the suggested edits to improve them. Besides this, the Premium version has many more features to explore, which adds a lot to the quality of the content for the users.


Limited Features in Free version. The main drawback we found in Grammarly was that it has very few basic features in the free version, so if you are looking for serious work, you must upgrade to the paid version.

2. Ginger Software



An Israeli start-up company developed Ginger as a language improvement software. this software company claims that the software it uses is based on an algorithm that detects and eliminates errors up to 95%.

This software company also claims that it is based on advanced techniques that not just find the incorrect spelling and grammar errors but also understand the context of the sentence and eliminate errors.

Ginger Software offers two products. The first one is Ginger Page, an online service that supports Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, MS-powerpoint, MS Word, and MS Outlook. It also works as an app for Android and iOS devices. The second product is the Ginger Keyword.

It is compatible with Android devices and offers an additional 3rd party keyword for proofreading, emojis, word prediction, and other advanced features.


Like Grammarly, this software also has free and premium versions. But it has more features for free than Grammarly. In the accessible version of Ginger, you get more than just a grammar checker. The features in the free version include translations in 40 languages, definitions, and Ginger for the browser.

Ginger has three different price plans monthly, annually, and for 2 years. Click here to check the latest price.


Useful Dictionary. Ginger has an English Dictionary as a Define feature. It helps you out with definitions of words or synonyms of words. In this way, you can better define your work with easy-to-use words.

Check your Grammar. Ginger does an excellent job as a grammar checker. It finds out errors and corrects them with efficiency. It also finds syntax errors or punctuation mistakes and corrects them.

Add Emojis. This is something not every grammar checker software offers. But with Ginger, you get to choose from a wide variety of options of characters to express yourself.

Translate Text. This is a plus point of Ginger. It offers translation for over 40 different languages. Using this feature, you can communicate easily with people without having language barriers.


Low Efficiency. If we compare Ginger with Grammarly, Ginger has more features, but its efficiency in detecting errors is low. It also takes time to understand how it works, and you need help from the video tutorials available in the menu section.

3. After the Deadline

After the Deadline


After the Deadline, it uses Open Source Technology; therefore, it is free for everyone. Its main feature is to correct grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. This software also uses innovative intelligence to offer correction for sentences. And the best part is that all of this is free. That is why it has made it to the top list of the best grammar checker software.

After the Deadline also supports multiple languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can correct errors or translate them into these languages. After the Deadline, spell checker software supports different platforms, and AtD Extensions, add-ons, and plugins are also available.


The best upside of using After the Deadline software is free. Users can take advantage of all its features without extra costs, unlike other software with monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. You can use this application from here.


Free. This application is free. It does not have any paid versions as it is open-source.

Easy Application. It is straightforward to use this application. Users can copy and paste their content on their web page and check for mistakes. Another way of using the application is with the OpenOffice.org productivity suite.

Grammar Checker. It does a decent job of detecting grammatical errors in the content.

Spell Checker. This application scans the content, checks errors, and gives suggestions for correcting the errors.

Misused Words Detecting. After the Deadline, it not just checks wrong spelling and incorrect application of grammar but also scans sentences for the words that are not meant to be used in the sentences. It then offers alternatives for it.


We found After the Deadline an excellent option for writers searching for a free application with great features. The only drawback with this application is that the user has to be online to use it. Otherwise, it won’t work, except that it is an excellent application for newbies and writers to try hands-on.

4. Whitesmoke



Next on the list of the best grammar checker software is called WhiteSmoke. WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one writing tool developed by WhiteSmoke Inc. This software supports various devices and is rich in templates and video tutorials. With this software, users can quickly write error-free content and translate or edit their work very fast.

WhiteSmoke is compatible with both Windows and macOS. It has got four different products. The first is Desktop Premium, which works on Windows and web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

The second one is the WhiteSmoke Web, which works on web browsers like the first. The third is the mobile app which is available for iOS and Android devices. And the final product is the Chrome extension which works on Chrome.


This software doesn’t have a free version. It only has paid versions available. WhiteSmoke has four price plans billing annually or for 3 years. They don’t offer monthly or quarterly paid plans. The four plans are as follows.

  • Chrome Extension
  • Essential
  • Premium
  • Business

Click here for the updated rates of the plans. You can make the payment with your PayPal account or Credit Card.


Great Proofreading Abilities. Like all other grammar checker software, WhiteSmoke also detects grammar and spelling mistakes. It also offers better word choices for your work to look more professional and impressive.

Easy to use on Mobile Phones. As most of us use mobile phones very often to send emails quickly or write social media posts, WhiteSmoke comes in handy. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Video Tutorials. This software offers video tutorials on effectively using the English language and makes you better at writing.

Rates the content. After this grammar checker finds spelling and grammar mistakes, it also creates a report of how good your work is. It also highlights the weak points like long sentences that are difficult to use or other similar issues. With this, you cannot have an idea of your work and can improve it.

Templates. This software has a wide range of templates available for your work. It is effortless to find a format you want to write in, and it also reduces your work and makes it quicker and easier.


No corrections for Passive Voice. As all of us know, using passive voice makes our work more challenging to read and thus decreases the quality of our work. But White Smoke doesn’t do that. This is a significant drawback that we found in this grammar checker software.

5. Reverso



Reverso is an excellent tool for online translations and dictionaries. We included it in our list of the best grammar checker software because, being a spell and grammar checker, it also helps in translations.

Reverso has a lot of tools that support various languages such as Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, French, etc. Reverso has Reverso Content, which is online, and a mobile application that helps users search for translations in the content itself.

This application also supports web-based browsers, Desktop users, Android users, and iOS users. Reverso not only provides translations but is also an excellent app for learning new languages. So if you are looking for an application that focuses on translations and learning new languages, this might be an excellent app.


Reverso has a free basic plan which includes all the basic features of translations and dictionaries. But if you want to opt for a premium plan for your employees, you can check here for an updated rate and plan with specifications.


Offline use. Users can access this service offline, making it great for working anytime and anywhere without worrying about internet connectivity.

Instant Translation. For up to 11 languages, Reverso offers instant translations with real-time results.

Learn a foreign language. It is an excellent application for learning a foreign language quickly and perfectly. It has a complete guide to help with learning new languages, pronunciation, and sentences.

Dictionary. It has a vast dictionary with millions of words to choose from and learn from.

Online Document and Website Translator. Reverso offers translations for the complete text and even web pages quickly and easily.


No Plagiarism and 600 words limit. Reverso is suitable for small texts, but when it comes to large text, it doesn’t support a word count of over 600.

6. ProWritingAid



ProWritingAid is an online tool for finding mistakes in grammar and spelling and correcting them. It has some great features, such as detecting plagiarism and finding overused and redundant words. ProWritingAid is a tough competitor of Grammarly regarding its features and rating.

ProWritingAid supports both Windows and Mac with its desktop app. So whatever device you use will always have the app by your side. Another great thing about this is that it integrates with MS Word, Google Docs, Open Office, Google Chrome, and Scrivener.


ProWritingAid offers a free plan. This is limited as it checks only for 19 different errors and for a word count of 500 at one time. Other than the free plan, ProWritingAid also offers a Premium Plan and Premium Plus Plan. Both of these plans have four options for payment. The first is the 1-year subscription, then the 2-year subscription, then the 3-year subscription, and the last is the lifetime plan. Check here for the latest rates and detailed plans.


Find Overused Words. With ProWritingAid, your content will not have any overused words. This software scans your work and spots overused words, and suggests you suitable edits for that.

Eliminate Redundant Words. If some words add to the quantity and do not add to the quality, those should be removed. ProWritingAid finds those glitches and suggests removal for them.

Remove Unnecessary Glue Words. Glue words decrease the quality of the content. They make sentences look longer and sluggish. With this software, you can detect the glue word and use alternatives that make the overall content look professional.

Readability. If you know about SEO, you must know the flesh reading score and overall content readability. ProWritingAid has a remarkable ability to detect harsh sentences and correct them to improve readability.


Most features are Paid. The free plan has minimal features as compared to Grammarly. Although it has excellent features, it offers in its paid plans. Grammarly offers plagiarism checks in its paid plan with unlimited access, whereas ProWritingAid offers plagiarism checks for extra payment on top of the Premium plan.

7. LanguageTool



Next on our list of the best grammar checker software is a free and open-source grammar checker known as LanguageTool. LanguageTool comes as an add-on for different platforms. Users can install it for Chrome as well as Firefox web browsers. It is also compatible with Google Docs. LanguageTool also works with Windows, Mac, and MS Word.

A great feature of LanguageTool is that it supports 31 languages. And users can correct grammatical errors and spelling in different languages. Another great thing about this is that it can be used online and offline. Users can download it and use it offline.


LanguageTool has three plans. the first one is the free plan. It is limited to checking 20000 characters at one time and finding errors in the content of different languages. The second plan is the Premium Plan. It comes with a ton of features, excluding API access. the last is the Developer API. It includes API access along with all the features in Premium Plan.


Supports Multiple Languages. this software supports more than just the English language, which makes it an excellent choice for people who want to do editing in different languages and correct their work.

Auto-correct. This function is not found in most other software, which only has a suggested correction function. with auto-correct, this software will automatically correct the errors saving you valuable time.

Suggested Corrections. But Auto-correct may not be for everybody. So it also has a suggested corrections function if you don’t want the incorrect issues to get auto-correct without being reviewed.

Dictionary. LanguageTool also has a personal dictionary that you can use to get better words and writing style in your content.


No Plagiarism support. The only drawback we found is that LanguageTool does not support detecting plagiarism which most of the paid grammar checker software does have. Besides this, it is an excellent tool with some beneficial features.

8. Hemingway

Hemingway App


Our last pick on the best grammar checker software list is Hemingway Editor. It is a good tool for correcting your spelling mistakes and grammar. Although if you compare it to Grammarly, then we will definitely recommend Grammarly as a complete tool for writers or content creators. But then why have we listed it on our list? Read its features to know how well this app does and who should use it.

It is a web-based application and will work only when you are connected to the internet. Its desktop version is also available for download.

It works well for WordPress, Blogging Platforms, Medium, and other text editing and content management programs. Hemingway’s editor works by highlighting text with different colors.

Each color code is related to an issue with the context. For example, the Green color shows that passive voice was used in the sentence. Similarly yellow color indicated the sentence to be very lengthy and confusing for readers to read.


Hemingway has both free and paid versions. If you want to use it online, it won’t cost you a dime. But if you want to download the desktop version, you have to pay a one-time fee for a lifetime. The desktop version is available both for Windows and Mac. The free online version is also known as the Hemingway editor. While the desktop version for both Windows and Mac is known as the Hemingway App.


Errors with Colour Coding. This is something that makes it unique as compared to other grammar checker software. It detects errors and highlights them with different colors to address different issues.

Create a better style of writing. While detecting grammatical and spelling mistakes, it also detects other errors such as sentence length, use of passive voice, etc. Correcting these errors makes the sentences flow easily, makes them more presentable, and represents a better writing style.

Eliminate adverbs. Detecting adverbs and suggesting better alternatives is also a great feature offered by Hemingway.

Easy to use. Compared to other grammar checker software, Hemingway is very easy to use. You can easily import your content from other web pages or word to the editor or export your work once it’s completed. Moreover, you can publish your work directly to WordPress and Medium, which many people use these days.

Great Value. Both the free and paid versions of Hemingway are great. And another thing to note is that it is a one-time purchase, and you can enjoy this application for a lifetime.


Limited Features. The paid version of Hemingway does not have as many features as Grammarly or Ginger. But the positive part is that it is decently priced for its limited features, and it does an excellent job at those.


We hope you found this helpful article in the best grammar checker software. According to our tests and study, we found Grammarly and Ginger to be the best and top-rated in the list of correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes.

But if you are looking for different languages translators and other tools, you can also check After the Deadline and Reverso.

We have listed each software according to its unique feature. So you have to check what suits your needs the best.

In our list, most of the software has free versions available, so you can use them and check them out, and if you like it, you can purchase the premium version.